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Bugaboo Fox 3 Review: Is The Upgrade Worthy For Your Bucks?  

By Jennifer Ward

This Bugaboo Fox 3 review will make you nostalgic if you fancied the original Bugaboo Fox (2018 version). Fox 3 is the latest version (2021) of Bugaboo’s Fox series with its upgraded fabrics, premium build, and trendy colors. For those who are flexible on budget and care to stroll in style, Bugaboo Fox 3 is the go-to stroller that is worth your attention. Like the UPPAbaby Vista V2 and other luxury strollers, the full-size Bugaboo Fox 3 is also elegant, stylish, and comfortable for trendy urban parents.  

Previously I admired Bugaboo Fox 2 in 2020; now, in this Bugaboo Fox 3 review, let’s go inside Bugaboo Fox 3 and figure Is the upgrade is worth your bucks?  

Bugaboo Fox 3 Review: At a Glance  

The exclusive Bugaboo Fox 3 is a convertible double stroller that includes everything you need to keep your baby in comfort. Its upgraded seat fabrics, aluminum-built sturdy frames, and premium look and feel offer you a premium strolling experience-a comfy nest for your baby to rest. Newborn-friendly Bugaboo Fox 3 supports bassinet; whether you have a newborn or a toddler up to 50 lbs. the Bugaboo Fox 3 is the go-to premium stroller for many parents out there.  

What perks Bugaboo Fox 3 stroller has for parents?  

Except for jogging, you can take this modern four-wheeled pushchair on terrains, including sandy beaches or snowy sidewalks. Bugaboo Fox 3 has a long handlebar, so even if you’re among tall parents (around 6 ft”), you can enjoy pushing without hurting your back. Besides, Fox 3 features an easy-to-access under-seat basket where you can store everything needed for you and your baby; the basket has a high storage capacity of up to 22 lbs!  

  • All-wheel suspension system  
  • Swivel and lockable front wheels   
  • Adjustable leatherette handlebar   
  • Larger UPF 50+ canopy   
  • Bassinet and car seat adapter included in the box  
  • Car seat compatible   
  • Large 22lbs storage space  
  • No Parent console and kids tray included 

Features of Bugaboo Fox 3 At a Glance 

Features Bugaboo fox 3 
Weight  22.8 lbs  
Age Limit 0-50 lbs. 
Folded Dimensions 15.7 x 24.8 x 41.3 in 
Unfolded Dimensions 39.4 x 24.8 x 41.3 in 
Weight capacity 50 lbs.  
Basket capacity 22lbs 
Seat Recline yes 
Reversible seat yes  
Safety harness 5-point 
Suspension All wheel central suspension  
Fold One hand easy fold  
Bassinet yes  
Car seat compatibility Yes  
Canopy Large extendable  
Handlebar Adjustable  
Convert to double No  

Unboxing Bugaboo Fox 3: What’s In the Box, Evolution & Upgrades 

Now that we are unboxing the Bugaboo Fox 3, let’s have a look at what’s in the box:   

  • Chassis  
  • Seat and carrycot frame  
  • Handlebar and carry handle grips  
  • Sun canopy  
  • Underseat basket  
  • Raincover  
  • Seat fabric   
  • Carrycot fabric   
  • Aerated mattress  

Inside the box, you will get the stroller frame and other parts. Bring them out one by one to assemble together; while assembled, the full-size stroller weighs 21.8 pounds. The stroller is 43 inches long from the wheel to the handlebar, 24 inches wide, and 39.4 inches tall.   

Similar to the previous Bugaboo Fox 2, the base model of the Bugaboo Fox 3 comes with a bassinet, a comfy seat mattress, an extra-large UPF 50+ canopy, 22 lbs large storage basket, two 12-inch rear wheels and two 8.5 inches swivel front wheels. Its central four-wheel suspension technology is as smooth as it was before.   

As for the addition, Fox 3 accessories feature upgraded fabric which is softer and more breathable than before. This stroller has the touch of premium finishing, which upgrades the padded harness. Besides, this Fox 3 comes in an array of color variations, including its new brand-new graphite chassis.  

Bugaboo Fox 3 Review: Upgrades  

As Bugaboo Fox 3 is the third from Bugaboo’s Fox line, Bugaboo embellished it with its base model’s features as well as cool new upgrades from exploring its elegant colorways and advanced features to live up to its predecessor’s widespread popularity. Let’s get into detail on the upgrades in this Bugaboo Fox 3 review:   

Bassinet Mesh Panel 

From now on, your newborn baby will get more comfort while lying over the softer mattress in the bassinet; the newly upgraded bassinet features a breezy mesh panel that can keep open for air ventilation during summer.   

