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10 Best Lightweight Infant Strollers [2024]

By Jennifer Ward

Value for Money

Maclaren Quest
Maclaren Quest 

Key Features

  • Carrycot compatible  
  • Fully Reclining Seat   
  • Adjustable handlebar  
  • Four-wheel suspension swivel wheels

Best Budget

Graco Breaze
Graco Breaze

Key Features

  • Car Seat compatible   
  • Multi-position reclining seat  
  • Swivel Wheels and Brakes  
  • Ultra-easy one-hand fold 

Writers Choice

Babyzen YOYO2e
Babyzen Yoyo+, and Yoyo 2  

Key Features

  • Car seat and bassinet compatible  
  • Easy and compact fold
  • Comfortable handlebar  
  • Comfortable seats

As a parent, traveling with a baby might be intimidating, stroller helps. When we run errands or go for a trip with a stroller, the safety and comfort of the baby are what we care about. Especially in case of the newborns or growing toddlers. Apart from that, think about how easily you can manage to stroll around your baby. An infant stroller for newborn to a toddler that is lightweight as this Babyzen Yoyo2 and offers better comfort and smooth ride is what you need if you are planning on taking your baby out often.   

What makes an infant stroller the best one and what to look for in a baby stroller? Fully reclinable cozy seat or bassinet, great wheels and suspension for a nice and smooth ride, car seat compatibility, easy and compact fold mechanism for easy carry around are the must-have features for you.  

Indeed, there are a lot of strollers that claim to be ‘infant ‘and ‘lightweight’, but not all of them have these features. So, as an experienced mom, here I am to help, bringing you the ins and outs of lightweight infant strollers and a selection of the best the market has to offer. 

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1. Maclaren Quest Arc Stroller  

Maclaren Quest

The Maclaren Quest lightweight infant stroller is comfy and perfect for traveling with an infant. The extendable canopy gives protection from the UV rays. Moreover, a rain cover comes with a stroller to protect your baby from rain.   

  • Carrycot compatible  
  • Fully Reclining Seat   
  • Adjustable handlebar  
  • Four-wheel suspension swivel wheels.   
  • Rain cover and waterproof/ UPF 50+ canopy  
  • Slightly overpriced   

Why we love it   

  • Carrycot compatible: The stroller chassis is compatible with carrycot without adapters to travel with your infants. Maclaren carrycot can be installed on the stroller to carry your babies.   
  • Fully Reclining Seat: The seat of the Maclaren Quest infant stroller is designed for newborns. The seat is fully reclinable and has a 5-point safety harness. The seats are reclinable with one hand. The 5-points harness is easy to lock, but for unlocking, you need to push the front and back buttons at the same time.    
  • Adjustable handlebar: The handlebar is adjustable according to the height of the parents. Two buttons were added on two sides which aids in adjusting the handlebar accordingly.   
  • Four-wheel suspension swivel wheels: The stroller has single wheels at the front and double wheels at the back. The front swivel wheels can be locked for a run in a straight line with a single tap. The brakes of the rear wheels ensure safe parking. Single tap activates both the lock and brake of the wheels.   
  • Rain cover and waterproof/UPF 50+ canopy: The canopy of the stroller is expandable in 3 portions. A little visor is also given for extra protection of the baby from the sun. The rear portion of the canopy has mesh fabric for airflow.  The stroller also comes with a rain cover to protect the baby in case you get caught up in the rain.  

Things that bother   

  • Slightly overpriced: The price of the stroller is slightly higher compared to the functionalities present on it.    

2. Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller 

Graco Breaze

The Graco breeze stroller is lightweight that is easy to stroll as well as carry when folded. This lightweight infant stroller is compatible with a car seat and is easy to install with a few clicks. It has an extra-large UV canopy to protect the babies from the scorching sun.   

  • Car Seat compatible   
  • Multi-position reclining seat  
  • Swivel Wheels and Brakes  
  • Ultra-easy one-hand fold  
  • Not adjustable footrest  

Why we love it   

  • Car seat compatible: The stroller’s frame is suitable for all infant car seats from Graco. The car seat comes with the stroller making it a complete travel system so that you can use the stroller for a long time.    
  • Multi-position reclining seat: The seat reclines to a flat position to give comfort to the babies. The seat is adjustable to any position using a single hand. The airways of the babies will be free, and the padded seat will give support to the backbone of the baby.   
  • Swivel wheels and brakes: The front wheels of the stroller are swivel wheels that have locks to run straight on rough surfaces. Both the wheels have locks, and both of them need to be activated using individually.The rear wheels have brakes for parking the stroller safe. Activating latch for the parking brake is given on the right rear wheel. A single parking latch works to stop both wheels. The locks on the front wheel and parking brake are possible to activate with a single tap by foot.   
  • Ultra-easy one-hand foldThis stroller is easily folded with a single tap on the button given at the back of the handlebar. Pressing the red button quickly folds the stroller and locks the stroller automatically. The folded stroller is a comfortable top carry with the carry strap.  

