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Are Umbrella Strollers Safe: All You Need to Know

By Jennifer Ward

Umbrella strollers are light build and parred down versions of regular strollers to keep them lightweight, Compact, and easy to carry. However convenient these strollers are, there is still a concern: are umbrella strollers safe?    

Although lightweight, typically, an umbrella stroller is durable with a lightweight aluminum frame, can carry up to 50 lbs., and includes either a 3 or a 5-point harness to keep your baby safe. If you are still concerned, I have covered an in-depth discussion on a baby’s safety while riding in an umbrella stroller in this post.

Are Umbrella Strollers Safe For Newborns?  

No, umbrella strollers are generally not recommended for newborns as most of them lack features like fully flat reclining and padded seats, and neither are they car seat compatible. Newborns require a infant stroller that can recline fully with adequate padding so they can lie down flat comfortably, which is essential for their spinal development and breathing.  

Are Umbrella Strollers Safe For Newborns

Advantages and Disadvantages of Umbrella Stroller


  • Lightweight stroller: Umbrella strollers are very lightweight, which make them easy to carry around while doing day-to-day errands.   
  • Easy and compact fold: Most umbrella strollers can be folded compactly, which makes them convenient to carry and easy to store.  
  • Affordable: Umbrella strollers are less expensive than full-sized strollers, which makes them a cost-effective option for families on a budget.  
  • Easy to navigate: Most umbrella strollers boast swivel wheels which makes it easier to navigate in tighter spaces.   
  • Air travel friendly: Being lightweight and compact, umbrella strollers are the most air travel-friendly strollers out there.   

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  • Cannot handle uneven terrain: Due to the lightweight design, most umbrella strollers do not have sturdy and durable wheels like a full-sized stroller, so it is not suitable for rough terrains.     
  • Less comfortable: Umbrella strollers typically have less padding than full-sized strollers, which makes them less comfortable for babies with longer rides.   
  • Less storage space than regular strollers: Umbrella strollers usually do not have large storage compartments like the full-sized stroller. Many umbrella strollers do not include a storage bin.  

What Age Is Appropriate For An Umbrella Stroller?  

Umbrella strollers are usually recommended for toddlers and older babies (more than 6 months old) who have developed their head and neck muscles. Most umbrella strollers are recommended to be used when babies are at least 6 months and can be used for older toddlers.   

What Age Is Appropriate For An Umbrella Stroller

How Much Weight Can An Umbrella Stroller Hold?  

The weight capacity of every umbrella stroller depends on individual models of stroller. In general, most umbrella strollers can hold a weight capacity of 50 to 55 lbs which makes it suitable for toddlers around 5-6 years.   

However, parents should always check the weight limit of their umbrella stroller to make sure that the baby is not exceeding the weight limit. Overloading the stroller could compromise the safety and stability of the stroller. It could also make the stroller tip over, which could be dangerous for your baby. So, if the stroller feels unstable, and your baby may be near the weight limit, consider switching to larger, durable strollers that support more weight.   

Is An Umbrella Stroller Worth It?  

If you are looking for a lightweight and portable stroller for day-to-day use or running errands, umbrella strollers are worth it, for it brings convenience and ease of use. However, suppose you need a stroller with features like a snack tray, parents’ organizer, bigger storage, durable, newborn-ready, or multi-terrain capacity stroller. In that case, I suggest opting for a regular full-sized stroller.  

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My Recommendation     

Umbrella strollers are super convenient and easy to use to deal with my hectic busy life. For my three babies, I have used a couple of umbrella strollers.    

The first umbrella stroller I bought was the Summer 3D Lite + Convenience Stroller, to me which is the best umbrella stroller for its lightweight, compact design, all-wheel suspension, and affordable price of $100 compared to its competitors like UPPAbaby G Lite (bulkier and expensive) or Kolcraft Cloud Plus (bulkier, handlebar not good for tall parents, I am on the taller side by the way). The Summer 3D Lite stroller weighs only 14 lbs. and can be folded compactly with just one hand. For the baby’s safety, the stroller is durable with an aluminum frame and also features a five-point safety harness, can carry a baby up to 50 lbs., and a large canopy with a pop-out sun visor to protect your baby from the sun’s harmful rays. I also like its 10 lbs. storage basket to store all your goodies!    

Wrapping Up   

Umbrella strollers are convenient alternatives to bulkier and more expensive strollers. Most umbrella strollers nowadays have all the safety features needed to keep your baby safe. However, to ensure your baby’s safety, check the seat capacity before opting for an umbrella stroller. Hope you have found the answer to all your queries in this “Are umbrella strollers safe” post. For any more queries, do comment below in the comment section. 

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