Bassinet Mesh Panel 
Bassinet Mesh Panel 

Softer Fabrics  

Bugaboo Fox 3 equipment fabrics are softer and aerated than its previous versions. That’s why it offers more ventilation which will keep your baby more comfortable inside the stroller.   

New Colors 

Bugaboo Fox 3 brings more color variations for its users. From its new frame to its upgraded elegant fabric colors offer you more customizing options that will match your superiority.  

Multiple Color
Multiple Color

Graphite Grey Color Chassis  

Bugaboo Fox 3 has replaced its previous aluminum chassis. Now, you’ll have a new aesthetic Graphite Chassis, which will carry your baby either with the bassinet or with the toddler seat.  

Car Seat Adapter 

Previously, Bugaboo Fox 2 didn’t include a car seat adapter with the base model. The Bugaboo Fox 3 comes up with a car seat adapter. So you don’t have to spend extra bucks on it.  

Premium Finishing Touch: Bugaboo Fox 3 is intended to grow up with your family. That’s why it has premium finishing, which includes an updated, easy-to-click harness and its softer shoulder pads, crotch and waist straps, and new embroidered logos.  

Bugaboo Fox 3 Review: All Features  

This section of the Bugaboo Fox 3 review includes the feature details. Let’s go through them one by one.  

Design & Color   

Bugaboo Fox3 is ergonomically sound and agile; the design is the Bugaboo hallmark that parents love. Bugaboo Fox3 comes with a wide range of color variations, including 3 chassis colors, 7 sun canopy colors, and 3 fabric colors. Combining them, there are more than 20 variations available on Bugaboo’s official website. Apart from that, three of the following are available on Amazon.  


Here are some color combinations suggested by the Bugaboo’s specialists; you’ll find more on their official website 

  • Grey mélange sun canopy, grey mélange fabrics, graphite chassis  
  • Stormy blue sun canopy, grey mélange fabrics, graphite chassis  
  • Forest green sun canopy, grey mélange fabrics, black chassis  
  • Sunrise red sun canopy, midnight black fabrics, graphite chassis  
  • Morning pink sun canopy, grey mélange fabrics, black chassis  
  • Grey mélange sun canopy, midnight black fabrics, black chassis  
  • Black chassis with Mineral collection washed black sun canopy, and Mineral collection washed black sun canopy (Premium Edition)  

The canopy comes in seven colors, five of which are new for the Fox 3:  

  • Stormy Blue   
  • Morning Pink   
  • Forest Green   
  • Sunrise Red   
  • Misty White  
  • Midnight Black  
  • Grey Melange  

Fabrics colors are:  

  • Midnight Black  
  • Grey Melange  
  • Stormy Blue  

The chassis colors are:  

  • Graphite  
  • Black  
  • Aluminum  


This tiny empire of your baby is built with Faux Leather fabric which is softer and breathable. The breezy mesh panel and aerated mattress allow your newborn to stay warm and cozy. Besides, your toddler will enjoy peeking outside, leaning on its softer seat mattress.  



Just like other Bugaboo strollers, Bugaboo Fox 3 also has a 5-point easy-to-click safety harness. The padded harness can be adjusted according to your baby’s age and comfort. The no-rethread harness is upgraded with comfy shoulder pads so you can easily secure the baby while at the same time keeping her comfortable. Apart from that, the bumper bar adds additional security and comfort when the baby is active inside the stroller. 

5 Point Safety Harness

Folding & Unfolding  

This Bugaboo Fox 3 review unveils the easy steps of folding and unfolding the stroller. You can easily follow these steps:  

Similar to its predecessor, Bugaboo has two folding methods- Self-standing fold and Compact fold. Let’s see how you can easily follow the self-standing folding method of Bugaboo Fox 3:  

Folding & Unfolding  
Folding & Unfolding  

How to fold Bugaboo Fox 3 (With toddler seat) Step-by-step   

Step 1: First, activate the foot brakes and shorten the handlebar   

Step 2: Recline the seat until it touches the handlebar   

Step 3: Press the release buttons located on the frame and push the frame downward.   

Step 4: Grab the center bar and guide the front wheels towards the frame until the stroller is locked and standing.    

If you remove the seat, the stroller will be more compact after the folding. Let’s see the compact fold method:  

Step 1: Take the seat out of the chassis  

Step 2: Press the release button located at the frame and push the frame toward the ground.  

Step 3: Then push the center bar to squeeze the stroller until the stroller clicks into place.   

Step 4: Store the stroller in a self-standing position or plop it on your car trunk.  

How to unfold Bugaboo Fox 3 (step by step)  

Unfolding Bugaboo Fox 3 with the toddler seat:   

Step 1: Twist the white buttons in the frame   

Step 2: Pull the handlebar back into place, and your stroller will be standing.   

Unfolding Bugaboo Fox 3 without the toddler seat:  

Step 1: Press the release button located on the frame near the folding lever.  