Things that bother   

  • Not adjustable footrest: The leg rest is not adjustable to reach the feet of the toddlers.   

3. Babyzen Yoyo+, and Yoyo 2  

Babyzen YOYO2e

Babyzen offers Yoyo+ and Yoyo 2 lightweight infant strollers to select the one according to the age of your baby. They have a complete 6+ stroller and a complete 0+ stroller. The complete 0+ stroller is for newborns includes a bassinet, car seat, and a stroller. The complete 6+ stroller package comes with fully padded reclinable seats. The seat is not for newborns as this package has no car seats or bassinets.  

  • Car seat and bassinet compatible 
  • Comfortable seat  
  • Easy and compact fold  
  • Comfortable handlebar  
  • Large storage area  
  • Not adjustable handlebar  

Why we love it   

  • Car seat and bassinet compatible: The stroller can be bought with a bassinet if you want to use it for your newborn. You can use car seat by installing car seat adapters to carry your baby. The car seat adapters need to be bought separately.  
  • Comfortable seat: The seat is padded and has a 5-point harness to provide comfort to the babies. The seat has the same comfortable material used in the previous version of the stroller.   
  • Easy and compact fold: The stroller is easy to fold in three steps. Fold the canopy by pressing buttons, pressing the two folding red and white triggers under the seat. As a result, the stroller collapses and gives a compact fold.   
  • Comfortable handlebar: Previously, yoyo+ had a handlebar made from foam. The yoyo2 has a leather handlebar. The leather handlebar is more durable and comfortable to hold for pushing the stroller.   
  • Large storage area: The stroller frames are designed with a spacious storage area. Diaper bags and other accessories can be carried together in this storage space.   

Things that bother   

  • Not adjustable handlebar: The handlebar of the stroller is fixed and cannot be adjusted according to height.   

4. Doona Infant Car Seat and Stroller   

Doona Infant

The lightweight infant stroller from Doona is easily transformable to a car seat or vice versa. The comfortable seats have a 5-point harness that keeps your sleeping baby safe. The canopy and shoulder pads are washable to keep the stroller hygienic for the baby. Two-layer impact-absorbing plastic along with layers of EPS foam, and textile makes the stroller safer for newborns.   

  • Easy transition from car seat to stroller  
  • Extra safety when installed as a car seat  
  • Adjustable handlebar  
  • Comfortable seats  
  • No storage basket  

Why we love it   

  • Easy transition from car seat to stroller: The stroller has legs and wheels, which are folded when you use it as a car seat. Push the lever to unfold the seats instantly reduces the time of installing the car seat to the stroller.   
  • Extra safety when installed as a car seat: For installing the stroller as a car seat, a base is given to securely hold the stroller. For added safety, you can place the handlebar against the seat of the car, ensuring anti-rebound protection. The anti-rebound handle absorbs the sudden shock and prevents the stroller from rotating at the back seat.   
  • Easy to unfold: The stroller is easy to use and consumes less time for folding and unfolding. The stroller is operatable with a single lever given at the back of the seat.   
  • Adjustable handlebar: The handlebar can be adjusted at the front or back of the seat. You can set the length of the handlebar according to your height.   
  • Comfortable seats: The seat is entirely padded and has a headrest for babies to comfortably sleep in it.   

Things that bother   

  • No storage basket: The stroller has no storage basket at the bottom of the seat to carry the baby’s belongings. The wheels take space of the storage area when the stroller is folded.  

5. Summer 3Dtote Convenience Stroller 

Summer 3Dtote

The summer 3Dtote stroller has comfortable seat for the newborn. It is lightweight which is convenient to run with infants every day. The stroller has a reversible seat design, allowing the parents to set the baby facing you or the world. 

