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Are Jogging Strollers Good For Hiking: Fact-Check Before Your Family Venture!  

By Jennifer Ward

Many parents wouldn’t miss the chance to experience some off-road adventures; there are only a few best strollers for hiking to choose from,but often parents often take regular jogging strollers to trail but are jogging strollers good for hiking?  

Well, if you’re looking for uphill or extremely uneven rocky, and narrow trek hiking with your baby, then a stroller cannot be a good option. Instead, you can stand out with an unbeatable baby carrier that will drop half of your hassle on the trail.  

At the early stage, even and less rocky pavement is best for hiking with a baby younger than six months; when Jason was about four months, I opted for the Bob Gear Alterrain. As the off-road jogging stroller, its Pro version features a hand brake; both of them are convenient when you’re off-road trekking.  

There are some facts and opinions regarding ‘are jogging strollers good for hiking?’. Once you check out these facts, you can easily decide which buggy is good for hiking with a baby.  

Are Jogging Strollers Good For Hiking?   

Jogging strollers are good for hiking if you’re planning for a downhill trek and the path is not much uneven and rocky. So, if you want to hike with your newborn baby or toddler and at the same time your child needs a stroller, then the following points will be beneficial for you:  

  • Choose downhill, even trek ways  
  • Make your hiking time shorter  
  • Take breaks frequently for baby  
  • Feed your baby solid food and ensure proper hydration  
  • Choose an off-road jogging stroller  
  • Go for the jogging stroller that has a great safety system, preferably a five-point padded-harness  
  • Check out the seat comfort and its reclining positions  
  • The jogging stroller should be a lightweight, adjustable canopy, snack tray (for toddlers), parent cup holder, and larger storage basket.   

Is It Safe To Hike With A Baby In A Jogging Stroller?  

If you’re planning for uphill trekking or basecamp for multiple days, then carrying the weight of a jogging stroller or any similar baby buggy might not be the best option; some above-the-ground uneven treks won’t be suitable at all for strolling your baby across the way. The smart alternative is to choose a baby carrier. The best baby carrier for hiking is available on the market; for parents who are lustrous about hiking, such baby carriers can be a lifesaver.  

At What Age Can I Go Hiking With My Baby In A Stroller?  

Hiking alone with a group of passionate hikers and hiking with a baby are two different things. When you’re planning for a hike along with your baby, then you have to tend a lot to the need of your baby.   

Coming to this point, you may ask, at what age can I go hiking with my baby in a stroller? If the hiking trek is suitable for strolling across the way, you can take your toddler in a compatible jogging stroller.  

Essential Stroller Accessories You Need When Going For Hiking  

Check out the forecast and the weather conditions, and plan for the possible stops you may need for the baby. Besides, ensure the following essential stroller accessories you’ll need for hiking with your baby:  

Rain and Wind Shield  

Don’t depend on the weather casts when heading hiking with your baby. Be always prepared with rain and windshields to tackle any unavoidable condition.  


A larger canopy of your jogging stroller is required if you’re hiking during the hot summer season. In addition, you can set your tent for a snack break and rest for a while.  

Seat Pad For Neck Support And Extra Comfort  

Cushioning seat pad supports your baby’s neck; if your baby is around six months, check out the seat comfort and cushioning level before strapping your baby onto the stroller.  

Safety Harness Strap  

Go for the five-point harness strap that ensures the utmost safety of your baby while hiking across the trail or any uneven surface.  

Wrist Strap  

Maximum well-manufactured jogging stroller features a wrist strap to run or walk conveniently. You can purchase a wrist strap separately if your stroller doesn’t include it.  

Do I Need A Jogging Stroller and A Regular Stroller?  

Owning both a jogging and a regular stroller is better; you can use them conveniently in different situations. A regular stroller can be lighter than a jogging stroller. However, only a few regular strollers are designed for jogging or for off-road trekking.   

Conversely, if you want, you can use a jogging stroller as a replacement for regular strollers; jogging strollers come with a lot of perks, including parents’ consoles, snack trays, larger canopy, the same as the regular stroller.  

are jogging strollers good for hiking: Wrapping Up  

Outdoor trips with your baby witness your experience of eminent joy; if it’s hiking with the baby, it’s the next level! Besides, keeping babies close to nature has a positive impact on your baby’s growth. Hence, all the new parents who love jogging are eager to know that are jogging strollers good for hiking or not. If the hiking pavement allows a jogging stroller to glide smoothly, you can decide to take on your jogging stroller for your baby to ride. 

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