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Do I need A Stroller For The Newborn? Or Do I Need A Double Stroller To Carry My Two Babies? Explained!

By Jennifer Ward

Life changes the course with a baby; it does not stop. We need to adapt to the new normal and have a life. Nothing can stop you if you don’t stop yourself. What if there is a second baby on the way? Well, your regular life may be disrupted a lot, but you can still have a life too! Strollers can make your life easier. But the question many parents ask is: do I need a stroller for the newborn? Or do I need a double stroller to carry the newborn and toddler?

I am writing this post will help you with information: do I need a stroller? or do I need a double stroller?

If you are an outgoer, need to run errands, or are into traveling or hitting the mall too often and can’t think of leaving babies behind, well, you need to get the perfect stroller.

Let me explain why a stroller is necessary for you.

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Only those stuck in their houses and doing nothing doesn’t need a stroller; otherwise, a stroller is an essential baby accessory you should have. Even it won’t be possible to keep the baby in your arms around the house. A stroller makes your life easy and lets you do the things (what you are into?) that are impossible to do without it.

Newborns are fussy. They are restless too. At the same time, you can’t keep them in your arms all the time. A stroller helps. That’s why many parents opt for a stroller. Well, you have a toddler too! Now things get a bit more complex. Got perplexed? Do I need a stroller? a single stroller? Or do I need a double stroller to carry my two babies?

Newborns are fussy; believe me, most of them are! We must tend to them all the time. Can we afford to leave them for once? No, so carrying a newborn in your arms can be risky. Whether you cook, need a walk, or want relief from holding the baby, a stroller can be your lifesaver.

First Thing First, Do I Need A Stroller?

Parents like me intuitively think about a stroller to keep up with their routine. The ease and convenience a stroller brings alone are enough to convince you to purchase a stroller for your newborn or toddler; on top of that, your baby, newborn, or toddler will appreciate the freedom the stroller can provide with an opportunity to explore the world.

When buying a stroller, you need to ensure the stroller is the “best fit’ (since there are many strollers, single or double). Now let’s find out why you need a stroller.

1. Ensures Safety

Whether cooking or hitting the mall, strollers offer security as they come with safety harnesses usually attached to the seat. In crowded places, on busy streets, or while doing groceries, having the newborn buckled up in a stroller will give you a sense of relief that the baby is safe in a comfortable stroller. Strollers are designed to provide security for your baby on the go.

2. Stroller Gives Flexibility

Babies grow faster than you imagine. As they grow, they become heavier, so it isn’t easy to carry them all the time. On top of that, your baby needs a lot of your attention. Carrying a baby for a long time may cause back aches and sore arms. A stroller offers flexibility, relieves you, and lets you concentrate on other necessary things. Don’t forget; the newborn can enjoy a short nap, which may not be possible while in your arms.

3. Enjoy the Outdoors With Your Baby.

Not only will you, but strollers will also let your baby enjoy a park walk and explore the world. The best infant strollers will allow you and your baby to have a wonderful time together. All you have to do is attach a bassinet or carrycot, a car seat, or a fully reclinable seat; go outdoors to have all the fun. Make sure you have an extendable canopy to protect your baby from intense sun exposure.

4. Good for Your Baby’s Health

Not only for the fun, sights, and sounds, but sun exposure is also necessary for your baby’s cognitive growth. Many baby strollers come with fully reclined seats or attach to a bassinet. So, you can take your newborn out often with ease. Your baby will love it too. But make sure your baby is not too exposed to scorching heat that may lead to dehydration. Follow these essential tips to keep your baby safe outdoors.

5. Stroller Basket Substitutes for an Additional Bag

Getting out with your baby adds a lot of items, such as extra clothing, diapers, wipes, etc. Bringing a stroller with you adds more storage space in the basket underneath the stroller seat. On top, you might get a cup holder and a parent organizer for your essentials like keys, phones, etc. So, you may not need to carry an additional bag. A great relief. What do you say? The storage space of a standard stroller should be sufficient for anyone. Moreover, you can do some groceries and other daily essentials too.

Do I Need A Double Stroller To Carry My Two Babies?

do I need a double stroller

Here is the tricky one, a double stroller is a “must-have” if you have two kids, one newborn and the older one still need a stroller. If the older toddler can live without a stroller (on travel or on errands), a newborn-friendly stroller is sufficient for you. There are car-seat or bassinet-compatible travel systems you may choose the Bugaboo Fox 2, or the UPPAbaby Vista V2 for your two babies, the newborn and a young toddler (in the seat and the bassinet!).

The drawbacks of a double stroller are its bulky size and not folding into a compact shape. I came across a lot of parents for them; a double stroller is a ‘lifesaver’ for me with three kids. It’s essential when both babies are of similar age ranges. However, your toddler has grown much older and doesn’t rely on a stroller on trips; I recommend choosing a compact, smaller, and lightweight stroller for they are easy to carry, fold, and get-set-go easily.

Final Words

Strollers can make your postpartum life easy! Nowadays, parents think of a baby stroller as a must-have accessory, but that does not change for a newborn. Especially since a newborn is so needy, a stroller can be a great source of relief both indoors and outdoors. Having a stroller will make things much more manageable and, at the same time, keep your baby safe. A double stroller can make you fly higher if both babies need a ride at the same time. I hope you got the answer to your query: do I need a stroller? or do I need a double stroller? Thank you for reading.


Is a stroller mandatory in the USA?

Since you have asked, it’s not mandatory. But having a stroller in cities, suburbs, or rural areas in the USA will make things easier for you. You do your stuff like groceries, do some shopping, or running errands with your baby.

Do you need a stroller if you wear a baby?

You can wear your baby in a baby carrier instead of a stroller. Many baby carriers these days are designed to carry a baby comfortably. But with a note, carrying a baby all the time can be tiresome and boring too. A stroller can bring you much more relief than a carrier since you won’t be attaching it to your body.

Are strollers bad for babies?

No, strollers are not bad for the baby. Instead, a stroller will give you relief and make your life easier. It’s highly recommended not to leave your baby alone and unattended in a stroller, especially while asleep, so your baby doesn’t tip over or strangle with the harness or gaps.

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