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Best Stroller Rental Disney World: All You Need To Know   

By Jennifer Ward

While on a trip to Disney World, you will be constantly on your feet, moving from one destination to another. But your baby can’t! That’s where a stroller helps. Many people would suggest to take your own stroller to Disney parks. Well, your stroller will add more hassle to your family baggage on your trip. Fear not; instead of carrying the stroller across states, you can rent a stroller from the best stroller rental at Disney World at a meagre cost of around $15 per day. Sounds convenient? Then you are in the right place. In this post, I will disclose all you must know about stroller rentals for Disney World, how to rent a stroller in Disney, and much more. Let’s begin! 

Rent-a-stroller At The Disney World  

You’ll be pleased to know that Disney offers stroller rentals at all its theme parks, including Disney World. It is a convenient option for those who only require a stroller for a specific part of their trip. It can be a fantastic money-saving opportunity for parents! Instead of purchasing or bringing your own stroller for the entire day of your visit, you have the flexibility to rent one for the specific timeframe you need. It’s a convenient and cost-effective solution ($15 to $31 per day) that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a stroller without the hassle of bringing one along for the entire trip.  

Cost to Rent Stroller at Disney World 2023:  

        Stroller Provider  Single Stroller Cost (1 day / 3 days / 7 days)  Double Stroller Cost (1 day / 3 days / 7 days) 
Disney World $15 / $45 / $105 $31 / $93 / $217 
Kingdom Strollers (City Mini)  $55 / $55 / $65 $75 / $75 / $95 
Orlando Stroller Rentals $40 / $40 / $60 $50 / $50 / $70 
Magic Stroller $41 / $45 / $65 $51 / $55 / $75 
Apple Stroller $30 / $40 / $80 $45 / $60 / $105 
Simple Stroller Rental $25 / $35 / $55 $35 / $45 / $65 
* Prices subject to change  

** Prices can slightly change depending on the stroller model you want to rent.  

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List Of The Best Stroller Rental Disney World  

Kingdom Strollers  

Kingdom Strollers, a Disney-approved stroller provider, is a highly recommended stroller rental for Disney. All their rentals comply with Disney’s new size restrictions. Whether you need the stroller right upon arrival at your theme park resort or offsite hotel, they will deliver it for free. On top of that, the price of rental is competitive too. If you plan to stay up to 3 nights, you can rent a single stroller up to $70; for a double stroller rental, you must spend up to $90. 


  • Offers strollers that can carry babies weighing up to 70 lbs.  
  • Liberty Special Needs Strollers are also available to carry babies up to 100 lbs.  
  • Offers delivery service to any Disney World resort and most hotels in Orlando.  
  • Do not additionally charge for rain covers and a parent console.  
  • It also offers cooler attachments to keep your belongings cool.  


  • Costs $10-25 extra for insurance coverage   

Orlando Stroller Rentals  

Orlando Stroller Rentals is another Disney-approved stroller rental company that prides itself on being the USA’s largest third-party stroller rental company. Orlando Stroller Rentals goes the extra mile by providing delivery and pickup services directly to your Orlando-area hotel or condo for added convenience. Their $40-$60 charge for a single stroller and $50-$65 for a double stroller are the best value for money for your 3 nights staying at Disney Resorts is also market competitive.   


  • Offers strollers with a weight capacity of up to 75 lbs.  
  • Can rent Liberty Special Needs strollers for babies weighing up to 100 lbs.  
  • Delivery service is available to Disney World Resort and most hotels in the Orlando area.  
  • With every rent, rain covers and a parent console are free.  
  • Provide a cooler attachment with each rental.  
  • Allows checking the strollers in person before renting.  


  • Charge additional cost for insurance coverage.   

Magic Strollers  

Third-party rentals like Magic Strollers cannot deliver rentals directly to Disney resorts. However, Magic Strollers deliver rental strollers to over 200 resorts offsite the Orlando area. Magic Strollers is an ideal choice if you prefer to have a stroller waiting for you at your resort upon arrival. Magic Strollers grants a generous 25% discount for customers who collect their orders from their warehouse at 7331 Presidents Drive, Orlando, Florida 32809. Magic stroller charges $41 to $46 for the first day and $3 to $9 for the rest of the days for a single stroller. For a double stroller, they charge $51-66 for the first day and $4-9 for the rest of the day.   


