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Maclaren Triumph vs Quest: Look Before You Buy

By Jennifer Ward

The Triumph and the Quest are two of Maclaren’s range of lightweight strollers for day-to-day use. However, both the strollers are identical. There is a stark difference between them too. Whereas the Quest is a newborn stroller and is the great lightweight stroller for infants, the Triumph is a toddler stroller. This article runs down every feature to exhibit what’s the difference so you may decide what suits your need.

Maclaren Triumph vs Quest Key Comparisons:

ProductMaclaren TriumphMaclaren Quest
ImageMaclaren Triumph StrollerMaclaren Quest Stroller
DimensionL: 31.1″ x W: 17.7″ x H: 42.1″L: 32.3′′ x W: 17.9′′ x H: 42′′
Weight11 lbs.12.3 lbs.
Seat ReclineMulti positionsMulti positions
Weight Capacity55 lbs.55 lbs.
Out of StockOut of Stock

Maclaren Triumph vs Quest Full Comparison:

Maclaren Triumph vs Quest – Price: 

The Maclaren Triumph and Maclaren Quest are in the same price range. Both of the strollers are however more expensive than other lightweight strollers brought by Maclaren. 

Maclaren Triumph vs Quest – Weight & Dimension:

The Maclaren Triumph and Quest are lightweight strollers, Whereas the Quest weighs 12.3 pounds and the Triumph weighs around 11 pounds. Triumph is considerably lighter than the Quest. 

Note that the above weight does not include the canopy or basket. Including those, the actual weight should be around 15 lbs.

The seat of the strollers has a decent carrying capacity: the Maclaren Quest and the Maclaren Triumph can hold up to 55 pounds and are ideal for carrying older toddlers up to the age of six.

Dimensions of Maclaren Triumph vs. Maclaren Quest:

Both the Maclaren Quest and the Triumph are compact. In terms of size, they’re nearly the same:

Dimensions (unfolded):

Maclaren Triumph: 31.1″ L x 17.7″ W x 42.1″ H 

Maclaren Quest: 32.3′′L x 17.9′′W x 42′′H

Dimensions (folded):

Maclaren Triumph: 41′′ L x 9′′ W x 12′′ H

Maclaren Quest: 41.3′′ L x 9.4′′ W x 11′′ H 

Note: Triumph folds marginally more compact than the Quest in self-standing mode.


Maclaren Triumph vs Quest – Features:


The most noteworthy difference between the strollers is- The Maclaren Quest is infant-friendly with the bassinet mood; in contrast, the Maclaren Triumph does not support bassinet and is for babies over 6 months old. On top of it, note that neither stroller is car seat compatible. The birth kit/bassinet, while attached to the Quest stroller’s frame, turns into a stylish pram. The bassinet does not come with the box, so you must order it separately if needed.

Unfortunately, the Maclaren Triumph is not compatible with a bassinet.

So, the Maclaren Quest can carry a newborn up to six years old compared to the Maclaren Triumph, which does not support a bassinet and carry toddlers to older toddlers. You can easily swap back to the stroller seat once your baby is grown (about 6 months).

Unfortunately, the Maclaren Triumph is not a newborn stroller. It is only suitable for youngsters aged 6 months and up.

Seat Recline:

Both stroller seats are reclinable with a one-hand multi-position recline, including an almost flat posture.

Your infant may enjoy a variety of positions, from sitting erect to resting horizontally in a completely flat recline– which is very useful for naps on the way. Note that the seats of both the strollers are in no way reversible. 

Footrest & Brake:

A footrest affixed to the seats of both the strollers provides excellent leg support for your kid.

5-Point Harness:  

Both the strollers boast a 5-point harness system to keep the baby safe while on the ride. Usually, newborns move around a lot, and it’s sometimes difficult to pay attention; the harness, as we checked, complies with the standard safety harness.


Both strollers have a one-step quick-fold mechanism as they both smoothly and quickly fold with one hand. They both offer a one-hand fold. It’s a great feature while you’re on the go and super convenient. One-hand fold allows you to carry your infant while folding your stroller with the other.


The Maclaren Quest and Triumph both have spacious baskets underneath. Not as big as you can find in full-size strollers, they can still pack on-the-go essentials such as diapers, bottles, toys, etc. 


The Maclaren Quest and Triumph feature large canopies. Both the strollers include UPF50 protection canopies that save babies from harmful UV rays. The canopy fabrics are too protective and of excellent quality. 


The Maclaren Triumph and Quest have great wheels that compact, lightweight strollers should have. They’re both equipped with an all-wheel suspension system that keeps that stroller steady on surfaces, and they both glide smoothly on flat ground, ideal for parks, shopping malls, and city walkways. Both strollers include lockable swivelling front wheels for smooth maneuvering.


Both strollers have a few great color options: black, blue, and light blue, while the Maclaren Triumph is available in black and white. 

Pros and Cons

Maclaren Triumph

  • Lightweight
  • All-wheel suspension system
  • Ideal for older toddlers
  • Cup holder is included
  • Not car seat compatibility
  • Toddlers only stroller
  • It’s difficult to get a lifetime warranty

Maclaren Quest

  • Lightweight
  • Newborn to toddler stroller
  • All-wheel suspension system
  • One-hand compact fold
  • Great for older toddlers
  • Basket size not too spacious
  • It’s difficult to get a lifetime warranty


Both Maclaren strollers are top-notch lightweight strollers. However, we found some drawbacks during the test. We have found the front wheels jam up occasionally since the lock button is located at the front of the stroller. It won’t be a big deal if somebody uses it regularly.

Maclaren offers a lifetime warranty on the stroller, but it isn’t easy to obtain. Still, Maclaren Triumph and Maclaren Quest are excellent exhibitions of lightweight, stylish strollers that many parents love. If you are planning a stroller before pregnancy, opt for the Quest; otherwise, choose the Quest for a toddler since it’s lighter and compactly foldable. 

Maclaren Triumph vs Quest – Final Word

Here is the end of the tunnel of the Maclaren Triumph versus Quest comparison! I hope you have received the information. If you have any questions, reach me in the comment section below!

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