  • 6-position reclinable seats   
  • Reversible seat design  
  • Adjustable canopy  
  • Compact fold  
  • Extra-large storage basket  
  • Incompatible with car seat  

Why we love it   

  • 6-position reclinable seats: The seat can be reclined in 3 positions, whether the baby is facing you or to the world. A 6-position recline means 3 positions facing the front and 3 positions facing the rear. The stroller has head support that makes the seat comfy for the babies. The 5-point harness protects in whichever direction the baby is facing.   
  • Reversible seat design: The stroller has a unique reversible seat design. You can set the seat facing you or facing the world. The seat can be adjusted effortlessly using one hand.    
  • Adjustable canopy: This stroller has a large canopy to protect babies from intense sun rays. The canopy is operational when the seat is parent facing or world facing. A peek-a-boo window is given on the canopy to monitor your asleep baby.   
  • Compact fold: The stroller compactly folds with one hand and auto locks. It has a carry strap to carry the stroller by your shoulders.   
  • Extra-large storage basket: The storage area of the stroller is spacious to travel with all necessities of the baby. It can hold a diaper bag, towels, and food along with some toys. The storage space is accessible when the seat is either facing inward or outward.   

Things that bother  

  • Incompatible with car seat: The seat reclines to a flat position to comfortably carry the newborns. But the stroller frames are not compatible with car seats.   

6. INFANS Baby Stroller for Newborn  

Infans 2 in 1 Baby stroller

The INFANTS Baby Stroller comes with a bassinet for newborns and a seat for growing up toddler. The full canopy is adjustable according to the weather conditions. The backrest of the stroller is adjustable, with an adjustable belt given under the seat. The stroller is quick to fold and can be carried on the car trunk.   

  • 2 in 1 High Landscape Convertible Stroller  
  • Reclining Seat  
  • Durable Wheels   
  • Adjustable Canopy  
  • Detachable Handrail  
  • No adjustable leg rests  

Why we love it   

  • 2 in 1 High Landscape Convertible Stroller: The stroller and the bassinet are adjustable at two different positions. The baby can face the parent or the world depending on the position the stroller is set. The position of the seat is higher to protect the baby from ground dust or car exhaust.   
  • Reclining Seat: The toddler seat is reclinable to 3 different positions; sitting, semi reclinable, and fully flat position. The stroller is reclinable to a near flat position, allowing the parents to use the stroller for the infants.   
  • Durable Wheels: The stroller has swivel wheels at the front for 360 degrees rotation. The front wheels are lockable to run straight by activating the latch by foot. The parking brakes also activate easily with a single tap. The stroller has a 3D solid suspension which means the side of the wheels is built with shock absorption springs for a smooth ride on bumpy surfaces.    
  • Adjustable Canopy: The canopy has three sections to open and protect the baby from the sun’s exposure. The canopy has an additional sun visor for extra protection. Both the stroller and the bassinet come with an extended canopy.      
  • Detachable Handrail: The handrail at the front of the seat is removed from the seats. While you change the diaper or feed the babies, you can uninstall the handrail for easy access. You can fit the handrail if you think it will provide extra safety to the baby.   

Things that bother   

  • No adjustable leg rests: The seat has no adjustable leg rest to support the feet of the toddlers.   

7. Costzon Lightweight Umbrella Baby Stroller  

Costzon Lightweight Baby Stroller

The Costzon Baby stroller is a travel-friendly stroller for its lightweight. It has a large storage basket that can carry all the necessary stuff for the babies. The adjustable canopy comes with a peek-a-boo window to check on your child in between the rides.   

  • Multiple positions reclining seats  
  • Lockable Swivel Wheels  
  • Easy One-hand Fold  
  • Lightweight  
  • Not adjustable with car seat  

Why we love it   

  • Multiple positions reclining seats: The seat of the stroller is reclinable to multiple angles. For sitting, the seat is fixable at 100 degrees. You recline to 135 degrees for your baby to rest. For newborns, the seat reclines to 170 degrees. All the position is easy to recline using one hand.   
  • Lockable Swivel Wheels: The front swivel wheels ease in pushing the stroller in speed bumps, brick roads, or any other terrains. The front wheels also absorb the sudden shocks and keep the baby safe. You can lock the swivel wheels with a single tap as well. The rear parking brake is also activated with a single tap on the wheels.     
  • Easy One-hand Fold: The handle on the stroller has a button to fold to the stroller. Pressing the button, the stroller compactly folds and locks automatically.   
  • Lightweight: The stroller is lightweight which, makes it travel-friendly. You can go on trips with this stroller with your baby. Its compact and easy to fold makes it suitable to carry on the car trunk.   

Things that bother  

  • Not adjustable with car seat: The car seat is not adjustable on the stroller.  

8. Baby Joy Convertible Bassinet Stroller  

The BABY JOY 2 in 1 Convertible Carriage Bassinet to Stroller has a large and extendable canopy to provide complete comfort to the newborn. You can use the stroller for infants as well as for toddlers. The stroller folds into a compact fold with one tap and is suitable to carry on the car trunk.    

