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How To Fold A Bob Stroller: A Step-By-Step Guide

By Jennifer Ward

Bob Strollers are like the Maseratis of the stroller world. They’re designed for parents who want to blend the practicality of a stroller with the ruggedness of an off-road vehicle. These strollers are built to be sturdy and robust, which is fantastic when you’re out and about with your little one. But, when it comes to storage and transport, some BOB strollers’ size can be a bit intimidating. That’s where knowing how to fold them can be so helpful. Folding a Bob Stroller isn’t just about convenience; it’s about reclaiming your time, space, and peace of mind. Let’s break it down step by step so you can enjoy all the adventures of parenthood without the stroller-induced headaches. 

What is a BOB stroller?  

BOB strollers are a popular choice for parents who want a stroller that can handle a variety of terrain. They are known for their durable construction, smooth ride, and comfortable seats. BOB strollers come in a variety of models, including single and double strollers, as well as jogging and all-terrain strollers. 

BOB has experience of more than 20 years in the stroller market. They have a reputation for producing premium quality strollers. BOB strollers are built with sturdy construction and high-quality materials, like aluminum, which makes them very durable. They are able to withstand the rigors of off-road use, such as bumps, rocks, and roots. With BOB strollers, you’ll have a smooth ride thanks to their high-quality wheels and suspension system. If you are looking for a durable, maneuverable, and feature-rich all-terrain stroller, a BOB stroller is a great option to consider. 

Key Features of BOB strollers  

  • One or two steps quick fold 
  • 5-point easy-adjust harness 
  • Extra-large UPF50+ sun-protected canopy 
  • Mountain bike-style tires 
  • Adjustable handlebar 
  • Stylish, sleek, and exposed frame 
  • Large, easy-to-access storage basket 

Below are the folding instructions for various BOB strollers. Every BOB stroller, regardless of the model, can collapse using these easy steps.

How to Fold a BOB Single Stroller  

How To Fold Bob Jogging Stroller: Step-by-step 

BOB jogging strollers are renowned for their durability, smooth rides, and versatility. Two of the popular models, the Replaced Revolution® Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller and the Rambler™ Jogging Stroller, offer parents an excellent combination of functionality and style. These two strollers differ in the model but have a similar folding process. Now, let’s dive into how to fold these reliable companions for your active lifestyle. 

how to fold a BOB stroller

#1 Prepare the stroller. Ensure that the stroller is in the fully upright position with the handlebar in the highest position. Then, activate the parking brake by pressing the brake pedal near the rear wheels. 

#2 Find the seat recline lever located at the rear of the stroller seat and gently lift it upwards to release the seat from its reclined position. 

#3 Fold the canopy. Push the canopy back as far as it will go, then fold it down towards the seat. 

#4 On the left side of the stroller frame, near the seat, you will find a folding handle. Grasp the folding handle and pull it upwards towards the handlebar. This will initiate the folding process. 

#5 As you pull the folding handle, the stroller will start to collapse. Continue pulling the handle until the stroller is fully folded. Once the stroller is folded, use the folding latch located on the right side of the stroller frame to secure it in the folded position. 

How To Fold Bob All Terrain Stroller: Step-by-step 

BOB jogging strollers are great for jogging. These strollers have great suspension and large air-filled wheels. Two of the most popular BOB jogging strollers are the Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller and the Alterrain Jogging Stroller. Let’s get to know how to fold them easily. 

Step 1: Before you even think about folding the stroller, make sure it’s empty. Remove any bags, toys, or personal items from it. This will make the folding process smoother and safer. 

Step 2: Activate the Parking Brake. You’ll usually find this brake near the rear wheels. Engage it to lock the stroller in place. 

Step 3: Raise the stroller’s handlebar to its highest position. This step is crucial for the folding process to work correctly. 

Step 4: Locate the Yellow Button. Look under the calf support area. There, you’ll spot a yellow button. Press and twist the yellow button. This action initiates the stroller’s one-step folding mechanism. Keep a firm grip on the stroller as it begins to fold itself. 

Step 5: Once the stroller is neatly folded, you’ll notice a trigger button on the side. Push it to lock the stroller in its folded position. That’s it! 

How To Fold Bob Double Stroller? 

A BOB double stroller called Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie is an excellent option for going out with two babies. It is also a double jogging stroller where parents can take their twin or both babies jogging. Folding a BOB double stroller might seem complicated as it appears bulkier in size, but you can fold it in a few simple steps.   

Step 1: Empty the Stroller 

First things first, let’s clear the stage. Take out all those toys, snacks, and whatever else might be hanging out in the stroller. 

Step 2: Down the Handlebars 

Simply locate the release levers or buttons on both sides of the handlebars. Gently press or pull them (not too gently, though) and watch the handlebars gracefully lower themselves. 

Step 3: Lock Those Swivels 

Now, let’s make sure those front swivel wheels are in line for the folding. There should be lock mechanisms near the front wheels. Give them a little twist or click to ensure the wheels are now fixed in place. It will make the folding process smooth. 

Step 4: One-Handed Fold 

Here’s where the real magic happens. With one hand on the handlebars and the other gently pushing down on the stroller seat, give a slight nudge upwards with your foot to fold the stroller in half. 

Step 5: Secure the Deal 

With the stroller folded in half, you’re almost there. You’ll find a red strap on the underneath the handlebar. Secure this latch to keep your stroller neatly folded and ready for storage or transportation. 

Things to Remember When Folding a BOB Single Stroller and Double Stroller 

  • Make sure the stroller is empty before folding.  
  • Activate the parking brake to keep your stroller still while folding.  
  • Shrink the canopy for easy folding and compact folding.   
  • Recline the seat near to the flat position to fold the stroller compactly.   
  • Look for the triggers or pull straps to fold the stroller.   
  • Fasten the buckles or straps to lock the stroller for safe transportation.   

When you close a BOB stroller, cover it with a stroller cover to keep it clean. Here are detailed instructions on how to clean the BOB stroller to keep the stroller tidy.  

Final Words 

The convenience and ease of the folding process can make a world of difference in your daily routine. Sometimes, you might find yourself in a situation where you’re in a parking lot, and your little one is on the brink of a tantrum. That’s where knowing the art of folding a Bob Stroller comes in handy. All BOB strollers fold almost identically. So, no matter what type of BOB stroller you have, you can easily learn how to collapse a BOB stroller with the instructions given above. I hope this post comes in aid on how to fold up a BOB stroller. 

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