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How To Clean Stroller Rain Cover: A Step-By-Step Guide 

By Jennifer Ward

Rainy days are fun until and unless we need to go out! While carrying your baby outdoors on rainy days, a rain cover is the best thing you have to protect the stroller. However, after use, the rain cover needs to wash and cleaned. In answer to your query, how to clean stroller rain cover, this post explains how to do it step by step!

A stroller rain cover may catch grits and stains, and other polluted materials. If we don’t wash them properly, it may cause harm to your baby. without further ado, let’s learn how to clean a stroller rain cover.

How to Clean Stroller Rain Cover?   

To clean the rain cover after the rain has stopped, follow the steps and get instant results.    

What You Need    

  • Gloves    
  • Warm water    
  • Freshwater / Hose    
  • Mild soap    

How to:    

how to clean stroller rain cover

Step 1: Remove the wet residue from the inside of the stroller    

Step 2: Mix warm water with soap and clean the cover or you can also use a hose if it’s available.    

Step 3: Rinse the rain cover with fresh water and dry it in the air.   

How to Clean Transparent Plastic Rain Covers?   

Cleaning transparent plastic rain cover back like a new one can be a bit tricky because often, instead of cleaning, the mess is smeared around. But if you follow the steps below, then you can easily clean the plastic rain covers.    

Using Clorox Wipes: It’s an easy two-minute solution for when you are in a hurry.   

What You Need   

  • Clorox wipes 
  • Gloves    

How To    

Step 1: Take out the handy packets of Clorox wipes to clear the dirty transparent plastic rain cover.    

Step 2: Wipe down the plastics with the wipes until all traces of dirt are gone. 

 stroller rain cover

How to Sanitize Stroller Cover?   

After the stroller cover was drenched in rain, grits and stains could possibly occur. Even though the stains can be removed easily, it’s best to sanitize the stroller cover properly to ensure the safety of the little one.    

What You Need    

  • Clorox wipes    
  • Hydrogen Peroxide   
  • Water    

How To    

Step 1: Use Clorox wipes to remove the stain   

Step 2: Saturate the cover in hydrogen peroxide and water   

Step 3 : Finally, after some time, rinse the cover with cold water.   

How to Clean Cloudy Pram Rain Cover?   

Pram rain cover can get cloudy if you have used it and then kept it aside. So, it wouldn’t even be surprising that after some time, when you take out the rain cover, you might see it cloudy and covered with mildew and mold. Let me show you how to clean them:  

Using Distilled Water: Storing your rain cover for cleaning later might affect your rain cover. So, if anything like such happens, this process would be effective even to clean the white spots in the clear plastic.    

What You Need    

  • Micro Fiber Cloth    
  • Distilled water    

How To    

Step 1: Take the microfiber cloth and spray some water on it.    

Step 2: Wipe the plastic cover with the dampened microfiber cloth.    

Step 3: Dry the plastic cover thoroughly.   

Importance of Cleaning Stroller Rain Cover  

A question might come to your mind: Is cleaning your stroller’s rain cover necessary? So why is it important?    

If the rain cover gets drenched in the rain, then with the rain, dirt, soil, or grit can also get splashed. So to ensure that the rest of the stroller doesn’t get contaminated with dirt, it’s best to clean it then.

Cleaning Stroller Rain Cover

However, if you forget to clean your rain cover in time, you might later notice spots of mold and mildew in it. In addition, this mold could get transmitted from rain cover to the stroller, which would be risky for your baby’s health. So, cleaning and disinfecting the stroller rain cover is very important.  

Final Thoughts    

The rain itself might not ruin your stroller directly, but if you do not correctly clean the rain cover, it might get attacked by mold; as a result, the stroller’s rain cover might become unusable. So, it’s best to clean the rain cover in time.  


Can you put a pram rain cover in the washing machine? 

It might be possible if the manufacturer instructed us to do so. However, in most cases, waterproof rain covers are asked to be hand washed as machine washing may remove the waterproof layer of the rain cover. So, it’s best if you hand wash them.  

Can you put plastic stroller rain covers in the wash?

No, it’s recommended not to put plastic rain covers in the wash. That’s because the fast-spinning action of the machine may damage the plastic cover. Even though some washing machines have hand washing settings in them but that might still not be suitable for plastic stroller rain covers. 

Can I use a plastic rain cover for a stroller?

Yes, you can use a plastic rain cover for your stroller, even though there are fabric-made rain covers that are more conveniently washable. But if you don’t have one, you can use a plastic rain cover for your baby stroller. 

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  1. Hi there,

    Hoping you can help with advice to clean the “fog” off of our rain cover. It’s a second-hand Bumbleride non-pvc rain cover so I’m not sure how it was stored. I’ve been trying all kinds of methods, but am not able to get it back to clear plastic, and maybe that just isn’t possible.

    I see the tip on distilled water and microfiber cloth but wondered if you have tips for the more tough to remove fog!



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