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Double Stroller vs Wagon: Which One Is The Best For Your Baby

By Jennifer Ward

For carrying the double trouble, double strollers and wagons are both widely used baby carriages you can buy. In comparison: Double stroller vs wagon, which one should you choose for your baby? What makes a double stroller or wagon most suitable for you? 

This post will get you through the ins and outs of both carrier types: double stroller vs wagon and help you decide which one is the right choice for your baby.      

Now, before we jump into the differences, let’s get an overview of wagons, strollers, and double strollers.  

What Is a Wagon?  

A wagon is an open-top structure baby carriage designed to carry your baby and its belongings. The most common wagon comes in a box shape with four equal-sized wheels, and a handle so that you can safely pull the wagon. Many wagons come with both push and pull options. In a standard-sized wagon, two to three babies can sit comfortably. However, wagons are best for toddlers and babies that do not have extra support for themselves.  

What is a Double Stroller?  

Double strollers come in the conventional full-size strollers with an extra seat. This extra seat allows you to carry both babies together. It’s popular among parents with two kids of similar age ranges or for twins. Double strollers come with different features. Double strollers have extra safety features like harnesses and even reclining seats for infants. A car seat or bassinet also clings to the double stroller frame. As the name suggests, it can accommodate two babies at most.

Double stroller vs Wagon    

Now that you have got to a point where you know what a Wagon stroller and a double stroller are. Let’s discuss the double stroller vs Wagon and the similarities and differences in terms of features.  

FeaturesDouble Stroller Wagon
SafetyFive-point harnessesThree-point safety
StorageUp to 30 lbsUp to 110 lbs
Adjustable Handlebar YesNo
Seating Capacity Up to 2Up to 4
Terrain TypePlain, grassyPlain, Grassy, Sandy, Gravel
Weight CapacityUp to 110 lbsUp to 300 lbs
Reversible Seat YesNo

Safety Features     

Similarities: Strollers and wagons both come with safety harnesses.       

Differences: Strollers, on average, have better safety features than wagons. Strollers, for example, typically have five-point harnesses, padded seats, and seatbacks. Furthermore, the wheels have improved suspension for uneven terrain.   

The only exception is an umbrella stroller, which sacrificed tires and padding for portability.   

Wagons typically have fewer safety features because they are primarily intended for toddlers and children. The majority of wagons are equipped with three-point safety straps and plastic wheels with minimal suspension. It will require special all-terrain tires to travel well on rough terrain.   


Similarities: Both wagons and strollers have additional storage areas.    

Differences: Most strollers have a storage compartment beneath the baby’s seat where parents can store bags, diapers, drinks, and other items. Some strollers include accessory storage bags that can be attached to the parent handle.  A stroller with a generous storage basket can hold up to 30 lbs. of weight. 

Wagons usually have more storage than strollers, especially deep-bottom wagons. When you accommodate two children in a wagon, there’s still a lot of storage space remaining where you can carry your babies’ favorite snacks and all the other necessities.  A standard wagon can hold from 50 lbs. to 110 lbs. Some wagons come with small compartments for storage.  


Double Stroller vs wagon Portability

Similarities: Almost all Wagons and double strollers have foldable and portability functions.     

Differences: The factor of portability and folding differs completely from brand to brand. Now, most double strollers can collapse, fold, and then put in the trunk of a larger vehicle. I have mentioned larger vehicles because you will need a lot of luck stuffing your double stroller in a small car trunk. 

Most stroller wagons are enormous, and when folded, they still would not fit into vehicles. Most of the time even your most compact stroller wagon won’t fit in the trunk of a taxi, better keep it beside a suitcase.     

So, wagons are less portable than double strollers. As they don’t fit on public transportation or city walks. For running errands, double strollers are much more suitable to carry your two kids than the big bulky wagons.     


Similarities: Both can be maneuvered easily in open spaces.     

Differences: Most strollers and double strollers come with easy maneuverability making the parent’s life a breeze, especially when running errands. Moreover, double strollers AKA tandem strollers can be moved easily through the doorways while coming in and going out. On the other hand, wagons are generally rectangular, making it difficult to move in indoor spaces. In design, wagons are difficult to maneuver except in open spaces.     

Terrain Capacity  

Similarities: Wagons and strollers can handle multiple terrains.     

Differences: Strollers are designed so that they can ensure the comfort of your baby, for an infant too. Double strollers are best for a walk or at most jogging on a hard and flat surface. Most double strollers are not suitable for rough terrains like sand or gravel. 

Now, if you compare it with double strollers, wagons can travel well on rough terrains like farms, muddy roads, beaches, or even hiking trails. In fact, all wagons are designed to take on difficult terrain. Moreover, adding a beach wheel will enable a wagon to ride on the beach surface smoothly.     

Weight Capacity    

Similarities: Both the double stroller and Wagon can comfortably carry at least two children.     

Differences: Most stroller seats’ weight capacity is 99 lbs. accommodating at most two babies, whereas a wagon can handle up to 300 lbs. Double strollers are the best option for babies, and wagons can accommodate 4 toddlers up to 5 years old. However, wagons do not have enough safety for infants.  

Who needs a Double Stroller?  

Double strollers are best for grocery shopping, hitting the malls, walks, and everyday chores with your baby. You can also carry your infant and toddler together in double strollers. Most double strollers are compatible with car seat attachments to ensure your infant’s comfort.   

So, if you are parents of two who need to run errands, then a double stroller may be the right choice for you. 

Who needs a Wagon?    

Although wagons are bulky, they can easily carry 3-4 kids at once. And with the addition of ATV wheels, you can easily hang out with your kids at the beach, park, or any other gathering. So, if you are parents of 2 or more toddlers and love having a weekend at the beach or different terrains, then surely a wagon would be the one you need.    

Advantages and Disadvantages of Double Stroller     

Advantages of Double Stroller    

  • Double strollers can be used for day-to-day chores like groceries, hitting the mall  
  • Double strollers can carry both your infant and toddler 
  • A double stroller folds compactly.  

Disadvantages of a Double Stroller    

  • Cannot carry more than two babies.  
  • Two babies cannot engage with each other  

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wagon   

Advantages of Wagon   

  • Wagons can easily carry multiple children at once, even if both are toddlers. 
  • Most wagons come with ATV wheels so you can go to rough terrain like beaches. 
  • Babies can interact and play while in a wagon   

Disadvantages of Wagons    

  • A wagon is heavy 
  • Wagons are bulky in size    
  • Cannot be used in city streets.  

Final Words     

No matter what: double stroller vs wagon you are considering for your loved little babies. Both double strollers and wagons have a lot of features and benefits to offer. In fact, both the double stroller and wagons are made for specific usage. Hope all of your queries are met on double stroller vs wagon. If you have any questions, reach me in the comment section!!  


At what age can you put a baby in the Wagon?

Wagons do not come with a safety harness for infants, so kids over 9 months or 1 year can be taken on a Wagon, or when an infant is ready to sit upfront with ease, only then should the child be shifted to a wagon.   

Can kids sleep in stroller wagon?

Stroller wagons are usually used only for sitting because there are no reclining seats. Then again, many parents convert Wagon into a sleeping bassinet. Unfortunately, it may be possible with one baby at a time.    

Why are stroller wagons not allowed at Disney?

Stroller wagons are banned in Disney due to their bulkiness and size. In addition, it’s said that the stroller’s wagons create congestion in the park due to their size. So, to improve the mobility, they had to ban stroller wagons in Disney.  

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