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How To Keep Baby Warm in Stroller This Winter  

By Jennifer Ward

Newborns or young toddlers can be kept warm around the house, but how to keep a baby warm in a stroller outdoors? Let me share what tips and tricks worked for me and can help you go out in chilly winters. 

My daughter Laila is a November kid. Soon after her birth, I had to stay home for a month. I was dying to get fresh air; only chilling in December refrained me. But thanks to the cozy stroller blankets and age-old proven granny tips to keep the baby warm, I managed to get out more than often to get outside and, at the same time, tend to the necessities too. 

In this article, I am sharing with you all you need to know about how to keep your baby warm in a stroller and be the coolest mom during winter! 

How To Keep Baby Warm in Stroller: 5 Best Tips

Babies can get cold in the stroller if you do not properly take the necessary steps. So, follow these tips to keep your baby warm and cozy.   

Dress the baby accordingly 

To keep the baby warm, it’s essential to dress the baby accordingly. Putting an extra layer of clothes, especially those made of organic material, is best to keep the baby warm. Also, wear a hat and gloves, if possible, before going out. 

Use a warm sleeping bag  

Choose a sleeping bag that can be used for a car seat and stroller like this 7 AM Enfant Nido. This Enfant Nido is designed to collaborate with The Car Seat Lady. It’s a group that’s dedicated to keeping babies safe in cars. The best part of Nido is that it is compatible with almost all strollers and car seats.  

Invest in a stroller blanket  

Adding insulation is the best way to keep the baby warm in the winter. So, make sure to give your baby’s favorite stroller blanket, especially when the baby is in the car seat or stroller. Best stroller blankets for winter like this fit your baby perfectly around the sides of the stroller without being too tight. Try finding a weather-appropriate blanket.

Add an insert to the stroller 

An insert can be added to the stroller; it keeps the child nice and warm, while some inserts allow babies to look outside. An insert will also prevent the cold, chilly air from entering the stroller.  

Keep the stroller in a warm place 

Additionally, try to keep the stroller in a warm room to keep the stroller warm. The idea is to keep the baby less exposed to the cold. However, where there is sun out, allowing a sun kiss for a while will brighten your baby’s face. 

Note: Even in cold weather, hydration remains crucial. Pack a thermos filled with warm water or a warm beverage for your baby. 

How To Keep Baby Warm In Jogging Stroller? 

Keeping a baby warm in the jogging stroller is not much different from keeping warm in a regular stroller. So, if you want to keep your baby warm in the jogging stroller, dress your baby in warm clothes. The ideal temperature for a baby is between 68°F and 72°F. Dress your baby accordingly, and don’t be afraid to adjust their clothing as needed during your run. Moreover, invest in a good stroller blanket and add an insert to the stroller.  

How do you walk a baby in a stroller in the winter? 

Follow the tips below to make sure your baby is warm and cozy even if it’s chilly outside: 

Use a universal stroller cover 

Keep your baby protected during snow or heavy fall with a universal rain cover. A rain cover protects your baby from snowfall and ensures that the stroller is protected from wetness and damage. 

Use a footmuff  

During winter, when it’s very chilly outside, use a footmuff designed to fit most strollers. Best footmuffs come with full-length zippers, so you can quickly get the baby in and out of the footmuff. While purchasing, choose a washable footmuff so that you can easily clean it even if it’s soiled.

Carry extra blankets and hats  

During winter, the temperature can change over time, or the temperature might fall drastically. To prepare for that, carry an extra blanket, clothes, and hats for necessities. A checklist might help you not forget any essential items.   

best Stroller Blankets

How Do You Figure out the baby is extremely cold?

   Check for the following symptoms to find out If your baby is too chilly or cold:

  • Baby’s skin is cold to touch  
  • Baby has a red nose  
  • If the baby is shivering uncontrollably 
  • If the baby has a very fast breathing 
  • If the baby is unresponsive or lethargic  

If the baby has any of these signs, make sure to bring the baby indoors as soon as possible and try to warm up the baby. But do not use a heating pad on the stroller in any way, as it can cause burns.  

Tips on how to warm up the baby:

  • Wrap the baby in a warm blanket and hold the baby close to your body to transfer heat.  
  • You can give the baby a warm bath, but ensure the water is not too hot. If the baby’s condition does not improve, make sure to show medical attention.  

Final Words

Babies are extremely sensitive. Any change in temperatures could easily make them sick. During winter, you must be extra cautious and prepared while taking the baby out. Creating a warm and comfortable environment fosters a sense of security and well-being, allowing your little one to experience the magic of winter fully. Choosing the right gear, layering strategically, and monitoring your baby’s temperature is crucial for ensuring their comfort and well-being. With the right preparation and a bit of planning, you can create a cozy and enjoyable winter wonderland experience for your entire family. 

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