Step 2: Unlock the stroller frame and gently pull the stroller handle upward to unfold it.  

Step 3: Install the toddler seat, adjust the canopy, and release the parking brake. Now, the stroller is ready to go!  


Fox 3 features an adjustable leatherette handlebar which is similar to its previous models. The leatherette handlebar offers you a better grip and fingertip push to stroll the baby without any hassle. On top of it, you can adjust the handlebar in various positions ranging from 34.6″ up to 42.5″. That’s why Bugaboo Fox 3 is suitable for all parents, short or tall.  


Toddler Seat  

Apart from the new fabric colors addition, the padded Faux Leather seat is highly comfortable and easy to attach to the stroller frame. Besides, you can keep the toddler facing toward you while strolling, thanks to the reversible seating technology.  

Padded Seat Mattress  

Ultra-padded seat mattress doubles the comfort and gives the baby a bed-like feeling while sleeping inside. Once you adjust the seat mattress, the comfort is unmatched!  


The bassinet is larger and roomy enough to hold your newborn and keep the baby cozy inside. Softer fabric and seat mattress create a very convenient environment for your baby. Additionally, the bassinet features front storage pockets and a mesh panel for adequate airflow.  

Bugaboo Fox 3 Bassinet


Bugaboo Fox 3 also boasts a big storage basket with a 22lbs weight capacity. The basket is easily accessible and you can carry your groceries and baby essentials in the basket. In addition, there are two external pockets that are convenient for storing mobile phones and keys that you might want to keep close to your hand while strolling with your baby.  

Storage Bugaboo Fox 3

Wheel, Brakes & Suspension   

While doing this Bugaboo Fox 3 review, I found its terrain navigation capacity is very smooth as a regular full-size stroller. The Bugaboo Fox 3 features four air-filled all-terrain tires that allow joyful maneuvering on busy streets. These larger black tires are stylish, puncture-proof, removable, and improved with a top-notch central suspension system.   

When I went hands-on with this luxurious regular stroller, I found the tires are durable and could easily navigate multiple terrains. The front wheels are 8.5′′ in diameter and swivel 360°; you can lock them in the straight position while crossing a rougher terrain. The rear wheels are 12″ large.   


Are you adventurous enough to turn the all-new Fox 3 into a two-wheel position? It’s great for snowy or sandy terrain. There is a strap to hold onto to avoid any unusual slipping. You can pull the stroller behind you in a two-wheel position if needed.  

The suspension system of Bugaboo Fox 3 is the best in class; the shock-absorbing all-wheel central-joint suspension adds more stability while gliding over rugged terrains. Let me remind you, it’s not a jogging stroller like Bob Revolution FLex3.0, but it will offer a bump-free experience for your baby in city terrains like parks, shopping malls, green fields, etc.; it can be your best company while shopping for groceries.  


Accessories of Bugaboo Fox 3 

Important Accessories are also part of this Bugaboo Fox 3 review. You can purchase Bugaboo Comfort Wheel Board to create a seat and stand option. Besides, you’ll have an array of accessories to customize your Bugaboo Fox 3 based on your requirement:  

  • Parent cup holder   
  • Smartphone holder   
  • Snack tray  
  • Mosquito net, etc.  

Ease of Use  

The upgraded Bugaboo Fox 3 is as easy to use as its predecessors. You can operate the stroller that will glide smoothly with a light push. Besides, its adjustable telescoping handlebar adds more comfort for tall parents (up to 6ft). Not to mention its advanced four-wheel suspension system that will allow you to take Bugaboo Fox 3 on different terrains and have an ice-skating-like strolling experience.  

You can fold the stroller in multiple ways with/without the seat. If it’s about storing the stroller self-standing folding mode will save some room. On the other hand, if you need a more compact fold, just remove the seat and fold the frame; it’s super easy.  

Bugaboo Fox 3 features a giant storage basket that can hold up to 22 lbs. The basket is easily accessible.  

Bugaboo Fox 3 Foldability
Ease of Use  

Car Seat Compatibility  

The stroller includes a larger and upgraded bassinet and adapter. So, you can easily turn the Bugaboo Fox 3 into a travel system; if you have the Bugaboo Turtle Air by Nuna, you can install a car seat without an adapter. However, several popular car seat brands are compatible with Bugaboo Fox 3, including Bugaboo Turtle One, Bugaboo Turtle Air, Cybex, Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, and Peg-Perego.  

Build Quality & Durability  

Bugaboo Fox 3 boasts premium build quality. The sturdy frame of the stroller is built of lightweight yet durable aluminium. Due to its air-filled tires and the four-wheel central suspension system, it’s easy to operate; you can take the stroller on different types of terrains, including sandy beach shore or snowy roadside.  

