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Cybex e Priam Review: The #1 Smart Stroller You Can Buy Now!

By Jennifer Ward

Do you find the idea of controlling a stroller with a smartphone intriguing? If yes, then Cybex e-Priam is the stroller you should look up to. It’s in fact the Cybex Priam 3 with the addition of some fascinating smart features, that is what the ‘e’ stands for. The Priam 3, and the e-Priam both feature a reversible and reclinable seat unit, a large canopy, a spacious storage basket, and some useful smart features. We will go deep into the Cybex e Priam review in this post!

The smart Features Cybex e Priam includes are battery-sourced motor to assist with effortless steering uphill and downhill. Moreover, it is a smart app compatible with various features like rocking the stroller, controlling the support level from the electric motors, and checking your battery and firmware. We are going in-depth into the Cybex e Priam review. Let’s find out if the e-Priam is worthy of its hype.

Cybex e Priam Review: What’s New in Cybex e-Priam? 

Cybex e-Priam and Cybex Priam 3 are stylish and convenient stroller that includes features like reclinable seat with a large sun protection canopy, an adjustable handle for a parent, rubber tires with easy lock, and break, and a one-hand fold mechanism for ease of use. The only difference is Cybex e-Priam is a smart stroller with a rechargeable battery motor that aids in uphill and downhill steering without putting extra effort into the stroller. The motor activates as it can sense pressure on the handlebar. Moreover, you can control some e-Priam features with an app.   

Cybex e Priam review: What’s in the Box 

  • A chassis 
  • A toddler seat 
  • Rain cover 
  • Cup holder 
  • Bumper bar 
  • Car seat adapters 
  • A charging adapter 

Cybex e-Priam Stroller is a 4-in-1 travel system-ready stroller. You have to buy Carrycot, an infant car seat, or a LITE Cot separately if you want to use it for your newborn.   

Cybex e Priam Review: In Brief  

  • The good: 4-in-1 travel system ready, reversible and reclinable seat, spacious storage basket, XXL sun canopy with a peek-a-boo window, one-hand folding mechanism, battery-powered motor, non-flat wheels with a great suspension system to steer on most terrains.
  • The bad: It requires frequent battery charging, and comes with a hefty price tag. 

Specification Table 

Weight 33.7 pounds
Dimension (Unfolded)H: 116 x W: 60 x L: 94.5 cm
Dimension (Folded)H: 30 x W: 51 x L: 88 cm
Age  From birth to 55 pounds
Basket Capacity 11 pounds
Car Seat Compatibility Yes (with adapters)

Cybex e Priam Review: Features  

Seat and canopy  

The reversible toddler seat is fully reclinable and can carry newborns on it.  A 5-point harness is available in the toddler seat and bassinet for the baby’s safety. 

The XXL canopy of the stroller opens in 3 panels and provides full shade to the baby. Moreover, it provides UPF50+ protection from intense sun rays

This stroller is compatible with toddler seat, LUX Carry Cot, LITE cot, and infant car seat. A set of car seat adapters is included with the stroller.    

Wheel, brake, and suspension  

The foam-filled rubber tires with an excellent suspension system ensure a smooth ride on most terrains. The 7.5-inch front swivel wheels are lockable and have springs to absorb the shock of the roads. The rear wheels are 12 inches and are connected with an axle. The break on the axle is flip-flop friendly to park the stroller when needed.

Storage basket 

The extra-large storage basket can carry 11 pounds with ease. It has a magnetic closure to expand the storage basket and carry towels, diaper bags, and groceries. You can access the storage basket from the front and back of the stroller.   


The e-Priam is the first electronic stroller that includes a battery-powered motor—the motor assists when you go uphill or downhill. The handlebar has built-in sensors that detect the pulling and pushing pressure. Cybex uses an algorithm called “Smart Hill Support” and “Smart Uneven Surface Support” to assist in maneuvering the stroller.

“Smart Hill Support” helps to push the stroller up on high terrain. On the other hand, “Smart Uneven Surface Support” assists in strolling on gravel, rocky or uneven terrain.

Cybex e Priam Review: How the e-Features Work on Cybex e-Priam   

Here is how the smart features work. Charge and install the battery before first use. Charging the battery is the same as charging smartphones and EarPods. Install the charged battery on the axle of the rear wheels to activate the motor. After installing, press the blue button near the left rear wheel to turn on the motor. You can see the blue light, which notifies the battery’s charge level. The battery lasts 8 hours or less depending on terrain, child weight, and basket weight.

When moving uphill, the motor kicks in and assists in going up without pushing harder. Moreover, the motor kicks in to slow speed when going down. One thing to keep in mind is that the motor does not work unless they sense your hand on the handlebar. What Cybex did was attempt to build a functional smart stroller with safety features.

Simone, one of my teammates who has tested the features of e-Priam, found it functional, especially while gliding downhill. The stroller intuitively slowed down, and the sensor worked just fine. In a mall, the motor activates on the plain surface. The motor does not activate on the plain surface; it lowers the speeds and brakes if they remove their hands from the handlebar. On the high ground, exerting some pressure was required to go up.  

