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Chicco Viaro vs Bravo: The Ultimate Guide

By Jennifer Ward

Chicco’s Viaro and Bravo are among the best lightweight travel systems for newborns and toddlers. Both strollers have similar features; we love them because they are stylish, easy-to-fold travel systems. Among them, the Viaro gets more traction from the critics; the Bravo is slightly more popular. Let’s dive deep into a detailed comparison of these two strollers, along with my verdict on which one is better than the other!   

Chicco Viaro vs Bravo Key Comparisons:

Product Chicco Viaro Chicco Bravo (Discontinued)
Chicco-Viaro-strollerChicco Mini Bravo Plus Lightweight Stroller
Dimension (Unfolded) 41.25′′H x 25.5′′W x 38′′L   43′′H x 21.8′′W x 35.5′′L 
Weight 18 lbs.20.8 lbs.
Convertibility YesYes
Seat Recline Yes, Multi-positionYes, Multi-position
Capacity 50 lbs.50 lbs.
Wheel 3 wheels4 Wheels
Canopy  2 panel3 panel, extendable 
View on AmazonDiscontinued

Chicco Viaro vs Bravo Full Comparison:

Chicco Viaro vs Bravo – Price: 

Things cut short- the Chicco Viaro stroller is cheaper than the Chicco Bravo stroller. In terms of competitors from other manufacturers, these strollers offer great value for money.

Chicco Viaro vs Bravo – Weight & Dimension:

Both Chicco Bravo and Viaro are known for lightweight full-size strollers.

Full-size strollers that weigh up to 28 pounds are usually considered lightweight strollers. The Bravo and the Viaro are reasonably light in respect to that. Chicco Bravo LE weighs 23 pounds, whereas the Chicco Viaro Stroller weighs 18 pounds only!

The carrying capacity of both strollers is similar. The Chicco Viaro and the Bravo can carry a baby up to 50 pounds, up to the age of 6.

Chicco Viaro vs Bravo – Dimensions

Both the Chicco Bravo and the Viaro are compact in the size department. In comparison, the Chicco Bravo is slightly smaller.

Dimensions (unfolded):

Chicco Viaro: 41.25′′H x 25.5′′W x 38′′L 

Chicco Bravo: 43′′H x 21.8′′W x 35.5′′L 

Dimensions (folded):

Chicco Viaro: 33.2′′L x 25.5′′W x 13.5′′H

Chicco Bravo: 28′′L x 21.8′′W × 16′′H

Note: Bravo folds more compactly when folded, making it easier to store or transport in the car/as luggage.

Chicco Viaro vs Bravo

Chicco Viaro vs Bravo – Features:

Seat Recline:

Both the stroller seats can be reclined into multiple positions and reclined using just one hand. The positions range from sitting upright to reclining flat. The seat recline allows your baby to take a nap here and there.

5-Point Harness:

A 5-point harness system can be found in Viaro and Bravo to keep the baby safe on the ride. The harness is easy to attach and detach with just a simple effort.

Car Seat Compatibility:

The Chicco Bravo and Viaro strollers are compatible with the Chicco KeyFit infant car seat. Both these strollers allow installing a car seat with just a simple click-in function. With Chicco Bravo, you have two ways:  

Remove the stroller seat and click on the baby car seat, or click on the infant car seat on top of the stroller seat.   

The Chicco Viaro only allows you to plug in a car seat. For both strollers, you can switch the car seat in either direction. Note that the car seat does not come in the box. You have to buy it separately.  

Newborn Stroller:

We can call both the Chicco Viaro and Chicco Bravo travel systems since both the strollers are car seat compatible, hence can be termed as newborn-friendly! Carry your newborn with the car seat attached to both Viaro and the Bravo stroller from Chicco, and get back to the stroller seat once your baby is older.

One-Hand Quick-Fold:

The Vairo and Bravo include a one-hand fold option that quickly and simply folds the stroller. One-hand folding option offers you more convenience while on the go. Both strollers can stand themselves while folded so that you can stack them in a corner with less space. 


Here is a twist: The Chicco Bravo has four wheels, whereas the Chicco Viaro has three.

Regardless of the number of wheels, both the stroller wheels include a shock-absorbing suspension system for a smooth and comfortable ride. The front wheels are lockable and swivel, allowing you to maneuver over different surfaces easily. Note that the wheels are not all-terrain and won’t perform well on rough terrains but maneuver smoothly on plain surfaces.

Child and Parent Trays with Cup Holders:

Chicco Viaro and Bravo strollers include a child and parent tray with cup holders. The parent tray can be found at the back of the stroller and the child tray at the front. You can carry snacks, toys, and drinks for you and your baby on the go. 


Chicco Viaro and Bravo have spacious and easily accessible baskets so you can carry all the baby essentials such diapers, bottles, or toys, plus daily chores. You won’t have to carry an additional bag while on the go. The baskets of Chicco Viaro and Bravo can carry up to 10 lbs.


In the canopy department, both the strollers get 10 on 10. Bravo’s canopy is slightly bigger than the Viaro, offering a bit more shade against the sunrays. The fabric quality is pretty decent.

Adjustable Handlebar:   

The Bravo has a handlebar that is height adjustable. It is adjustable in three different positions and easy to use: rotate it up or down to adjust it. On the other hand, the Viaro handle is adjustable too but in two positions only.  

Pros and Cons

Chicco Bravo Stroller

  • Superb maneuvering
  • One hand quick fold
  • Spacious basket underneath
  • Compatible with car seats
  • Trusted parking brakes
  • Priced a bit higher  
  • The handlebar is not height adjustable
  • Only Chicco car seats are compatible

Chicco Viaro Stroller

  • Affordably priced
  • Lightweight yet sturdy built
  • One hand quick fold
  • Superb maneuvering
  • The handlebar is not height adjustable
  • Only Chicco car seats are compatible

Chicco Viaro vs Bravo – Final Verdict

Both Chicco Viaro and Bravo are very popular among lightweight travel systems. Both of them acquired excellent reviews from the users. While testing, both the strollers were packed with features. Yet The Chicco Bravo seems more stable and more compact. The Bravo will perform better in terms of stability. The only thing is that it’s priced a bit higher.

Besides, the Bravo also scores higher in many features than the Viaro. It folds easier and is more compact, better design, and the foot brake is more accessible. Finally, it has an all-wheel suspension, that is not found in the Viaro.

The Viaro, on the other hand, is more of an infant stroller than for toddlers. considerably lighter than Bravo.

I am a mom with a toddler and go places with my kids on, so my vote foes with the Chicco Bravo. If you have an infant-only, Chicco Viaro may suit you the better.

Conclusion – Chicco Viaro vs Bravo

We have come to the end of the Chicco Viaro vs Bravo comparison! Both strollers have all the decent features that a full-sized lightweight stroller should have. The differences are there but are not too significant to raise eyebrows. I hope this article covers all the details to help you choose the best one that suits your needs. Since both the strollers are car seats, car seat compatibility can be termed newborn-friendly! Carry your newborn with the car seat attached to both Viaro and the Bravo stroller from Chicco, and get back to the stroller seat once your baby is older.

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