Cleaning & Maintenance  

Machine Washable Materials  

Cleaning Bugaboo Fox 3 doesn’t require high maintenance. That’s why you can easily clean the stroller. All the fabrics, including the canopy fabrics, seat, and mattress fabrics, are machine washable, so before you place the fabrics for washing, remove the foams inside. In addition, you can wipe the foam with a damp cloth.  

Tips: Wait until the fabrics get dried properly. Reset the foams inside the fabrics once they are literary dry.  

Not Machine Washable Materials   

Under-seat basket, handle grips, and rain cover are not machine washable. You have to clean them with a damp cloth.  

To clean up the chassis:  

  • Bring lukewarm water, a soft brush, and a towel.  
  • Use the brush to scrub off any dirt residuals on the frame gently.  
  • Then, clean the frame with lukewarm water. Later, wipe it with a soft towel and let it get dried.  

You can clean the wheel periodically. Remove the wheels from the stroller, brush off the sand or any other dirt, and then clean them with water. It’s recommended not to submerge the wheels into water.  

Why You Should Buy Bugaboo Fox 3?  

This section of the Bugaboo Fox 3 review will tell you why you spend on this luxurious stroller. If you’re looking for a premium full-sized stroller that is newborn-ready, then Bugaboo Fox 3 is the best option to choose. This high-end yet lightweight luxury stroller is highly suitable for day-to-day usage as well as an excellent option for traveling with your baby.  

Why You Should Avoid Bugaboo Fox 3?  

If you already have a toddler and expecting another baby, then don’t go for Bugaboo Fox 3. Bugaboo is a single stroller; it cannot hold two babies.   

If you want almost similar features like the Fox 3 and the same comfort for your baby but with an affordable price range, then Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller is worth your consideration. It has all the premium-like perks, including its convertible feature, at a lower price point, offering more value for money.  

Alternatively, you might need a premium convertible stroller that can transport your newborn and toddler together. You can easily convert the UPPABaby Vista V2 into a double stroller whenever your toddler wants to ride. 

What Is the Difference Between Bugaboo Fox 2 and Bugaboo Fox 3? 

Bugaboo fox 3 stroller is an updated version of the Bugaboo Fox 2; despite some upgraded perks, and advanced features added to the Bugaboo Fox 3, it’s not that much different from Fox 2. Fox 3 received the following upgrades:  

Bassinet: The bassinet of the FOX 3 comes with an additional panel of mesh ventilation; you can keep the mesh panel close or open based on the weather. On the other hand, the bassinet comes with Fox 2 features solid fabrics rather than ventilated mesh panel.   

More Options for Customization: Bugaboo Fox 3 has been upgraded with a more trendy color palate so that you can customize the frame color and the seat and canopy fabrics color separately.  

Bugaboo Fox 3 Vs Bugaboo Fox 2 Vs Uppababy Vista V2 Comparision Table 

Features Bugaboo fox 3 Bugaboo fox 2 Uppababy Vista V2 
Bugaboo Fox 3
Weight  22.8 lbs.  21.8 lbs 26.6lbs.  
Age Limit 0-50 lbs  0-48 lbs.  0-50 lbs.  
Folded Dimensions  15.7’’ x 24.8’’ x 41.3‘’ 18.5″ x 23.6″ x 35.4″ 16.8” x 25.7” x 33”  
Unfolded Dimensions  39.4’’ x 24.8’’ x 41.3’’ 34.6” X 23.6” X 15.7” 36” x 25.7” x 39.5”     
Weight capacity 50 lbs. 48.5 lbs.  50 lbs.  
Basket capacity 22lbs.  22 lbs.  30 lbs.  
Seat Recline Yes  Yes  Yes  
Reversible seat Yes  Yes  Yes  
Safety harness 5 points  5 points  5points  
Suspension Central and front wheel suspension  Front wheel suspension All wheel suspension  
Fold Easy one hand fold  Easy two hand fold  Easy one hand fold  
Bassinet Yes  Yes  Yes  
Car seat compatibility Yes  Yes  Yes  
Canopy Large  Large  Large  
Handlebar Adjustable  Adjustable  Adjustable  
Convert to double No  no Yes  
View on AmazonView on WebView on Amazon

Bugaboo Fox 3 Review: Verdict  

There are plenty of regular full-size strollers in the market, but not all of them offer luxurious comfort and ease of use, like Bugaboo Fox 3. Since 2018, the Bugaboo Fox series has been sparkling with its shining features; now, the new addition, Fox 3, is in the market with more color variation and upgraded perks at the expense of an additional $50. To me, that’s justified in terms of pricing. Yet, those upgrades are not much to talk about; that’s how Bugaboo keeps the Fox 2 relevant. If you are a fan of the previous Fox, well, it’s an option too.   

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