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10 Best Lightweight Travel Strollers In 2024

By Jennifer Ward

Value for Money

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Ultra-Compact Travel Stroller
Baby Jogger City Tour 2

Key Features

  • Ultra-lightweight travel stroller 
  • Front-swivel wheels   
  • Adjustable calf support    

Best Budget

Kolcraft  Cloud Plus Lightweight
Kolcraft – Cloud Plus Lightweight

Key Features

  • Ultra-lightweight  
  • Reclinable seats     
  • One-hand and self-standing fold      

Writers Choice

 Gb Pockit Lightweight Stroller  best lightweight travel stroller
Gb Pockit Lightweight Stroller

Key Features

  • Ultra-compact folding
  • Standing Fold         
  • Lockable swivel wheels 

Nowadays, traveling with babies or running errands with toddlers has become easy because of amazing lightweight travel strollers. I have a knack for exploring, and apart from that have to visit all the way to Florida, to my mothers’ once a year. I am also a mother of three; I often need to carry two of them on a stroller. Instead of a bulky and full-sized stroller, to me, a lightweight travel stroller is more convenient. 

Parents around my neighborhood often ask me which lightweight stroller to buy for traveling? Here I have included a list of outstanding strollers that are available in the market and relevant information to guide you through so that you can buy the best one that suits you.     

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Table Of Contents
  1. Different Types of Stroller
  2. 1. Baby Jogger City Tour 2
  3. Why we love it      
  4. Things that bother      
  5. 2. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller
  6. Why we love it      
  7. Things that bother      
  8. 3. Gb Pockit Lightweight Stroller     
  9. Why we love it      
  10. Things that bother      
  11. 4. Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller      
  12. Why we love it      
  13. Things that bother      
  14. 5. Summer Infant 3Dmini Convenience Stroller     
  15. Why we love it      
  16. Things that bother      
  17. 6. Dream on Me Lightweight Stroller      
  18. Why we love it      
  19. Things that bother      
  20. 7. Chicco Liteway Stroller          
  21. Why we love it        
  22. Things that bother      
  23. 8. UPPABaby Minu V2
  24. Why we love it      
  25. Things that bother      
  26. 9. BABY JOY Lightweight Stroller       
  27. Why we love it      
  28. Things that bother      
  29. 10. Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller        
  30. Why we love it      
  31. Things that bother      
  32. When do You Need a Lightweight Travel Stroller?   
  33. What to Look For In a Lightweight Travel Stroller?   
  34. How To Fly With a Stroller?   
  35. Final Thoughts 
  36. FAQ   

First, let’s check out different types of strollers for travel:  

Different Types of Stroller

Traditional strollers    

The traditional strollers are bulky and take much space for storage. Some of the traditional strollers are compatible with car seats, bassinet, or baby cots. Reclining seats, swivels wheels, an ample storage space, child tray, etc., gives the baby maximum comfort. But the traditional strollers do not compactly fold and are heavy to travel with it.   

Umbrella strollers   

The umbrella strollers are light in weight and easy to fold into a small version. The strollers have comfortable padded seats, swivel wheels, a large canopy, single-tap fold, carry straps or handle, etc. The Umbrella stroller has most of the features that are suitable for travel.    

Travel strollers   

The travel strollers feel like the weight of feathers. These strollers have reclinable seats, a sturdy frame, a comfortable handlebar, a storage basket, and yet fold into a compact shape. For easy travel, the strollers have a carry handle or a carry strap so that you can keep your hands free.   

Different brands have included unique features for a lightweight stroller. Let’s look at some of the best lightweight travel strollers.  

1. Baby Jogger City Tour 2

Baby Jogger City  Tour 2-Ultra Compact Travel Stroller

You can tour the world with your infant with Baby Jogger’s Ultra-Compact Travel Stroller. This iron-made stroller comes with a large and spacious seat, adjustable leg rest, and a substantial canopy that is too large in this lightweight travel stroller category. 

