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Disney Stroller Rules: All You Need To Know For A Hassle-free Disney Trip  

By Jennifer Ward

So, the babies won! Now it’s your turn to do what’s committed. Well, it’s time to explore one of the Disney theme parks. No wonder you are anxious about whether the babies can withstand tiresome day-long tours. Ah wait, a stroller can save the day! But can you take the regular stroller to Disney or the wagon for the bunch? Well, it’s kinda complicated. According to the Disney stroller rules, the wagons are prohibited in exception to medical necessities. If you carry a stroller, it must comply with the size dimension provided! Didn’t I mention there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to taking a stroller in the parks? Well, hang tight. In this post, I will cover everything you need to know about Disney approved strollers to make the trip hassle-free, memorable, and worth reckoning for the rest of your life!       

Disney Stroller Rules   

Disney’s rules on strollers were flexible on stroller dimensions, and wagons were allowed. But in 2019, a change in Disneyland stroller policy states that a stroller, whether personal or rented, must not exceed the size dimension: 31″ (79 cm) in width and 52″ (132 cm) in length. Wagons are no longer allowed. The rule also says that a stroller should not be taken on escalators. However, elevators and ramps are available in certain areas for stroller use. And while riding on the parking lot tram, babies must be carried out of their strollers.  

Allowed types of strollers in Disney parks  

Any type of stroller that complies with Disney size dimensions is allowed in Disney parks. However, the following strollers types you can take to Disney theme parks.  

Umbrella Stroller:   

Umbrella strollers are usually compact in size. Most umbrella strollers, including Summer Infant 3Dlite and UPPAbaby G-luxe, are lightweight, compact, and fold easily. With their typically basic design and minimal features, you can unhesitantly take an umbrella stroller to Disney theme park. Umbrella strollers are lightweight too, and easy to maneuver. That’s why they are best for crowded areas like a Disney theme park.   

Travel Stroller:   

Travel strollers are also lightweight, compact, and within the Disney stroller size restriction. On top of it, they are easy to fold and maneuvers well in tight spaces. So, you can take a travel stroller such as Babyzen YoYo2 or Bugaboo Butterfly to Disney theme parks.    

Full-Size Stroller:   

When taking a full-size stroller to a Disney Park, it is advisable to look at its height and width to avoid unnecessary events. Typically, full-sized strollers are larger than an umbrella or a travel strollers. However, if a full-size stroller can maintain the Disney stroller size limitations, any full-sized stroller like UPPAbaby Vista V2 (25.7″ W x 39.5″ H) or Thule Spring (23.4″ W x 38.6″ H) is allowed to take in the Disney park.   

Double Stroller: 

The good news for parents with two babies is s although wagons are not allowed, you can take the double stroller to the Disney theme parks. But you have to be a little bit carefull about whether your double stroller meets Disney’s size restrictions. Double strollers like BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 2.0, Baby Jogger City Mini Double, and many more, which are under size restrictions, can be taken at Disney theme parks. 

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Rental Stroller vs Own Stroller in Disney   

If you already have a stroller that fits Disney size restrictions, I recommend bringing it to the parks. Besides, bringing your own stroller is convenient as your baby is already familiar with it, whereas a rental stroller might take some time to adjust. Go for rentals only if carrying a stroller seems a hassle to you. Let’s get to know the differences between bringing a rental or your own stroller to a Disney theme park:  

  • Strollers available at any approved rental company are not suitable for newborns or infants. If you are traveling with a newborn baby, consider bringing your own stroller.  
  • If your stroller doesn’t fit the Disney size restrictions, then renting a stroller from a third party is the only option.   
  • A rental stroller usually costs $15 to $30 per day. So, taking your own stroller to Disney parks is a more affordable option if you plan to stay for about 4 to 5 days.  
  • Rental strollers are not permissible at water parks or resorts, so you won’t be taking the rental stroller there. But if you bring your own stroller, you can explore anywhere within the Disney park.   

What are the stroller policies for guests with disabilities?  

Disney shares special attention with guests with disabilities. Whether visible or not, special needs are valued. Let’s find out Disney’s rules regarding strollers for guests with disabilities:   

  • For a guest with disabilities, Disney offers a valuable red tag, similar to a luggage tag with a wheelchair symbol and an arrow pointing towards a wheelchair. This tag serves as a lifeline for parents of children with special needs. It grants the stroller and child access to areas where wheelchairs are allowed.   
  • The wheelchair tag is also combined with a guest assistance card with a sanity-saving device. It’s an assisted device to help special child to explore all of the sights and sounds of the park.  
  • Disney parks also offer Disability Access Services (DAS) for babies with disabilities. DAS helps you schedule a return time so you don’t have to wait in regular queues.    

Stroller Policies for Events  

Along with the fun rides, Disney also organizes fun events like the race for the parents. However, to ensure the safety of both babies and parents, Disney has the following rules:  

  • Only 3-wheel strollers or jogging strollers are permissible for running.  
  • Babies must be securely strapped in, and parents should wear headgear.  
  • Strollers must maintain a safe distance from other runners.  
Stroller Policies for Events  

How do I keep my child safe in a stroller at Disney?  

Along with the fun and joys, day-long Disney trips can be strenuous and overwhelming, specially for a baby. Although your baby is in a stroller, yet follow the tips mentioned below to keep your baby safe in a stroller at Disney:     

  • Don’t leave the baby to any stranger.  
  • Secure your baby properly with the harness.  
  • Step on the stroller brakes when necessary.  
  • Avoid overcrowded areas.  
  • Keep the baby hydrated and be aware of hazards.  
  • Use a stroller with an extended canopy or a sunshade to keep your baby cool and protected from the sun’s harmful rays.   

Wrapping Up  

Disney prioritizes the safety and comfort of guests through Disney stroller rules. The updated rule welcomes strollers and discourages wagons. To protect your stroller, if you rent a stroller from Disney parks, keep your receipt dry and secure. Besides, when you park a stroller, often Disney staff may move it for organizing purposes. Consider giving it a personalized tag so the stroller does not get lost in the crowd of identical strollers. Hope this article helps you with information on Disney stroller restrictions to enjoy a memorable and enjoyable Disney trip. 


Are there designated stroller-free areas in Disney parks?  

Yes, there are Disney Park has designated stroller-free areas. Usually, strollers are not permitted in restaurants or areas. So, you can leave your stroller in the designated parking areas before the rides.   

Are wagons allowed in Disney parks?  

Wagons are generally not allowed in Disney parks due to concerns about congestion in walkways. However, there is an exception for medical necessities for babies with disabilities. In such cases, guests must have the wagon tagged by guest services before taking it to the park.  

What are the best stroller accessories for a Disney visit?  

Some stroller accessories are handy for a Disney visit, such as a stroller fan for cooling purposes during the sunny part of the day, a canopy extender or sunshade to keep baby protected from the sun’s harmful rays, a rain cover for a sudden shower of rain, a baby tray for taking baby’s essential things. A parent’s tray can be handy for carrying your essentials and on-the-go beverages.  

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