  • Adjustable and reversible seat  
  • Solid & Stable Construction  
  • Front swivel wheels   
  • One-tap parking brake  
  • Large storage basket  
  • Not compatible with car seat  

Why we love it   

  • Adjustable and reversible seat: The stroller comes with a seat that can be converted to a bassinet. The seat is reclinable in three modes, sitting mode, semi-reclined mode, and sleeping mode. The seat can be facing the world or the parents. You can set the position of the seat depending on the mood of your baby.  
  • Solid & Stable Construction: Solid aluminum and iron pipes are used for the construction of the stroller. The frames are sturdy to support the seat at any reclining position for the baby. Oxford breathable fabric on the canopy and seats allows air to pass and provides the ultimate comfort to the baby.   
  • Front swivel wheels: All the wheels of this stroller are made of rubber, and the front wheels are smaller than the rear wheels. The front swivel wheels help to use this stroller on different pathways. You can lock the wheels to run straight rather than 360 degrees if you go hiking with this stroller.   
  • One-tap parking brake: The rear wheels are larger and have a brake latch on them. You can activate the brake with a single-foot tap.    
  • Large storage basket: The stroller comes with a large storage basket underneath, which is useful for carrying the bags for the baby. Not only bags, but also you can carry toys in it so that your baby does not miss home.   

Things that bother   

  • Not compatible with car seat: The stroller frame is not compatible with car seats, but your newborn will be comfy on the bassinet.   

9. Britax B-Lively Lightweight Stroller  


The Britax B-Lively stroller is durable, and all the wheels have suspension for smooth rides. The canopy is extendable and protects from UV 50+ sun rays. It has a ventilated peek-a-boo window to keep an eye on your baby. The stroller has two slip pockets and a large zipper pocket for parents to carry their accessories.   

  • Compatible with car seats  
  • Infinite reclinable seats   
  • Extra storage basket   
  • Two-step fold   
  • Non-adjustable leg rest  

Why we love it   

  • Compatible with car seats: The stroller comes with removable adapters to install car seats. One thing to keep in mind is that the car seat from Britax is compatible with the stroller. You can use this car seat for the newborns, and when the babies grow up, you can transfer them to the toddler seat.   
  • Infinite reclinable seats: The stroller has infinite reclinable seats for the comfort of the baby. The seat is reclinable with one hand just by pulling closure. The seat has a 5-point safety harness as well as an adjustable leg rest for the comfort of the toddler.  
  • Extra storage basket: The extra-large storage basket underneath the seat gives the extra space to carry the baby’s diaper bag, food, and other necessities. The storage basket is accessible from the back as well from the front to easily take out the things.   
  • Two-step fold: On one side of the stroller, a single button is provided to fold the stroller. Press the button and pull the pull handle to fold the stroller compactly. The stroller is foldable with one hand if your other hand is busy.  

Things that bother   

  • Non-adjustable leg rest: The stroller seat has no adjustable leg rest, which can be uncomfortable for babies.   

10. Baby Trend Snap-N-Go Ex Universal Infant Car Seat Carrier  

Baby Trend Snap-N-Go 

The Baby Trend Snap-N-Go car seat carrier frame is easily foldable and also adjustable with car seats. It has a long handlebar and a parent tray close to it. You can carry coffee in one hand as well as push the stroller with another. It has big plastic wheels to ride smoothly to run errands.   

  • Easily attachable frames for car seat  
  • One-hand fold  
  • Large storage area  
  • No canopy  

Why we love it   

  • Easily attachable frames for car seat: This is a frame stroller that is adaptable with most of the Baby Trend car seats. Before placing the car seat on the frame, adjust the straps of the frame to properly set the car seat. You can face the car seat inward or outward as you like. Attach all the straps to make the stroller safe for the baby.   
  • One-hand fold: On the handlebar of the stroller, a red button is added for folding the stroller. Make sure the front wheel faces forward when folding to activate the manual lock. The folded stroller frame self-stand and can be carried with the handlebar.  
  • Large storage area: The stroller has a spacious storage basket. You can carry your baby’s belongings as well as can accommodate your shopping bags. The mesh storage basket is accessible from the front and back.   

Things that bother   

  • No canopy: This stroller frame comes with no seat or canopy. The frame is compatible with the car seat, and the baby can get shade from the canopy attached to the cat seat.   

Can You Use any Stroller as Infant Stroller?  

No, you cannot use any stroller for infants if the seat does not recline to a flat position. Usually, the strollers have four to five reclining positions. 5-position reclining seat recline to a near flat position which is close to an angle of 150 degrees.   