  • Ultra-lightweight travel stroller 
  • Front-swivel wheels   
  • Adjustable calf support     
  • A carry bag to easily carry the stroller     
  • Non-adjustable handlebar     

Why we love it      

  • Ultra-lightweight travel stroller: Baby Jogger City Tour stroller is designed for traveling overseas with ease. The stroller compactly folds, and it is lightweight makes it easier to carry with hands.      
  • Front-swivel wheels: For a smooth ride, the front swivel wheels are added to the stroller. Moreover, the front wheels have a latch to brake and stop the stroller for parking.     
  • Adjustable calf support: The calf support of the stroller can be adjusted to support your baby’s little feet. The feet of infants will be able to reach the leg rest, which will keep their feet from hanging.   
  • A carry bag to easily carry the stroller: After folding the stroller, you can carry it in a bag included in the box. The carry bag protects the frames from any scratches and makes it easier to carry with other baggage.    

Things that bother      

  • Non-adjustable handlebarThe handlebar cannot be adjusted according to the height of the parents.    

2. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus is a Disney-approved lightweight stroller. A sleek and compact Cloud Plus stroller can accommodate a baby up to 50 lbs.  

  • Ultra-lightweight  
  • Reclinable seats.     
  • One-hand and self-standing fold.      
  • Large storage basket       
  • Not fit for infant car seats.      

Why we love it      

  • Ultra-lightweight: The Cloud Plus stroller from Kolcraft weighs only 11.8 pounds. The stroller compactly folds and makes it convenient to carry the stroller for day-long trips.  
  • Reclinable seats: The seat of the stroller is reclinable at multiple positions to offer the best comfort to the baby. The seats are reclinable to a near flat position on which the baby can relax or take a short nap.    
  • One-hand and self-standing fold: For road trips or flights, an easily foldable stroller is convenient. You can fold the stroller with one hand, and the folded stroller will stay standstill without any support. The self-standing feature of the stroller can be stored in a small space easily.    
  • Large storage basketFor long day trips or picnics, the stroller has a spacious storage basket to carry baby essentials, towels, toys, etc. You can carry your groceries in the storage basket along with other things.  Moreover, the storage basket is easily accessible from the front and back.  

Things that bother      

  • Not fit for infant car seats: Unfortunately, car seats cannot be attached to this stroller.   

3. Gb Pockit Lightweight Stroller     

Gb Pockit Lightweight Stroller Blue     

The Pockit stroller from Gb has been named as the most compact stroller in 2014 Guinness World Records, yet it can accommodate a maximum weight limit is 55 lbs. The innovative two-step folding enables you to travel with this stroller on a plane or in the car.   

  • Ultra-compact folding mechanism.     
  • Standing Fold.         
  • Lockable swivel wheels.     
  • Breathable seat   
  • Small canopy      

Why we love it      

  • Ultra-compact folding mechanism: This stroller can be folded and reduced into the shape of a handbag. The folded stroller is easily storable in a car trunk at any place without any excess space. Moreover, it is a hand luggage compliant stroller, which is beneficial when you travel by plane.    
  • Standing fold: This lightweight stroller is foldable while standing. The pushing button is present on the handles, and pushing them folds the stroller. A manual lock keeps the folded stroller folded and lets it stand by itself.    
  • Lockable swivel wheels: The stroller has a parking brake on the rear wheels. The wheels rotate 360 degrees, making it easier to take turns in a narrow alley.    
  • Breathable seat: The seat of the stroller is made of breathable mesh fabric. During summer days, the babies won’t get sweaty as air can easily pass through the seats.    

Things that bother      

  • Small canopy: The stroller has a sun visor which only provides shade to the head of the baby. The baby will stay exposed to the sun or rain with this canopy.    

4. Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller      

Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience-Stroller Black Silver Frame

The Summer Infant stroller is incredibly lightweight and comfortable for travel. Trendy and easy to maneuverable Infant 3D lite stroller is a convenient travel companion. It folds compact comes with carrying straps to carry it anywhere you like.   

