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How To Clean A Bob Stroller In 6 Easy Steps

By Jennifer Ward

BOB strollers rank among the best jogging strollers. If you own a Bob stroller, you will love to carry your baby on off-road adventures and early morning activities. While carrying your baby outside, spills of food are part and parcel are bound to happen. That’s when every Bob stroller needs a bit of tender loving care, a.k.a. a good ol’ cleaning session. Cleaning a BOB stroller can take a toll if you don’t know how to clean a BOB stroller the easy way. Don’t stress; with a few simple tools, a dash of patience, and a sprinkle of determination, you’ll be amazed at how your stroller can be sparkling clean in no time. Find below a step-by-step guide to learning ways to clean a stroller perfectly without damaging it, and be sure it’s not as daunting as it might seem.

Can You Wash Bob Stroller Fabric? 

Yes, you can wash the fabric of most BOB strollers. Typically, the fabric of a BOB stroller is made of a waterproof, stain-resistant material that can be cleaned in the washing machine. However, it is important to follow the specific care instructions, such as do not use bleach or harsh detergents. 

Here are some additional tips for washing BOB stroller fabric: 

  • Do not overwash the fabric, as this can damage it. 
  • Spot-clean any stains as soon as possible. 
  • Air-dry the fabric after washing.  

When You Should Clean Your BOB Stroller 

Like any other gear, a BOB stroller must be cleaned and maintained periodically. But in case you don’t have enough time to invest, make sure you clean up the stroller in the following condition to maintain hygiene: 

  • Stroller with an unpleasant odor.   
  • Crumbs and snack leftovers are all over the seat.  
  • The surfaces of the stroller feel sticky.  
  • Signs of Spit-Ups all over the stroller.   

Things you need to do to clean a BOB Stroller:  

  • Brush to dust off the dirt  
  • Terry-cloth towels  
  • A big bucket of water  
  • Laundry or dish soap  
  • Tiny brush or toothbrush  

How to Clean Each Part of a BOB Stroller:   


  • Spray down the seat with water to clean the mess of the seat.   
  • Use soap and a sponge to remove hard stains.   
  • Rinse to remove soapy water thoroughly and let the seat air dry before storing or using it again.   


  • Inspect and remove any kind of dirt frame, brakes, or joints.  
  • Wipe the frame with soapy water.   
  • Wipe the frame dry to prevent rusting.   


The fabric of the Bob strollers is washable. Here is how to clean it: 

  • Initially, remove the debris from the fabric 
  • Then, soak it in mild soapy water.  
  • Lightly scrub the areas with dirt until it is clean.  
  • Rinse the fabric after it is cleaned and let it air dry.   

Plastic and Metal Parts  

  • Remove any kind of debris from the metal parts using a brush.   
  • Use a wet cloth to wipe handles, wheels, frames, etc.  
  • Clean only the wheels with hose water.   


  1. Avoid using heavy bleach or corrosive cleaning items to clean the plastics. The appearance of frames and handles get damaged from bleaching.   
  2. Do not use soaps, metal bolts, and screws, as soaps damage the lubricants of the bolts.    

How to clean wet mess:  

  • Wipe the area with damp or dry paper towels.   
  • Scoop up the bulk of the spill using a knife or spoon.   

How to remove crumbs:  

  • Use a hand vacuum to suck up the crumbs. 

How to Clean a Bob Stroller: Step-By-Step Process

how to clean a bob stroller

Things you need to clean a BOB stroller: 

  • A small bucket or something similar 
  • A mild solution of soap 
  • Old toothbrush 
  • Scrub brush 
  • Microfibre cloth 

Step 1: Prepare Your Cleaning Solution 

Start by mixing a mild solution of soap or detergent in a small bucket or a similar container. You don’t need anything fancy, just something gentle yet effective. 

Step 2: Tackle the Harness Strap 

Take an old toothbrush and dip it into the soapy solution. With one hand holding the harness strap, gently scrub it with the toothbrush using your other hand. Make sure to get into all the grooves and textures of the strap to remove embedded dirt. 

Step 3: Remove Loose Dirt 

Dump out and give your stroller seats a good shake to remove any loose dirt and dust. If there’s still some stubborn dirt hanging around, you can use a handheld vacuum to make sure it’s all gone. 

Step 4: Scrub the Seat and Tires 

Wet a scrub brush and use it to gently scrub the stroller seat, leg, back seat, and corners. This step is crucial for getting rid of stains from spills like spilt milk or sticky substances. After that, use the scrub brush to clean and remove embedded dirt and stones from the tire grooves. 

Step 5: Rinse Thoroughly 

Once you’ve scrubbed away the grime, it’s time to rinse. Hose down or wash the entire stroller with clean water to ensure all the soapy residue is gone. A thorough rinse will leave your stroller looking fresh and clean. 

Step 6: Wipe Down the Metal Frame 

Grab a microfiber cloth and wipe down the metal frame of your Bob stroller. It will help prevent any water spots or streaks from forming on the frame. 

Step 7: Let It Dry in the Sun 

Now that your stroller is squeaky clean let it bask in the sun. Leaving it to dry in the sunlight not only dries it quickly but also helps to kill any remaining germs and bacteria. 

How to Clean Mold Off BOB Stroller 

Mold grows when you do not use the Bob stroller for a while. If baby spills on the stroller are not tended to, over time, it can become a habitat for mold. If you want to prolong the use of the stroller for an extended period. However, in case of mold already starts to grow on your BOB stroller, the good news is it can be removed with some easy steps:  

  1. Make a solution of non-mild soap or a solution of lemon, vinegar, and water to wet the area.   
  2. Leave the solution on the mold for 1 to 2 hours.   
  3. Take the stroller in an open space.   
  4. Rinse the area with high-pressure water to remove mold.    

Note: In case of a severe mold attack, you can use the solution of water and baking soda to remove the mold. BOB Gear recommends not using non-bleach mild solutions on the BOB stroller to prevent any color damage.   

Once the molds are removed, you can wash the stroller; a step-by-step process is mentioned above.

Top Tips For Taking Good Care of Your BOB Stroller  

  • Wash the fabric and seat of the stroller regularly to prevent foul odors and stickiness of the stroller.   
  • Always check tire pressure. If you find one or more of your tires flat, pump them with air using a regular bicycle tire pump. You need to patch or replace the tire’s inner tube when punctured.  
  • Always inspect that all screws, attachment points, and fasteners are perfectly fitted.   
  • Ensure the wheels are securely clamped– mainly the front wheel as it leads the stroller to go over curbs and bumps.   
  • We recommend taking your stroller to a designated BOB dealer for periodic inspection. You can call their Customer Service team for services or queries. 

Final Words

We know cleaning the stroller might not always top the to-do list. But, from sun-soaked parks to rainy-day errands, your Bob stroller is right there, a steadfast companion through it all. A dirty Bob stroller can become a breeding ground for unwanted guests like germs and critters; none of us want that. A clean stroller minimizes the risk of allergens, bacteria or mold buildup and ensures that your little explorer can roam around without any worries. Overall, there’s a certain satisfaction in knowing that your stroller is in tip-top shape – ready to face whatever messes come its way. Whenever the mess comes knocking again, you know how to clean the Bob stroller properly. 

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