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Can Baby Sleep In Umbrella Stroller: All You Need To Know  

By Jennifer Ward

For on-the-go parents, lightweight and easy-to-use umbrella strollers bring convenience. But these strollers do not recline flat for a baby to relax. While taking babies out, they often fall asleep. Can baby sleep in umbrella stroller safely?  

The answer is no; it’s not recommended for a baby to sleep in an umbrella stroller for a long time as it may take a toll on the baby’s back. But a short nap now and then is okay for any toddler! For an infant, it’s a total No! To clear up all the grey matters, let’s get you through all things black and white about can baby sleeping in umbrella stroller.

Can Baby Sleep in Umbrella Stroller? 

You can let your toddler have a short nap in an umbrella stroller. However, it’s not recommended for full-length sleep. For an infant (less than a six-month-old), since the head and neck muscles are not strong enough, experts recommend not putting them on an umbrella stroller, let alone allowing them to sleep on it.  

Pros and Cons of Sleeping in an Umbrella Stroller  

Pros of Baby Sleeping in an Umbrella Stroller  

  • Baby napping in a stroller allows parents to walk, shop, or run errands. 
  • A baby who sleeps in the hustle and bustles of the outdoors becomes more adaptable.  
  • Baby sleeping outdoors in the stroller will make the baby less irritated and cranky.  

Cons of Baby Sleeping in an Umbrella Stroller :

Even though there are some benefits of baby sleeping in an umbrella, there are some drawbacks and concerns that need to be taken into consideration:  

  • Umbrella stroller seats are usually less padded than regular full-sized strollers, so babies’ backs may get hurt if babies sleep for a prolonged period.  
  • Some umbrella strollers have shorter leg rest and seats, which may be discomforting for taller and older babies.  
  • Umbrella strollers do not recline to a flat position, so infants are not recommended to sleep in an umbrella stroller.  
  • Cat napping in the stroller is not good for babies as it does not allow them to complete the full sleep cycle. 

What Experts Say?

According to experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics, it’s recommended that babies should not regularly sleep on strollers as it may cause breathing issues. On top of that, they also suggest babies sleep on a flat, firm surface with no soft bedding, pillows, or even soft objects. 

Can baby sleep in the umbrella Stroller: What Expert says

Is It Safe For Baby Sleep In An Umbrella Stroller?  

Umbrella strollers are not designed for newborns or very young infants who cannot hold their heads up as they are at risk of suffocation. For a baby to sleep in a stroller, it should have a reclinable and padded seat, and neck support, as found in many full-sized strollers or cribs. No such perks are in an umbrella stroller, so it’s unsafe for a baby to sleep in an umbrella stroller. 

How Long Can Baby Sleep In Umbrella Stroller?  

Whether in a full-sized or umbrella stroller, babies are not recommended to sleep for prolonged periods in a stroller. If a baby falls asleep in the stroller, keep an eye on the baby regularly to ensure they are comfortable inside. Moreover, it’s best to limit the baby to sleep in a stroller to a maximum of 1 to 2 hours. If a baby needs to sleep longer, transfer them to a bed, crib, or bassinet.

When Can Baby Use Umbrella Stroller?

Typically, babies can start using an umbrella stroller when they have good neck and head control, usually around 6 months. However, keep in mind that every baby has their own pace of development, so consult with your paediatrician to be safe. 

Can Baby Sleep In Umbrella stroller: Winding Up  

Umbrella strollers are very convenient for busy city parents who need to juggle between running errands. Finally, before wrapping up, I recommend that if your baby is taking a nap in the stroller, don’t bother waking up; just keep an eye to ensure that the baby is safe. On top of that, I would suggest you not to make it a regular habit and shift the baby to bed as soon as possible. I hope you have found all the answers to your queries in this post on “can baby sleep in umbrella stroller?” If you have further queries, let me know by commenting below.  

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