  • Lightweight for everyday travel.      
  • Shockproof and lockable wheels.      
  • Reclinable seat with 5-point harness.     
  • Compact fold
  • Complex brake system     

Why we love it      

  • Lightweight for everyday travel: The stroller is lightweight and comfortable to move around every day for parents. Traveling, shopping all becomes easier with this stroller.    
  • Shockproof and lockable wheels: The dual wheels of the stroller are easy to maneuver on all surfaces. The front wheels are shock resistant, and the rear wheels are lockable for parking. Just a simple press activates the brake of the wheels.    
  • Reclinable seat with 5-point harness: The seat of the stroller has internal padding that supports the baby’s back and is reclinable at 4 positions. The 5-point harness will keep the baby safe at any reclinable position.   
  • Compact fold:The stroller is easy to fold and allows it to store in a small place. Auto folding lock activates as you fold the stroller. It is also easily portable with a carry strap given on the stroller.    

Things that bother      

  • Complex brake system: Although the brakes are easy to use, you need to turn on the brakes individually on both the rear wheels.    

5. Summer Infant 3Dmini Convenience Stroller     

Summer Infant 3Dmini Convenience Stroller

Consider going for an outdoor picnic on this Summer Infant 3Dmini Convenience Stroller. It is lightweight and has a durable frame for travel-time. It folds compact and comes with a canopy with a flip-out sun visor to protect your baby from the sun’s harmful rays.

  • Travel-friendly.     
  • Auto-lock and anti-shock front wheels     
  • Canopy with pop-out sun visor.    
  • Multiple positions reclinable seats   
  • No adjustable leg rests. 

Why we love it      

  • Travel-friendly: The stroller is light in weight and can be compactly folded to travel. You won’t feel the burden of this stroller when you are traveling, and padded seats ensure the infant’s comfort.   
  • Auto-lock and anti-shock front wheels: The stroller has double wheels on both the rear and front. These wheels aid in moving through the rough surfaces and curves quickly. The front wheels’ anti-shock function offers you total control over rough terrain like an all-terrain Stroller. The auto-lock will provide safety if you forget to lock the wheels manually. While traveling, hands usually don’t stay free. In those times, the auto-lock feature may come handy.      
  • Canopy with pop-out sun visor: The canopy is extendable and gives ample coverage. You can open the whole canopy on hot summer days or snow days. 
  • Multiple positions reclinable seats: For the comfort of the baby while traveling, the stroller is designed with reclinable seats. Recline the seats as needed to provide a cozy feeling to your baby.    

Things that bother      

  • No adjustable leg rests: The leg rest is not adjustable. It does not offer extra comfort for your baby’s feet.  

6. Dream on Me Lightweight Stroller      

Dream On Me Coast Stroller Rider

Dream on Me is a compact, lightweight stroller that can be folded like a book and dismantled to make it a scooter or a rider. Furthermore, it has a button to adjust the height of the stroller. A versatile stroller for convenient travel.   

  • Convertible to a rider, scooter, and stroller.     
  • A guard rail support     
  • One-hand Fold.   
  • Soft ride wheels     
  • No canopy for sun protection.     

Why we love it      

  • Convertible to a rider, scooter, and stroller: The stroller offers 3 ways of usability. Dismantling the parts is easy and allows your child to use it as a rider, scooter, and stroller when needed. The stroller has a connector which makes it possible to use the stroller in various ways.      
  • A guard rail support: The kids move a lot when they are above 6 months without knowing the danger. To protect from losing balance, sturdy rail support is designed at the front of the stroller. The guard rail is padded to prevent hurting tiny hands and feet.    
  • One-hand fold: The stroller has handled with a folding button to fold the stroller in seconds. When folded, the stroller folds like a book and eases the stroller’s carrying on stairs or in any narrow area.    
  • Soft ride wheels: The stroller has single swivel wheels on both the rear and front for effortless moving. The soft ride wheels require less effort for pushing the stroller.    

Things that bother      

  • No canopy for sun protection: The stroller does not come with a full-fledged sunshade or a canopy to protect your baby from the sun. Your baby may be exposed to the sun.   

7. Chicco Liteway Stroller          

Chicco Liteway Stroller

Chicco’s Liteway is a travel-friendly lightweight stroller. It folds compact and comes with an extendable canopy, adjustable leg rest, and a padded reclinable seat for the comfort of the baby.   

  • Reclinable seats   
  • One tap brake     
  • Canopy with a peek-a-boo window  
  • Compact fold   
  • Not suitable for infant car seats.      

