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How To Fold Cybex Stroller: A Quick Guide

By Jennifer Ward

CYBEX strollers are compact, light, agile, versatile, and stylish. Cybex offers a wide range of single strollers, car seats, and a convertible single to double stroller. These premium strollers have one-hand easy folding and unfolding mechanism that ensures a smooth and comfortable ride for babies and parents. Here is a step-by-step process of how to fold Cybex strollers. 

What is a Cybex Stroller? 

Cybex strollers are stylish strollers known for coming with luxurious seats, extra-large canopy, spacious storage basket, easy and compact fold, etc. The Germany-origin baby gear company combines unique design, unsurpassed safety and quality, and intelligent functionality. Always keeping the baby’s safety in mind, they design their products to make an innovative and fashionable lifestyle for parents.   

Key Features of Cybex Strollers 

The highly fashionable Cybex strollers are perfect to adapt to city life. These strollers are available in different colors. Cybex has more than ten single strollers in their lineup- Balios S Lux, Melio Street, Talos S Lux, Praim, Eazy S Twist+2, Beezy, Libelle, etc. Except for Libelle, you can use all other strollers from birth up to 4 years (22 kg).  Here are some key features of a Cybex stroller: 

  • One-hand compact fold  
  • Comfortable and spacious seat  
  • Reversible seat unit  
  • XL UPF50+ sun canopy  
  • Ergonomic lie-flat seat  
  • All-wheel suspension   
  • Height adjustable handlebar  
  • Spacious storage basket  
  • Travel system compatible 

Folding a Cybex Single Stroller  

All the single strollers have the same folding process into a compact fold. However, in some strollers, you have to press the button on the handlebar to lower the handle, or other types lower the handlebar by folding it down. The steps for folding Cybex strollers are outlined below:  

How to fold Cybex Strollers: Steps for Cybex Single Strollers

  • Step on the parking brake to activate parking mode.  
  • Fold and minimize the size of canopy panels.  
  • Find the trigger on the canopy and pull up to collapse the seat.   
  • Press the button on the handlebar to lower the handle.   
  • Lie flat the folded stroller on the ground.  
  • Twist and disengage the front wheels for a more compact fold.   
  • Pull a strap between the wheels to lock the stroller. 

Folding a Cybex Double Stroller 

The Gazelle S stroller is convertible from a single to a double stroller. You can also add an extra shopping basket if you use it as a single stroller.

How to fold Cybex Strollers: Steps for Cybex Double Strollers

  • Pull the lever and lock the front wheels for a self-standing fold.  
  • Activate the brake on the rear wheels.   
  • Remove the shopping basket.  
  • Pull back the panels of the canopy.   
  • Pull the lever at the back of the seat to adjust it parallel to the stroller’s arms.  
  • Press the side buttons of the leg rest to lower it.  
  • Push the button on the handlebar and lift the safety trigger 
  • Lower the handlebar to collapse the stroller. 

Pro tip: if you have a seat in reverse position, you need to remove the seat to fold the stroller. Also, if you are using two seats on the stroller, you need to remove the seat at the top for a compact fold.   

Things to remember when folding a Cybex Stroller 

  • Before folding, double-check to make sure the stroller is empty.  
  • To keep your stroller stable during folding, activate the parking brake.  
  • Scale down the panels of the canopy for easy folding and compact folding.  
  • To compactly fold the stroller, recline the seat near the lie-flat position.  
  • To fold the stroller, look for the pull straps or triggers.  
  • To keep the stroller secure during transportation, fasten the buckles or straps. 


Cybex strollers have an identical process of folding. Despite having various models of strollers, all of them are easy to fold using one hand. Follow the process as mentioned in the article for folding the Cybex stroller. Thanks for reading!  

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