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Best Baby Carrier For Back Pain

By Jennifer Ward

After giving birth, many of us struggle with back pain, and we think a baby carrier could worsen the situation. But you can avoid the pain by choosing the best baby carrier for back pain with lumbar support, extra padding, a mesh interior, and comfortable clothing. 

Even though I prefer a stroller most of the time, I also love the snug-fit baby carriers like Ergobaby Omni 360. With this baby carrier, my baby stays too close to me, which gives me a sense of comfort and ease. After giving birth to Laila, I was worried about whether I could go for a baby carrier because I felt a slight twitch every time; there was some pressure on my hip and back. 

That’s when I researched and tested baby carriers that don’t put much pressure on the shoulder and hip, even after carrying a baby for a long time. In this post, I am sharing my favorite picks of the best baby carrier that are not only great for supporting your back but also comfortable for your baby. Let’s check them.

5 Best Baby Carrier For Back Pain That You Must Check  

1. Ergobaby Omni 360


  • Material: Cotton  
  • Brand: Ergobaby  
  • Strap Type: Shoulder Strap  
  • Weight Capacity: 7-45 lbs  
  • Care instructions: Machine Wash 

The Ergobaby Omni 360 outperforms a lot of baby carriers in its price range. It has an amazing lumbar pillow that offers good lower back support. The baby carrier also features a wide waist belt for adjusting the carrier around the waist. What I loved about the belt is that it had cushy padding, so it was pretty comfortable.   

Even the shoulder straps come with a lot of padding and are crossable. All the straps were adjustable, so you can easily adjust and wear them according to your baby’s weight. Tall or short parents won’t have any issues while adjusting the straps. 

In fact, when I carried my 2nd toddler, Lily (2 years old), she was very light, and I didn’t feel like I was carrying a 30-pound child. All that padding and adjustment ensured that the baby’s weight was spread evenly across my body. During the summer, the baby can be kept cool by revealing the mesh fabric of the carrier.   

  • Multiple seating positions  
  • Suitable for newborns up to 4 years  
  • Breathable fabric   
  • Detachable storage pouch  
  • Chest strap lacks padding   

2. LÍLLÉbaby Complete 


  • Material: Polyester, Cotton  
  • Brand: LILLEbaby  
  • Strap Type: Adjustable Strap  
  • Weight Capacity: 7-45lbs  
  • Care Instruction: Machine Wash  

The 2nd favorite baby carrier on my list is the LÍLLÉbaby Complete Baby carrier. This baby carrier has excellent lumbar support, too. To provide support to your lumbar spine, it comes with a unique pillow that supports and helps relieve the pressure on the lower back.   

LÍLLÉbaby also comes with a lot of padding. But, unlike Ergobaby, LÍLLÉbaby has even padding in the chest strap. All these paddings prevent the straps from digging into the skin. However, the shoulder straps felt a bit bulky when I wore them.  

The baby carrier is soft and comfortable to wear and evenly distributes the baby’s weight. Besides, the Hip Dysplasia Institute has acknowledged this baby carrier as hip healthy. Being hip healthy means the carrier will keep the baby safe in the frog position. 

  • Six carrying position  
  • Comfortable hood   
  • Two convenient pockets  
  • Adjustable head support  
  • Certified hip-healthy  
  • Mesh Interior is rough

3. BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Free


  • Material: Polyester 
  • Brand: BabyBjörn 
  • Strap Type: Shoulder Strap, Adjustable Strap 
  • Weight capacity: 26.5pounds -35 pounds  
  • Care instructions: Baby Carrier Free is machine washable. 

My list of the best baby carrier for back pain wouldn’t be complete without the Baby Bjorn. It’s a very soft-structured, buckle-like carrier that has a large, thick lumbar pillow to support the whole lumbar area. The baby carrier is comfy, and the outer fabric is made of mesh. It’s so lightweight that you’ll feel airy while carrying the baby.   