Why we love it        

  • Reclinable seats: The seat of the stroller is reclinable at 4 positions. The seats are padded and have enough space to give a comfortable space to the babies.    
  • One tap brake: The stroller has brakes on the rear wheels for parking. Both the rear wheels have brakes and are activated with a single tap with a toe. 
  • Canopy with a peek-a-boo window:  A canopy helps shade infants’ eyes from the harsh sun. This stroller has a canopy with a peek-a-boo window to give you a view of your baby while you are pushing the stroller.    
  • Compact foldThe lightweight stroller folds compactly and auto-locks to fit it inside a car boot. You can carry it with the handle for convenience or push it with the handle.  

Things that bother      

  • Not suitable for infant car seats: The frames of the stroller are not designed to install car seats.    

8. UPPABaby Minu V2

UPPABaby Minu V2

UPPABaby Minu V2 is the 2022 edition and second generation of the sturdy UPPAbaby Minu, an ultra-compact stroller that can be used right from birth. The stroller is both bassinet and car seat compatible making it a 3-in-1 system. It’s a very lightweight stroller, weighing only 16.9 lbs.  

  • Compact and lightweight 
  • One-step fold  
  • All-wheel suspension 
  • UPF 50+ canopy protection 
  • Roomy basket 
  • No Sun Visor  

Why we love it      

  • Compact and lightweight: The Minu V2 stroller folds so compactly, allowing you to carry it on the shoulder when it’s not in use. It’s a very lightweight stroller weighing just 16.9 lbs.  
  • One-step fold: The minu v2 stroller is known for its easy folding mechanism. Not only does the stroller fold compactly, but it can also be folded with one step using one hand. The stroller can be folded even with the bassinet attached to it. 
  • All-wheel suspension:  The front and rear wheel of the Minu V2 comes with advanced wheel suspension. This creates a smooth and comfortable strolling experience for you and your baby.  
  • UPF 50+ canopy protection:  To protect the baby from the sun’s harmful rays, the Minu V2 stroller has an extendable canopy with a peekaboo window. For extra protection, the canopy comes with UPF 50+ sun protection.  
  • Roomy basket: The stroller comes with a big roomy basket that can carry up to 20 lbs. The basket easily accommodates all necessities of the baby and even your day-to-day grocery shopping.  

Things that bother      

  • No sun visor: even though the stroller comes with a large and oversized canopy, it doesn’t come with a sun visor which would be an excellent addition to the stroller.  

9. BABY JOY Lightweight Stroller       

BABY JOY Lightweight Stroller

BABY JOY Lightweight Stroller is a lightweight and easy-to-fold stroller that is convenient for traveling. The seats have the capacity of 50 lbs. easily. The canopy is made of 300D Oxford to give protection against sunlight and rain. A perfect lightweight stroller for traveling with your loved little one!  

  • Swiveling front wheels     
  • Large storage space      
  • 5-Point harness    
  • Adjustable canopy    
  • Not suitable for infant car seats

Why we love it      

  • Swiveling front wheels: The dual front wheels of the stroller are swivel wheels. For riding the stroller in the straight line, the wheels can be locked by engaging the locks.  
  • Large storage space: The storage basket is huge to carry the baby’s belonging, toys, and some of the groceries at the same time. The basket is easily accessible from the back.  
  • 5-Point harness: The baby will stay safe on the fully padded seats because of the safety harness. The 5-point safety harness keeps the baby secure when asleep or awake.    
  • Adjustable canopy: The canopy of the stroller is large and expandable to give the proper shade to the baby. It opens in two folds and protects the baby from direct exposure to the sun.   

Things that bother      

  • Not suitable for infant car seats: No car seat will be attachable to this stroller.    

10. Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller        

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

Super lightweight, only weighs 13 lbs., super-compact folded, this Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller is very convenient to carry and push around. Moreover, it supports car seats, a rare feature in the lightweight stroller category!     

  • Ultra-compact fold  
  • Car seat compatible    
  • Large canopy   
  • Large storage basket    
  • Front swivel wheel  
  • Fixed leg rest.  