  • Offer strollers suitable for babies weighing up to 75 lbs.  
  • Offers delivery services to any Disney World resort and most hotels in the Orlando area.  
  • Provide free rain covers upon customer’s request.  
  • Offers 25% discount when taking from their warehouse.  


  • Insurance coverage costs an extra $25.  

Apple Stroller  

Apple Stroller offers affordable rentals of an array of single and double strollers. They also offer wheelchair and electric scooter (ECV) rentals. Although Apple Stroller is not registered as a Disney-featured Stroller provider, their ECVs are Disney-approved. Apple stroller’s commitment to cleanliness and affordable price tag made them worth considering for Disney stroller rental. They charge from $30 to $50 to rent a single stroller for up to 4 nights. Their price range for a double stroller is from $45 to $75 for up to 4 nights.   


  • Delivery service is available to all Disney World resorts.  
  • Affordable rental prices.  
  • Wheelchairs and electric scooters are also available for emergency needs.  
  • Strollers are laundered after every rental to keep them clean.  


  • They do not offer a variety of stroller models.  

Simple Stroller Rental  

Simple Stroller Rental has offered top-quality stroller and carrier rentals since 2012. They have highly responsive customer service and offer a variety of strollers, including the BOB Revolution Single, both City Mini GT Single, and Double, etc. Simple Stroller rental costs for a single stroller range from $20-40 for the first day and $5 for each additional day thereafter. If you want to rent a double stroller, you must pay $30-45 on the first day and $5 for each additional day thereafter.    


  • A variety of strollers are available for babies up to 70 lbs.  
  • Delivery service is available to areas within a 15-mile radius of Disney World.  
  • Parent console included under rentals.  
  • Tomato EIO special needs stroller is also available.  


  • Rain covers charge an extra $10.  
  • You have to receive the stroller in person.   

How to Rent a Stroller at Disney World  

You have two options for stroller rentals at Disney: renting directly through Disney at their premises or renting from a third-party company in the Orlando area.  

Renting through Disney means you can conveniently rent a stroller at any Disney theme park. They charge $15 daily for single strollers for babies weighing up to 50 lbs. If you need a double stroller that can carry babies up to 100 lbs, Disney charges $31 for a day.  

If you rent directly from Disney World and pre-pay for multiple days, you’ll get discounts- $13 for a single stroller and $27 for a double stroller. This way, you can save some money and enjoy more with your baby!  

Apart from that, third-party companies charge from $25 to $45 per day for single strollers with a weight capacity of up to 75 lbs. For double stroller rental with a weight capacity of 100 lbs, they charge from $35 to $55 per day.  

How to Rent a Stroller at Disney World

Stroller Rental Policies at Disney World  

At Walt Disney World Resort, there are specific guidelines regarding the use of personal and rented strollers:  

  • Strollers up to 31 inches (79 cm) in width and 52 inches (132 cm) in length are not permissible in Disney parks.  
  • Wagons are not permissible in Disney Theme parks.   
  • Due to some safety purposes, strollers are not permitted on escalators. You can use elevators or alternative stairways instead when traveling with a stroller.  

Advantages of Renting Strollers at Disney World  

By renting a stroller from the best rental Disney World, you can enjoy reap the following benefits:  


Stroller rental at Disneyland eliminates the need to transport your own stroller. By renting, you won’t have to carry the regular stroller on a plane or bus. By renting on-site, you can conveniently pick up and drop off the stroller within the park.  

Protection From Damage and Theft:   

Personal strollers can be at risk of damage or theft while at Disney. By availing insurance from the Disney stroller rental at a charge of $10 to $25, you won’t have to worry about theft or stroller damage.  

Advantages of Renting Strollers at Disney World


The best stroller rental Disney World can be more cost-effective than bringing your own stroller. If you can’t bring the stroller on the plane as a ‘carry on’ or free checked baggage allowance, the stroller will be subject to an additional charge. At the same time, a stroller rental option at a meagre price is more cost-saving.     

Wide Selection:   

Disney World typically has a broader range of stroller sizes and models available. It helps you to choose the stroller that best fits your babies’ needs. At the same time, rental strollers are designed with Disney themes that add extra delight for babies.   

Final Words: 

If you are going for single-day trips or shorter visits to Disney parks, renting a stroller from the best stroller rental at Disney World is more convenient than bringing your stroller. On top of it, stroller Rental at Disney World is the best value-for money-option too. Also, you can enjoy discounts on pre-paying options. I hope I have met all the queries on the best stroller rental at Disney World, yet if you have more queries, feel free to comment in the comment box! 

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