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What Is An Umbrella Stroller?

By Jennifer Ward

Many people wonder, what is an umbrella stroller or why people call it Umbrella Stroller?

Umbrella strollers are lightweight, easy-to-fold, and folds into a compact shape. Parents who does not like to carry a full-size stroller every time while going outside, umbrella stroller is the best option for them.

Parents who frequently go for a quick errand, shop, day-to-day activities, usually like umbrella strollers. These strollers are relatively cheap and affordable, comes in compact size, you can carry them over your shoulder with a strap.

Difference Between Lightweight Strollers: Umbrella vs. Travel?

The umbrella is the lightest among the strollers that are quickly and easily folds into a compact shape. It lacks features that a full-sized regular stroller typically boasts. Many parents use this type of stroller for regular outings and short trips to the park, and malls.   

There are also travel strollers, which also fall in the category of lightweight baby transport. They are lighter than most full-sized ones but not as light as umbrella strollers. They are usually equipped with many of the features in a compact design that full-size strollers have such as storage basket, parents organizer etc. They are designed specifically for picnics, family excursions, and long-distant travels.

Why You Might Need an Umbrella Stroller?

What do you need? an umbrella stroller or a full-size regular stroller? Or a lightweight stroller alongside a full-sized stroller? Look if you fall into the following categories:  

You lean towards lightweight strollers. The lighter the better for you? Then you can consider buying these super light umbrella strollers, weigh very less, around 10 pounds. They are also designed to fold into a compact shape so that anyone can easily carry them. If You need to move so frequently and cannot leave your baby behind all the time, this type of stroller is the best option for you to buy. Urban parents prefer these since it is easier to move across the aisles of small stores or narrow walkways.  

You plan on buying a day-to-day stroller. Parents like these strollers for they are easily foldable, compact, and easy-to-carry. Usually, if you are an active parent and need to carry your baby wherever you go, you don’t need an extendable canopy, a parent console with a cup holder. Bulky regular strollers may bring you the hassle, for such situations a secondary lightweight umbrella stroller is what you need for convenience.

How to Choose the Best Umbrella Stroller?  

These lightweight strollers are usually packed with fewer features than a full-sized stroller. The things should focus on before opting for this type of stroller:  

Lightweight: Umbrella strollers are meant to take out too often. So, essentially it has to be light. Generally, the weight ranges from 10 to 15 pounds.   

Portability: Consider these two things: Is it easy to fold? How compact is it when folded? While going out too often, busy parents need a compact fold baby stroller, whereas a full-sized one can be a serious burden.    

Maneuverability: It is the wheels, brakes, and suspension that decide how easily maneuverable a stroller is. Consider a stroller with swiveling and lockable front wheels, suspension, functional brake system.    

Storage: The storage bin underneath will not be spacious as a full-sized stroller. Still, plenty of them has ample storage, thanks to their design excellence. How much space is good enough for you is how much you need.

Build quality: You may opt for a lighter option, but will it last long? An ideal stroller would use durable high-grade aluminum making them sturdy the same time keeps them light.  

Canopy: Umbrella strollers usually come with a canopy or sunshade that saves your baby from the harmful rays of the sun. But it may not give full coverage. A few of them come with an extended canopy for extra protection.

Safety features:  It is stroller-industry standard nowadays that any baby stroller should have a five-point harness system for security. This multi-harness system will keep your baby secure from falling or escaping while on the go.

Stability: Stability should be a major concern if you opt for buying an umbrella stroller since it’s too light and compact. Check frame, tires, the locking feature etc. Is it sturdy and stable enough?     

Note: Most stroller seats of this kind are impossible to lay flat, so the reclining position is not favorable to newborns’ neck and backbone. We recommend this type of stroller for infants at least six months of age.  

What is an Umbrella Stroller: Wrapping Up  

Many parents who lead a busy life showed their annoyance with a full-sized strollers as they are hard to carry, heavy and not compact-fold. I suggest a lightweight stroller for them. So, if convenience is what matters most to you, an umbrella stroller is the best option as they are lightweight and easy to fold and carry.

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