Why we love it      

  • Ultra-compact fold: The stroller folds into a nano version and makes it easier to carry for traveling. It has a two-step folding process. The first fold is done at the joint of the canopy, and then the seat is folded. The folding requires both hands but is done in very little time.     
  • Car seat compatible: This stroller chassis is compatible with car seat without any seat adapters. You can travel with your newborn on this stroller on a car seat or a carrycot.  
  • Large canopy: The canopy opens in three portions to protect from the intense UV rays. The canopy compliments the reclined position of the seats so that the baby does not get sunburned.    
  • Large storage basket: A big storage basket is placed at the bottom of the seat of the stroller. On the vast space of the basket, you can keep baby’s food bags, diaper bags, and some toys. 
  • Front swivel wheel: The front wheels are swivel wheels allowing a 360-degree rotation when passing through a curb. The wheels smoothly rotate to pass the curbs without giving a bumpy feel.    

Things that bother      

  • Fixed leg rest: The leg rest stays fixed; it’s not adjustable to offer comfort for the baby.  

When do You Need a Lightweight Travel Stroller?   

You need a lightweight stroller for outdoor picnics, long day trips, or for traveling from one place to another for a short time. A lightweight stroller is a balance of a traditional full-sized stroller and umbrella stroller. Babies comfortable on the padded and reclinable seat will receive sun protection from the canopy and a smooth ride from no-flat wheels. Usually, the lightweight travel stroller folds compactly to fit in the car boot or on the plane’s overhead compartment.   

What to Look For In a Lightweight Travel Stroller?   

A compact, lightweight stroller is an advantage for parents. It makes their everyday chores easier as babies can stay with them without any discomfort. So before buying a travel stroller, You have to know what to look for in a stroller and make sure the stroller has the following features:    

  • Light in weight   
  • Compact and easy fold   
  • Comfortable and adjustable seats  
  • Easily lockable wheels  
  • Large canopy   
  • Spacious storage basket   

How To Fly With a Stroller?   

If you fly a lot, you need to find an air-travel-friendly stroller. Take note that different airlines have different rules and regulations for carrying baggage, including a stroller. Below find some of the things to consider while flying with a stroller.   

Check-in the stroller as baggage  

Parents prefer to fold the stroller for light travel and use a baby carrier to carry their baby to the airport. If you are carrying a large stroller, you have to check that with your baggage. In that case, you can carry the diaper bag in backpack style so that you can keep both hands free for other work.  

Gate-check the stroller  

You should gate-check the stroller at the gate if you intend to use it until you board the plane. The gate agent will tag the stroller for security purposes. As you prepare to onboard, you can give the stroller to staff to store them with your baggage.    

If you have a connecting flight, waiting for the delivery of the stroller can waste a lot of precious time.   

Onboard with stroller   

Some strollers compactly fold into a small version that you can accommodate inside an overhead storage area. If your stroller meets the regulation of traveling airlines, then you can carry the stroller with you. As you are on board, fold the stroller and store them for ease of movement.  

Use a travel bag  

If you check your stroller with your luggage, there’s a good chance it’ll get damaged. Cover the stroller with a plastic bag or use a stroller cover bag to keep it safe while being transported. 

Final Thoughts 

I prefer to travel with lightweight travel strollers for the convenience it brings. The best travel strollers are lightweight, easily collapsible for a compact fold, sturdily built, and comfortable for your baby. Most of all, these strollers are easy-to-use, smoothly maneuverable, and super convenient, which made me use a lightweight travel stroller for running errands. Hope you find the one from the list that suits your need.


Should I opt for a single-wheel or double-wheel travel stroller?

A single-wheel stroller is comfortable to ride on cityscapes. If you want to ride rough terrains, a double-wheel stroller makes it easier to maneuver.  

How can I help protect my stroller when flying? 

Using a stroller bag will provide protection to the stroller and save it from scratches when flying or traveling.  

Can you use a lightweight travel stroller for everyday use?

A lightweight stroller is mostly used for traveling as it has some limited features. You can use a lightweight travel stroller for everyday use if it satisfies your all requirements.

Is a stroller considered a carry-on? 

Strollers are considered as assisting vehicles. So, they don’t fall under carry-on luggage allowance and are allowed to fly for free.

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