Even the shoulder straps have a lot of padding and mesh cover. Even though the shoulder is thick, it won’t fall off the shoulder because you can connect the straps with a clip right between the shoulder blades.   

On top of it, the Bjorn Free not only supports the lower back but it goes from the upper back to the lumbar support pillow. As a result, this provides additional support to the spine and shoulder, ensuring better baby weight distribution and relieving back pressure. 

  • Ergonomic Seat   
  • Two-way carrying positions 
  • Comes with quick-drying mesh fabric  
  • No storage pockets   

4. Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier   


  • Material: Cotton  
  • Brand: Baby K’tan  
  • Strap Type: Shoulder Strap, Adjustable Strap  
  • Weight Capacity: 8-35lbs   
  • Care Instructions: Machine Wash  

When it comes to the simple design, ease of use, and best back support, the Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier can be your go-to baby carrier. It’s perfect for parents who get bored with one position and want to explore more.  

Its patented double-loop design allows you to wear the baby in a sling, wrap, and an upright seated carrier. I explored five different positions as advertised. However, what I liked most was that I could even breastfeed the baby discreetly.  

  The Baby K’tan can be worn without any hassle. There’s no need to wrap the buckle or make any adjustments. All I needed to do was simply slip in like a t-shirt!   Furthermore, despite being a simple baby carrier, the Hip Dysplasia Association recognizes this carrier as a hip-healthy product.    

  • Easy to wrap up the baby quickly 
  • Acknowledged hip healthy 
  •   Can be worn in 5 positions   
  • Need the find the right size         

5. LÍLLÉbaby 3-in-1 Ergonomic CarryOn Airflow


  • Material: Cotton  
  • Brand: LILLEbaby  
  • Strap Type: Adjustable Strap  
  • Weight Capacity: 20-60 pounds   
  • Care Instructions: Machine Wash  

If you want the best baby carrier for back pain that is ideal for your toddler, consider the LILLEBABY 3-1 Carryon Airflow. This baby carrier is made specifically to have more space for your toddler’s wider and taller torso.     

Besides, I tested my toddler, Laila (2 years), in this carrier. I tried the carrier for 1 hour, and I didn’t feel heavy, nor did my back hurt. Moreover, the straps and the lumbar support provided enough stability, relieving my lower back pressure.   

 I loved the flexibility of the baby carrier, which allowed me to carry the baby in 3 different positions, including facing the front, towards me, or in the back, which made babywearing fun.  

  • Adjustable Buckles  
  • Very comfortable  
  • Impressive lumbar support    
  •   Doesn’t work well in rainy weather 

Tips To Reduce Back Pain While Baby Wearing   

If you want to reduce your back pain, make sure you are wearing the baby carrier properly. Follow the tips below to reduce back pain while wearing a baby carrier for an extended period.  

  •  Wear the baby carrier as high as possible to avoid strain on the back while wearing the baby in front.     
  • Tighten the carrier’s waistband around the hips so it can carry your baby’s weight without affecting your back.     
  • Make sure to adjust the shoulder strap to alleviate the pressure all over.    
  • Keep the baby carrier tight using adjustable straps.  
  • A loose baby carrier will cause pain in both your upper and lower back.    
  •  Pick a baby carrier that will distribute the baby’s weight evenly across the shoulders and hips to avoid any kind of strain and pain.

Is a Baby Carrier Bad for Your Back?    

 No, baby carriers are not bad for your back. However, if you choose the best baby carrier and do not wear it properly, then it might cause serious back problems. Or if you choose a baby carrier without any lumber support or adequate padding, then it may cause back pain for you.  

Best Baby Carrier for Back Pain: Wrapping Up

A baby carrier makes it possible for parents and caregivers to hold and soothe their baby while having the freedom to do a lot of things. Finding the best baby carrier for back pain can help parents get rid of back pain and, at the same time, carry their baby without any hassle. Hope this post helps you choose the best baby carrier for back pain.

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