For infants, the stroller should be either relining flat i.e., 180 degrees or the stroller frames should be compatible with bassinets, carrycot, or infant car seat.    

What to Look For In an Infant Stroller?  

Reclining seats  

The stroller seat, which is capable of reclining to the near-flat position, is used for infants. The flat seat supports the spine and hip of the baby and allows them to breathe comfortably without any obstruction. In the article, we have mentioned the strollers that recline 170 degrees to 180 degrees to use for the strollers.  

Moreover, the fabric on the bassinet or car seat should be soft and comfortable for the baby. Breathable fabric ensures ventilation and keeps the interior dry for the baby. Your baby will be homely inside the bassinet or the carrycot.  

Harness system   

The 5-point safety harness on the padded seat should be your main concern while buying an infant stroller. The newborns do not have control over their bodies. The harness is necessary for safety to keep the babies stable in one position in the carrycot or bassinet.   

You also have seen some foot cover on the infant stroller. The foot covers add extra safety along with the harness system. 

Compatibility with bassinet/carrycot 

For infants, a travel system and infant stroller are available to carry them. A stroller frames needs to be compatible with the car seat or a bassinet if you opt to buy a stroller for a newborn.  

Easy folding and unfolding 

The infant stroller that comes with a travel system includes a removable bassinet and a car seat. The bassinet and the car seat are to be uninstalled before folding the stroller frame. The frame should collapse into a compact fold for carrying in the car trunk.  

On the other hand, some infant stroller has a fixed reclinable seat that is not compatible with a car seat or bassinet but can recline to a near-flat position. This type of stroller is also compactly foldable to carry with you for travelling.    

Furthermore, installing the car seat or bassinet on the stroller frame should be fast so that parents do not have to waste time.      

Easy to maneuver   

To carry a bassinet on the stroller frames, you will need shockproof wheels that will keep the seat stable in terrains. An adjustable handlebar according to your height is convenient for parents to carry their babies on an infant stroller.   

What Kind of Newborn Stroller Do You Need?  

Let’s find out which lightweight infant stroller is best for the babies before buying one: 

Bassinet strollers  

For your newborn, a bassinet stroller is advantageous as it comes with two-seat options. Firstly, you can attach the bassinet, which looks like a classic-style pram. Secondly, you can use it as a stroller seat for toddlers. Parents can use the bassinet stroller for carrying newborns as babies lie flat and sleep comfortably on it.  

Fully reclining stroller  

Some strollers are designed with fully reclinable seats. The fully reclinable seats keep the airways of the infants clear, causing no obstruction for breathing. The fully reclinable stroller is usable for a long period when your infant has grown older. However, the padding of the seats might not be comfortable for newborns and is not compatible with car seats.   

Travel systems  

Travel systems consist of two to three compatible pieces. The travel system includes a carrycot, a car seat, and a toddler seat. The frames are designed to install the parts easily without waking the sleeping baby.  

Lightweight strollers  

Lightweight strollers are travel-friendly strollers as they are easy to fold and carry, providing all the comfort to the babies. However, lightweight strollers are suitable for newborns because the seats do not recline fully or 180 degrees. Most of the lightweight stroller reclines to a near flat position which is not recommended to use for newborns.   

Jogging strollers  

Jogging strollers are made to overcome bumpy roads, lanes easily. It has big wheels that easily run over the speed breakers without requiring any brake. A jogging stroller is not for newborn babies as it does not have fully reclinable seats. The wheels absorb the shocks of uneven surfaces, but a newborn cannot adopt the sudden shocks that come while riding in a jogging stroller.   

Bottom Line  

In this article, we have discussed the best lightweight infant stroller to travel with your newborns. Newborns need extra care and comfort than grown-ups. For infants, a full reclinable stroller or multi-functional travel systems are great options. It’s up to you to decide the best stroller based on their convenience.  


Do I need a Car Seat Compatible Stroller?  

A car seat compatible stroller lets you transfer the baby from a car to a stroller without disturbing its sleep. For newborns, a car seat stroller is a must to travel safely.  

I live in a cold climate. What kind of stroller do I need to protect my newborn baby from the harsh cold?  

Newborns need to be kept warm in cold weather. You can use the full reclinable stroller for infants and dress them warm to protect them from the harsh cold. If you live in a windy area, you can use a bassinet as bassinets are heavy and will stay stable in the wind.   

How long can you use your stroller for your newborn?

As newborns cannot control their heads and necks, it is recommended to use an infant stroller. Regular strollers are found for newborns, but it is best to use them after they pass 6 months.  

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