Cybex e Priam Review: Pros & Cons of Cybex e-Priam

  • Uphill and downhill power support 
  • 4-in-1 travel system ready 
  • One-hand folding 
  • XXL UPF50 sun canopy
  • Extra-large storage basket 
  • Charging the battery 
  • Pricey  

Cybex e Priam Review: The Best of Cybex e-Priam   

  • 4-in-1 travel system ready: The stroller is compatible with a toddler seat, a carrycot, a lite cot, and a car seat (sold separately). Although a pair of car seat adapters are included in the package. The Maxi-Cosi and Cybex car seats are compatible with the adapters.
  • One-hand folding: The stroller is one-hand foldable with some easy steps. Close the canopy and pull the toggle to drop down the seat unit. Press the button on the handlebar to collapse and self-standing folding. Moreover, place the stroller on the ground, bring forth the front wheels, and attach them to the rear wheels for a more compact fold.
  • XXL UPF50+ sun canopy:  The canopy of the Cybex e-Priam comes in three panels. One panel is zippered and can be opened as needed. It has a peek-a-boo window with magnetic closure to keep an eye on your baby. Your baby will get UPF50+ sun protection from the canopy.   
  • Extra-large storage basket:  The underneath storage basket of the stroller can accommodate 11 pounds easily. It has a magnetic closure to expand the basket when you want to carry groceries along with diaper bags, baby’s essentials, etc.  The storage basket is accessible from the front and back. 
  • Uphill and downhill power support: Cybex e-Priam stroller supports a motor to steer uphill, downhill, or on uneven surfaces. The sensors on the handlebar detect the effort of pushing or pulling. The motor kicks in with a subtle sound when it starts to work for an effortless ride. Moreover, the stroller activates brake on an even and uneven surface if no hand is detected on the handlebar.  

Cybex e Priam Review: Accessories of Cybex e-Priam

Cybex e-Priam supports a wide range of accessories including Footmuff, Car Seats, Priam Skis, Kid Board, Priam Changing Bag, Platinum Stroller Parasol, Insect Net Lux Seats, Snack Tray, e-Priam Battery, etc.   

Cybex e Priam Review: Comparison Table- Cybex e-Priam Stroller vs. Other Cybex Strollers

Cybex e-Priam, Cybex Priam 3, and Cybex Priam Lux (Dis. 2018) are built to carry newborns up to 55 pounds easily. The strollers are on the heavier side, which can be unsuitable for travel. The strollers allow you to carry 11 pounds in the storage basket. Moreover, all these strollers feature an XXL canopy, which provides a complete sunshade for the baby on sunny days. Find more details of their comparison in the table below:

FeaturesCybex e-PriamCybex Priam 3Cybex Priam Lux (Discontinued)
ImageCybex e-PriamCybex-Priam3-StrollerCybex Priam with Lux Seat 2018
Weight33.7 lbs28.1 lbs28.3 lbs
Unfolded sizeH: 116 x W: 60 x L: 94.5 cmH: 108 x W: 60 x L: 85 cm H: 108 x W: 57.5 x L: 85 cm
Folded sizeH: 30 x W: 51 x L: 88 cmH: 95 x W: 60 x L: 40 cmH: 95 x W: 57.5 x L: 42 cm
Weight capacityup to 55 lbsup to 55 lbsup to 55 lbs
Basket capacity11 lbs11 lbs11 lbs
Reversible seatYesYesYes
Seat recline 3 positions3 positions3 positions
Safety harness 5-point5-point5-point
All-wheel suspensionYesYesYes
Wheel TypesTerrain wheelTerrain wheelTrekking wheel, All-terrain wheel
BassinetYes (sold separately)Yes (sold separately)Yes (sold separately)
Car seat compatibilityYes (with adapters)Yes (with adapters)Yes (with adapters)
CanopyCanopy with peek-a-boo windowCanopy with peek-a-boo windowCanopy with peek-a-boo window
Adjustable HandlebarYesYesYes
Convert to doubleNoNoNo
View on AmazonView on AmazonDiscontinued

Cybex e Priam Review: Stroller Insider’s Verdict 

We have come to the end of the Cybex e Priam review. The e-Priam is an innovative, stylish, and luxurious stroller with a motor to give a high-end performance. It runs smoothly with rubber wheels on most terrains, and the one-hand fold mechanism allows you to store it effortlessly. Its motorized stroller has similarities to an automatic lawnmower, but a lawnmower pushes you forward, whereas the motor of e-Priam kicks in when the algorithm detects pressure. Therefore, the motor might not kick in if it does not feel pressure.

Apart from that, remembering to charge the battery can be a hassle. The battery will be drained if you forget to turn off the power button, and you will not get push or pull assistance from the motor at the time of need. To turn off and recharge the battery is usually forgotten by parents and is one of the drawbacks of the stroller.

Moreover, the e-Priam is heavy because of the battery and the motor. It weighs 33 pounds, which can be challenging for moms to pick up and store in the car trunk. Other than this, the Cybex e-Priam stroller is best suited for parents living in elevated or hilly suburbs. Despite the constraints, this is the most functional smart stroller that is available to buy now!


Can I carry e-PRIAM on an airplane?  

Airlines have different regulations on carrying devices, including batteries like laptops, tabs, etc. The battery is designed following the TSA rules to carry and check in with baggage. Check the current travel regulations of your airlines before traveling.  

Do I have to charge my battery before my first use of the stroller?  

Yes, you have to fully charge the battery before the first use. It can take 6 hours for a complete charge. A green light will appear when the charging is completed.   

Can I use the e-PRIAM without electronic assistance?  

Yes, you can use the e-PRIAM as a regular stroller. Turn off the battery’s power button to use it as a regular stroller.   

What is the maximum speed of the stroller when the motor is on?  

You can travel up to 3.7 mi/h with electronic assistance.   

Can Cybex e-Priam be converted to a Double Stroller?  

No, Cybex e-Priam cannot be converted into a double stroller.   

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