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Do I Need A Bassinet For My Stroller: All You Need To Know 

By Jennifer Ward

Stepping out of home and travelling with a newborn or infant is often overwhelming, especially if you are new to parenthood. You must have heard about bassinets made to carry and wonder, ‘Do I need a bassinet for my stroller?’ This post is all about answering popular queries on bassinets. 

Many parents use bassinets to provide a safe and cosy environment for newborns on the go. It’s a newborn carrier that easily clings in and out of a stroller. Whereas cribs are best for home, a bassinet is a lifesaver for always-on-the-go parents. Let’s get into the ins and outs of a bassinet and figure out whether you need a bassinet for your stroller. 

Do I Need A Bassinet For My Stroller?

If you are an active parent who is most likely to go out regularly and need to carry your newborn baby, then a bassinet-compatible stroller will be best for you. It’s a useful addition to a stroller, especially for infants, as they can enjoy a bed-like comfort in it. It provides safety and comfort and allows the baby to lie flat while you are out and about. Or if you are going out for long weekend trips with your infant, then a bassinet compatible with your stroller can make you wind down for a while as well as nest your little angel to sleep in a comfy compartment.

Is A Bassinet Necessary For Stroller?  

Yes, a baby bassinet is a necessary accessory for a stroller, especially if you have a newborn and want to enhance the safety and comfort of your newborn while strolling. Bassinets are specially designed for newborns who cannot support their necks and lay in a flat position. According to a study by AAP, it was revealed that bassinets help in reducing the risk of SIDS as it allows the babies to sleep on their back. So, carrying newborns in bassinets is highly recommended as they allow babies to relax safely and sleep comfortably. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bassinet Stroller  

Advantages of a bassinet stroller: 

  • Bassinets provide safe and comfortable sleeping spaces for newborns and young infants.  
  • Many bassinets are lightweight and portable, which makes them easy to move from room to room or take with you on the go.  
  • Bassinets are typically designed to be placed next to your bed, which makes it easy to access your baby during the night for feeding, diaper changes, or simply to check on them. 
  • Bassinets can be used as a standalone sleep space or attached to a stroller, making them a versatile option for parents who are frequently on the go. 
  • Bassinets are designed to provide a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface for your baby, which can help to promote better sleep and overall health. 

Disadvantages of a bassinet stroller: 

  • Bassinets are typically designed for newborns and young infants up to six months old. A bassinet is no longer needed as babies develop neck and head muscles and can independently move their heads. 
  • Some bassinets are only compatible with certain types of strollers or car seats, which may limit your options or require additional accessories. 
  • Bassinets are bulkier than other types of strollers, so it’s hard to manoeuvre them in narrow spaces while strolling.  
  • Most bassinets are not included with the strollers in the box, so buying them would cost a few bucks, especially if they are made of high-quality materials.

Are bassinets for strollers worth it?  

Investing in a bassinet is worth it if you have a stroller and are parents of newborn babies. Bassinet is a ‘must-have’ to carry a newborn with ease and comfort and suit your active lifestyle. Bassinets let you easily cling in and out to a stroller without hassle. On the other hand, if you are planning on rarely stepping out of your home with your infant, you can skip investing in a bassinet attachment for strollers.

Can Baby Sleep in Bassinet Stroller? 

Yes, babies can sleep in a bassinet. In fact, bassinets are explicitly designed for newborns and young infants to provide safe and comfortable sleeping space.  

Bassinets are typically smaller and snugger than full-size cribs, which can help to create a cosy sleeping environment for your baby. However, following safe sleep practices when using a bassinet is essential. Consider placing your baby on their back to sleep, ensuring that the sleeping surface is firm and flat, and avoiding soft bedding or loose objects in the sleeping area. Additionally, many bassinets have a weight or age limit, so follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and transition your baby to a different sleep solution when they outgrow the bassinet. 

Overall, a bassinet can be a safe and comfortable sleeping option for your baby, especially during the first few months of life. Then again, find that the bassinet is rated safe even for overnight sleep if you plan to sleep your newborn in a bassinet for a long time. 

Can Baby Sleep in Bassinet Stroller

When to use a bassinet stroller? 

Bassinets can be used from birth until your baby outgrows them, by six months of age, depending on the size of the bassinet and the growth of your baby. 

Bassinets are particularly useful during the first few months of life when your baby needs to sleep frequently and for short periods of time. They provide safe and comfortable sleeping space for your newborn, which can help to promote healthy sleep habits. You can use a bassinet for your baby’s daytime naps or as their primary sleeping space at night. Many parents also choose to place their baby’s bassinet next to their own bed for easy access during the night for feeding or soothing. 

When to use a bassinet stroller

Why are bassinets unsafe after 6 months? 

After six months of age, babies tend to become more active, which increases the risk of injury or accidents. For example, if your baby can roll over and turn onto their stomach, it may be at risk of suffocation if the sleeping surface is not firm and flat. Additionally, if your baby can sit up or pull themselves up, they may be at risk of falling out of the bassinet, which can result in injury. 

It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the specific bassinet you are using, as they may have particular weight or age limits for safe use. If your baby has outgrown the bassinet, it may be time to transition them to a different sleep solution, such as a crib or a playard. 

Do I Need a Bassinet for My Stroller: Wrapping Up 

Bassinets have a lot of benefits for newborns and infants; it’s a perfect choice for parents who travel a lot because it allows babies to sleep comfortably while parents are on the go. A bassinet takes care of your baby and offers ease of mind. Hope your queries regarding ‘Do I need a bassinet for my stroller’ are met. For more questions, do comment in the comment section below.  

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