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Veer Wagon VS Keenz: Which One Should You Choose?  

By Jennifer Ward

Veer Cruiser and Keenz 7S come with premium range wagons with a lot of functional features. They both have similar functionalities like accommodating two kids, easy maneuverability, adjustable handles, and much more. Due to the similarity, parents are often confused; Veer Wagon vs Keenz, which one to buy?   

Whereas the Veer Wagon is newborn-friendly, the Keenz 7S comes with an array of handy accessories out of the box. Let’s find out what are the other differences that separate them and help you decide the best one for your kids.  

Veer Wagon VS Keenz: Short Overview at a Glance  

Veer Cruiser Review:  

Veer Cruiser is a next-gen push n pull wagon. Push it like a stroller or pull it like a wagon, fully collapsible for your convenience. That’s why it is so popular among urban parents. Moreover, it’s compact, easy to use, and glides smoothly. Carry up to 2 kids (up to 55 lbs for each seat). On top of it, it’s car-seat compatible. A premium wagon with the best of both worlds- wagon and stroller.

  • Lightweight & compact  
  • Premium, foldable wagon (fold it flat!)  
  • Compatible with different car seats  
  • Robust and durable; lasts for years   
  • Push and pull, all-terrain wagon   
  •   The base model does not come with essential accessories  

Keenz 7s Review:

Keenz, on the other hand, is also a premium wagon stroller that takes up to 2 kids (55 lbs. for each seat). It’s compact, and you can push or pull for your convenience, and glides so effortlessly. But it’s not car seat compatible, so you cannot carry a newborn. Alternately, it’s an excellent choice for two toddlers that goes along. Keenz is compatible with a wide array of accessories. 

Keenz 7

  • Lightweight and compact   
  • Robust and durable wagon  
  • Push and pull, all-terrain wagon  
  • Full-size canopy with a mesh layer  
  • Ample storage capacity 
  • Not compatible with car seats

Veer Wagon VS Keenz Key Features

FeaturesVeer CruiserKeenz 7s
ImagesVeer CruiserKeenz 7
Safety 3-point Harness5-point Harnesses
Adjustable HandlebarYesYes
Weight Capacity110 lbs110 lbs
Seats ReclineNoNo
View on AmazonOut of Stock

Veer Cruiser and Keenz are top-rated wagons most parents like. Let’s dive into the features in detail about Veer Wagon vs Keenz and find out the difference.  


Veer Cruiser is a wagon stroller for two riders. Both riders can sit flexibly as the built-in, ventilated seats are highly comfortable and spacious with an extendable footwell.  

If you look at Keenz, there is no footwell, so the riders can sit inside the spacious room, move freely, and keep their leg folding or outstretched.  


Veer features a 3-point harness with a buckle on both sides, but the harness has no adjustable height. If your toddlers can sit on their own, it’s not the harness you would be worried about. On the other hand, Keenz has two 5-point harnesses. Each of them is padded and has three adjustable heights.  

However, apparently, Keenz has better safety features than the Veer Cruiser.   

Features and Usability  

Veer Cruiser is flexible on every terrain, including the rough trail. It has a convenient and adjustable handlebar that you can push or pull. In addition, the Cruiser’s footwell is also expandable and comes with a snack and cup holder for two kids; it feels like they are sitting in a small chair while having snacks.   

Apart from it, you can purchase add-ons like a car seat adapter, canopies, a nap system, an additional comforting seat, a spacious storage basket, and parent cup holders. Although Veer Cruiser is expensive, it’s cool to have the scope to optimize the comfort level for kids.  

Similar to Cruiser, Keenz also accommodates two toddlers; but it’s not compatible with car seats, so you cannot take a newborn out in this wagon. Parents find both front-end handlebars really helpful to maneuver.   

The wagon comes up with a canopy that has built-in mesh to protect your kids from the sun’s harmful rays and bugs and a spacious storage basket to carry necessary stuff. So, Keenz is also a comfortable and fun cargo ride for the kiddos.  

Wheel and Suspension  

Larger wheels are more suitable for rolling over different types of terrain, including the rough parts on the trail. With its large Polyurethane tires (PU) and front wheel suspension, Veer Cruiser crosses any uneven terrain smoothly. Apart from the highly capable wheel, Veer Cruiser has stylish wheel rims. 

