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How To Store Strollers In Garage In 6 Easy Steps

By Jennifer Ward

Many of the strollers are bulky in size, taking a lot of space to store. Many parents find it annoying and look for a garage to store the stroller but are confused at the same time that the stroller may get damaged. I have faced many parents’ questions: how do you store a stroller in the garage? This post includes step-by-step guides and all the details on how to store strollers in garage. 

How to Store Strollers in Garage?  Here is the Step By Step Process

A garage space offers plenty of opportunities to store a stroller; you can’t stack it in any spooky environment, can you? I recommend hooking the stroller on the garage wall. With the use of a storage hook, hang the stroller. How? Here are the 6 easy steps to how to store strollers in garage:

1. First, source storage hooks or buy hooks that can bear the weight of a stroller. These hooks are available online or in local utility/hardware shops.

2. Mark the preferred spot with a marker where you would like to store the stroller.

3. Dig a hole with the use of a drill machine. Make sure the hole is placed perfectly in the marked spot. The ideal hole is 34.5 mm (recommended).

4. Place the screwhead on the board and tighten it with a screwdriver.

5. Now attach the hook to the screw.

6. Fold the stroller into the most compact shape and remove any accessories or removable parts, such as wheels. Use the stroller bag strap or stroller handlebar to attach the straps to the hook.

How to Store Strollers in Garage?   

Cleanliness and Security  

Cleanliness is the biggest concern. Garage spaces are usually left closed for years in a dark and spooky condition. In such a condition, your stroller may pick up dust and germs, which might also affect your baby. Security is another concern. Since a stroller is a costly item (most strollers are), we need to ensure that the stroller is not harmed.


We cannot afford to store the stroller in a place that is not easily accessible. We must store it separately from the car or car parts. Make sure the stroller is far away from the vehicle access.  

If possible, make a separate room in the garage to store the stroller. The corner of a garage is not an ideal place to store a stroller since this part of the garage space is spookier, and those places are ideal for growing mold. If you store the stroller there, the stroller might get mold! We all know how sticky and difficult it is to remove them. Still, there are some easy ways to get rid of them if somehow the stroller gets in contact with mold. The best thing is to avoid the corner of a garage.    


Where to put the stroller then? In the part of the garage that is easily accessible and in a clean place. Such places are free from mold. Also, ensure the place has enough light and wind to keep the mold away. Hang your expensive strollers there and clean and maintain them regularly to keep them functional.   


We must always be on our toes to keep our babies safe. But what about a baby accessory like a stroller? Like any other toy, a stroller needs to be cleaned and maintained. Make sure no dust, germs, or any mold may harm your loved little ones. Plan on cleaning and maintaining the stroller often, and take time to clean it. Store the stroller in a hygienic place to reduce your cleaning effort.  


For some reason, the stroller may be stored for a long time; we don’t imagine that means months or even years. It’s better to store it in a fixed location and not make a huss and fuss about moving it all the way. So, safe and clean garage space can be an excellent option for storing a stroller for longer. What about your first baby, who has grown and is planning for another one? In such a condition, you might want to preserve it till the baby’s birth since a stroller is an expensive item to let it ruin.   

How to Store Strollers In Garage: Conclusion 

Although the garage is not the only location to store the stroller, parents who live in small houses usually find it a suitable place to store the stroller for a long time. For them, a garage is a good option. If you ask my opinion, I prefer the stroller in my garage. With this specific need in mind. I kept the area separate from the rest of the garage and hung the stroller on the wall. Most importantly, I clean the stroller monthly to keep it functional. I hope this post answers your query on how to store strollers in garage. Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions :

Where is the best place to store a stroller?  

You can store the stroller in many places, such as car trunks, hanging on the door, dedicated stroller tent, under the stairs, bike or garden shed, or any other clean and hygienic place with enough air circulation and light. The best place you can store the stroller is in an easily accessible area of the garage where you can store it for a longer period of time.

Can I store my stroller outside?  

Yes, you can store your strollers outside. You have to be cautious before you choose to store the stroller outside. Many people store strollers in their garden sheds. But if you live in a wet and rainy location, the garden shed may not be a great idea since water may be in contact with the stroller, dampen it and cause harm. Damp places are ideal for mold. However, if you are located in an area where it does not rain much, the garden shed is a good option.

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