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How Many Strollers Do I Need: All You Need To Know  

By Jennifer Ward

In most cases, people usually think that one stroller can do it all, but can you take a regular stroller for jogging? 

Usually, full-sized strollers don’t have the advanced suspension and jogging-friendly wheel (foam or air-filled, and larger back wheel) like jogging strollers to protect the baby from shocks and bumps. And there are umbrella strollers (parred-down versions of a full-sized stroller) that offer more convenience for frequent errands. Considering there are different stroller types, parents get confused. To meet all your queries on ‘how many strollers do I need’, in this post, I have rounded up all you need to know about different strollers and how many strollers a parent should have.   

How Many Strollers Do I Need?  

Many times I have recommended two strollers for parents with more than one kid or planning depending on your varied needs. The answer to ‘how many strollers do I need’ depends on how you would use a stroller. For instance, if you need to carry your baby all the time and also can’t skip jogging, you need two: a regular or lightweight stroller and a jogging stroller. But if you are more into hassle-free traveling too often, then you need a lightweight travel or umbrella stroller along with a regular one.    

Factor Considering While Purchasing Multiple Stroller 


There are a lot of affordable as well as luxury strollers available out there in the market. Now if you’ve decided to purchase multiple strollers, it’ll be wise to spend on both- one affordable for regular use and one high-end for occasional use or vice versa.  

However, there is no harm in purchasing two strollers that provide the best value for money remaining within your budget. 

Number of kids and Their Age  

You might already have a toddler who rides in a regular or umbrella stroller which is not car seat compatible. So, if you’re going welcome a new baby soon, you reasonably need to purchase a new car seat-compatible stroller; it can be a convertible travel system, jogger, or even a convenient double stroller!  

Number of kids and their age  

How Often You’ll Use the Stroller  

If you frequently go out of your home with the baby, a lightweight, easy-to-fold stroller fits better for regular use. Another stroller for specific needs like jogging or traveling should be a high-end and all-terrain stroller, so you can stay relaxed when far away from home.  

How Often You'll Use the Stroller  

Storage and Accessories  

When you are buying an additional lightweight stroller, make sure it has all the amenities to meet your specific needs. Lightweight strollers often lack adequate storage capacity and don’t come with other accessories, like parent console, snake tray, and bumper bar. If you need them, you can purchase them separately. So check out the stroller and its compatible accessories before purchasing.  

Stroller Accesories

Pros And Cons Of Having Multiple Strollers  


  • Having more than one stroller lets you carry your babies in a stroller instead of carrying them in a baby carrier.  
  • If you are into jogging, then the jogging stroller lets you do that with ease. Similarly, umbrella strollers make running errands more convenient.   


  • Buying several strollers can strain your budget.  
  • Having more than one stroller can take up a lot of garage or storage space.   

Types of Strollers 

Regular stroller 

Regular strollers or full-sized strollers have robust frame, spacious seat, full canopy, and large storage basket, and these strollers supports an array of accessories (i.e., snack tray and parents’ organizers).   

Travel Systems 

Travel system strollers are modular strollers compatible with a car seat or bassinet along with the stroller base. These travel systems are highly popular among parents, for these strollers are best for newborns and grows with the family.   

Jogging Stroller 

These strollers are three-wheeled strollers made with robust and bigger wheels with advanced suspension for active parents to walk and run across parks along with their baby. Like a regular stroller, jogging strollers have all the perks and benefits, with additional features for walking and running.   

Umbrella Strollers

Umbrella strollers are the most lightweight, portable, and compact strollers. Urban on-the-go parents mostly like these strollers for running errands, quick shopping, and day-to-day needs. Unlike the regular travel or jogging stroller, these strollers do not come with features such as storage, full canopy, padded seats, etc.

Double Stroller 

The name suggests these strollers are made to carry two kids. These stroller bases can carry two toddlers or infants at a time. There are convertible double strollers (a single stroller with double seating capacity with the attachment of a car seat or bassinet).   

How Many Strollers Do I Need: Wrapping Up

  At the end of the ‘how many strollers do I need’ article, strollers are an expensive buy. That’s why as a parent, you should be more careful that the stroller should fit them. Whether you are buying a regular stroller along with a jogger or you need a jogger and a lightweight travel /umbrella stroller to fit all your needs, decide wisely.  

FAQs of How Many Strollers Do I need  

Can you use travel stroller as an everyday stroller?  

Travel strollers are lightweight and compact strollers best for taking your baby on tour, so they can be used as an everyday stroller too. However, if the travel stroller isn’t infant-friendly or car seat compatible, you may need to wait for six months before using it.   

Can you use a jogging stroller as an everyday stroller?  

Most jogging strollers are fit for everyday use, like this Thule Urban Glide 2. But some three-wheeled strollers are made for jogging only and are not good enough for day-to-day use. 

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