Wheel and Suspension: veer wagon
Veer wagon Wheel and Suspension:

Whereas, Keenz wheels are made of plastic and rubber and have four-wheel spring suspensions. Keenz also glides smoothly on terrains while ensuring comfort for the kids.  

Age and Weight Limits  

Veer Cruiser is adjustable with a car seat, so you have to purchase an infant car seat adapter for your little baby. On the other hand, Keenz is not made to carry newborn babies.  

Veer Wagon and Keenz have the same recommended weight limit of 110 lbs. The only difference is that Keenz is not designed for infants; you can carry up to two toddlers.   

When it comes to Veer Wagon, you can either carry one infant and one toddler or two toddlers up to 110 pounds combined.   

Car Seat Compatibility  

Veer Wagon is car seat compatible, and the car seat adaptor is sold separately. Veer car seat adapter is adjustable with the following infant car seats:   

  • Uppababy  
  • Peg Perego   
  • Cyber/Maxi-Cosi/Nuna  
  • Britax  
  • Chicco  
  • Graco  

On the other hand, Keenz lacks car seat compatibility. It’s for toddlers and pre-schoolers only.  

Frame and Handlebar  

Veer Cruiser’s frame is made of military-grade aluminum and perforated plastics. The wagon has one adjustable ergonomic handlebar, which works with precision either you pull or push it. Keenz, on the other hand, also has aluminum-built frames which makes it robust. Besides, the wagon has two adjustable handlebars at the front and back for easy maneuverability. Overall, these two wagons have strong built and flexible functional capacity.  

Veer Wagon VS Keenz:handle bar


Both Veer and Keenz feature a one-step rear brake paddle which is easy to make the wagons stand by in one place. In addition, Keenz has individual brakes to lock its front wheels.  


Canopy is sold separately in Veer Wagon. You can purchase a single canopy or buy their popular Toddler Package, Warm Weathers Kits, which includes a canopy with other necessary equipment.  

On the other hand, Keenz 7S comes with a canopy and a canopy cover out of the box. The canopy has built-in mesh underneath the zip for better protection of the kids.  

Storage Basket  

It’s a disappointment that Veer Wagon doesn’t include several necessary accessories. The storage basket is necessary both for kids and parents; fortunately, you can purchase a storage basket as an add-on.  

In contrast, Keenz features a spacious storage basket, an insulated cooler bag, and several microcompartments. So you won’t have to worry about carrying stuff.  


Both Veer and Keenz are easy to fold and compact in size. However, Keenz takes more time to remove all the attachments while folding. On top of it, Keenz doesn’t fold as compactly as Veer Cruiser.  

Veer is super easy to fold. Its removable wheels allow it to fold flat, so you can keep it at the back of your car while traveling.  

Veer Wagon VS Keenz Foldability
Veer Wagon VS Keenz Foldability


Cleaning is easy for both Veer Cruiser and Keenz, as their fabrics and body parts are washable. There is no significant difference between them.  

Why Should You Consider Veer Wagon?  

Veer Cruiser is the best choice if you want a robust, premium wagon that lasts for years. This wagon is lightweight, folds compactly, and has impressive maneuvering capacity. So, parents with one newborn and a toddler or no more than two kids can happily go for Veer Cruiser.   

Why Should You Consider Keenz?  

Keenz is a durable and sturdy build toddler wagon. This lightweight wagon provides more accessories with the base model, including removable canopies and a large storage basket. Parents with two wilds up to 5 years old and have no newborn can consider Keenz.  

Veer Wagon VS Keenz: Final Remarks  

Comparing Veer Wagon vs Keenz 7S wagon, both of them are lightweight, durable, and easy to operate.   

Veer Cruiser is car seat compatible, folds almost flat position, and features a built-in footwell, snack tray, and cup holder for kids. Other necessary accessories like a canopy, storage basket, and car seat adapter are sold separately.  

On the other hand, Keenz is a toddler wagon, and it’s not car seat compatible. However, the wagon comes with necessary accessories like a removable canopy, a large storage compartment, and parent cup holders.   

So, choose the one based on what your needs are. Choose wisely. 

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