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How To Fold Umbrella Stroller: A Step-By-Step Guide  

By Jennifer Ward

Umbrella strollers are known for being compact, lightweight, and good for running day-to-day errands. This stroller comes with curved handles that resembles an umbrella handle and can be collapsed and folded easily. If you have an umbrella stroller, it’s quintessential that you know how to fold an umbrella stroller. Find below the easy, step-by-step process of how to fold umbrella stroller.

How to Fold Umbrella Stroller    

How to fold umbrella stroller

When folding an umbrella stroller, you need to examine the frame that joins the two rear wheels of the stroller. You might notice a red lever near the halfway mark of the frame bar. Then follow the steps to fold the stroller.   

Step 1: At first, push the lever to the left with your finger or toe, then pull it forward. The frame between the rear wheels will unlock when you are done.  

Step 2: Now, fold the stroller compactly and pull the handles forward.   

Step 3: To secure the stroller in the folded position, lock the latch on the side of the stroller.  

Note: The folding of incredible GB Pockit is a bit different than a regular umbrella stroller. You need to unlock the front wheels first. Then press the white buttons on the handle, pressing down while putting that downward pressure on the stroller. You might feel it is too hard on the first try, but don’t worry. Soon you will get used to it.  

How To Open the Combi Umbrella Stroller   

Here is how to open a combi umbrella stroller.  

  • At first, pull and release the button on the top bars and then push it down until it locks into the position.    
  • At this point, you might hear a clicking sound and resistance from the frame.   
  • Repeat the steps again for the opposite end of the stroller.    

Your baby’s Combi stroller is now ready to be used.   

Things To Remember  

Before you start folding an umbrella stroller, make sure you keep the babies out of the way. It is an extra precaution that makes sure that you are avoiding any harm. Despite the fact that there are many brands of strollers available on the market, the designs of the strollers are kind of similar. So, the folding process and precautions would be the same for almost all umbrella strollers.  

If your umbrella stroller comes with a canopy for protection from the sun, make sure to close it before folding the stroller. And for stability and security, please lock the breaks if there are any.  

Key Features of An Umbrella Stroller    

Umbrella strollers are best for parents on the go. Even though these umbrella strollers don’t offer additional bells and whistles like full-sized strollers, there are some certain key features that are common in all umbrella strollers: 

  • Lightweight   
  • Fold compactly    
  • 5-point harness system   
  • Bigger canopy    
  • Spacious storage basket    

Other features like adjustable handlebars, bumper bars, and parent trays are not usually available on umbrella strollers. These features can be found on regular full-sized strollers only.  

Wrapping Up   

All umbrella strollers have an identical process of folding. Despite there being a lot of models of strollers, most of them are easy to fold. Follow the process in this article on how to fold umbrella stroller, and you will be good to go. Thanks for reading! 

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