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Best Beach Hacks For Babies & How To Gear Up For Hassle-free Beach Trip Ever!

By Jennifer Ward

During summer, the beach has always been my favorite destination. It is fun, and I love roaming carefreely. But with two kids, Lily (1 yr.) and Laila (2 yrs.), I had to get more aware as Layla would make cookies out of beach sand and start eating them; initially, I panicked. If I threw the sand out of her hand, she’d scream. I was on a 4-week vacation in Florida, and at first, I wondered how I would survive. That’s when I began researching and discovered possibly all of the best beach hacks that made my next summer hassle-free memorable beach trip!    

In this post, I am sharing the best beach hacks for babies, including all my tried-and-proven tips for any parent to take their babies out to the beach. 

15 Best Beach Hacks For Babies     

1. Keep Water Bottle     

A water bottle is essential for keeping you and your baby hydrated. Especially if your baby is older than 6 months, it’s necessary to feed the baby water at food intervals. I usually keep two different sippers for Layla and Lily and check water intake regularly. Moreover, keeping a water bottle nearby can be helpful to keep the hot soil moist if needed.   

2. Pre-freeze All Of Your Snacks 

Make sure to freeze your snacks beforehand while going to the beach. By the time babies grab the snacks, it will turn into a soft, slushy consistency that makes your baby feel relaxed and pleasant on the gums, especially if your baby is growing teeth. I usually carry yogurt parfait, a smoothie bowl, or apple sauce and freeze them before I leave. Bringing these snacks is easy, and both the kids love them too.    

3. Bring Diaper    

A diaper is an apparent basic necessity on almost all trips. But you do not need to carry a big diaper bag to the beach. Carry diapers as per necessity in a disposable trash bag. This way, you can always use and even throw them whenever necessary.   

4. Take Microfiber Towels    

Packing as minimally as possible is the best beach hacks for babies on a beach trip. So even though plush, absorbent towels are the best choice for skin, they are bulky. Instead, take the microfiber towels, which dry quickly and fold compactly in a small space. For other beach belongings, choose a minimal alternative if there are any.  

5. Keep Baby Approved Sunscreen     

There are many sunscreens on the market, but not all sunscreens are perfect for your baby. An infant’s skin poses high threats from the side effects of sunscreen, which could cause various skin effects like a rash. However, any baby older than 6 months can use baby sunscreen. Ensure the sunscreen is above SPF 30 and apply liberally every time. Fortunately, my children are not allergic to sunscreen, so I apply sunscreen to them even when we are not at the beach. Before you use sunscreen on your baby on the beach, do a patch test to check if they are allergic.     

6. Light Clothes For Your Baby     

While planning a beach outing in hot and humid weather, wear the baby light dress appropriate for the beach and summer. I always opt for single layers or thin breathable clothes like a onesie or a loose top and bottom. The market is flooded with many light clothes with SPF protection for delicate skin.

7. Carry Baby Essentials for Beach (Baby beach Shoes, Baby Sunglass, Baby hat)    

Remember to take all the necessities for the baby, like baby beach shoes. There are broken shells on the beach which may cause harm to the beach, especially when in bare feet. So, make sure you bring baby beach shoes with you.     

Now, remember to pack the sunglasses too. They are vital for babies as the eyes of babies are still tender and more sensitive to Uv ray damage. So, when picking sunglasses, it’s necessary to pick sunglass that gives at least 99% UV protection.      

Another essential thing is the baby hat. These hats can protect your babies’ skin which is prone to sun damage and UV rays. Make sure to choose a baby hat that has at least a 3-inch brim and would shield the face, ears, and even the back of the neck of the baby.    

Baby Essentials

8. Have a Stroller Fan     

A portable mini-handheld stroller fan can help you keep your baby cool at the beach. Stroller fans with tripod grips allow you to keep your baby cool anywhere you want, on the stroller or even in the tent. Look for a USB rechargeable stroller fan so you don’t have to pack extra batteries on your beach trip.  

9. Set Reminders for Drink and Sunscreen    

Talk about the must-have while going out on a beach holiday! Surely lots of fluid and sunscreen will come to mind. Most of us forget to reapply sunscreen once we have applied it. To ensure you remember, set a timer or reminder to schedule. Reapply sunscreen to your baby even if they are not in direct contact with the sun. The timer can help ensure the baby’s water intake too.     

10. Avoid Expensive Baby Toys    

Expensive toys are unnecessary for the beach since there are many things to explore. Let your baby enjoy the textures and shapes of the shells, seaweed, and surroundings. Carrying small toys can help; get a watering can, small toys, and cars that your baby loves or engage them with different beach activities. Laila loves making a sea castle on the beach, so I always carry a shovel bucket that she loves.      

11. Bring Tent and Baby Pool    

Baby skin is prone to UV rays more than adults, and prolonged exposure to the sun can harm them. To keep the babies safe, bring a baby tent to the beach. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, avoid direct sunlight between 10 am to 4 pm at that time, and you can stay in the tent with the baby.    

During this time, kiddie pools are one of the best ways to keep babies safe, especially if they love water and want to go to the sea. All you can do is pack a small inflatable pool and a beach. This mini pool is suitable for new crawlers and babies who put everything, including sand and rock, in their mouths. Layla and Lily love the mini pool idea and enjoy it the most.  

12. Spray away the heat    

If you keep the baby in the shade, they are away from the scorching sun. Still, you can use some hacks to keep your baby cool. Purchase a spray bottle and moisture the air by spraying it. Spray water, especially if the baby’s cheek gets flushed.      

13. Create A Sand-Free Play Zone    

Beaches and babies are fun duos!! Nothing is more amusing than seeing your baby playing on the beach. However, sand is a big concern for most of us; it can get anywhere, even inside the diaper of babies. Sand-laden diapers can cause rashes on your baby. So how could you avoid sand on the beach? Don’t worry!! All you need to do is to bring an old fitted sheet that spreads wide. Make sure to place heavy items in the corner to keep the sheet in place.   

14. Baby Powder Sand Hack    

Beach is humid and sandy. It’s only possible to keep the baby in the sand-free zone sometimes. Can we keep the babies contained all the time? Babies are curious and would go for grabbing sand anyways! Carry baby powder to ensure your baby isn’t getting any rash from the sand. Simply sprinkle the powder back and forth to the places you think it needs. The powder will soak up the moisture making from the skin. And you will have soft, smooth, and sand-free skin.   

15. Load up your laundry basket.    

If packing for a beach trip, you can fill your beach gear in a roomy laundry basket. A laundry basket allows you to easily store all the snacks, toys, and even the towel you bring. If you go for broader laundry baskets, they could double as play areas or napping areas for your babies.  

Beach Hacks For Babies: Wrapping Up     

Babies are sensitive, and it’s justified for parents to have concerns while going out on the beach with their babies. But it’s not a big deal, and with these beach hacks for babies, you can thoroughly enjoy your beach holiday with your baby. These beach hacks have helped me make the most of my summer vacations, and my two daughters have also enjoyed them. These hacks even worked for me when I went out at the beach this year with Jason (my last one!. I Hope these hacks work for you too! 

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