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How To Keep Bassinet Warm: Effective Tips & Hacks To Keep The Cold Away! 

By Jennifer Ward

We use cooling pads in summer to keep the hot away, but how to keep the newborn baby warm outdoors during winter? There are different opinions on whether to swaddle the baby or use a heating pad. Then again, many babies are against swaddling. Then keeping the bassinet warm is the only way. So how to keep bassinet warm? To answer all your queries, I have rounded up essential tips and hacks that I tested and tried. Let’s check them. 

How To Keep Bassinet Warm: 5 Practical Ways

1. Keep the bassinet dry.  

Wet diapers are uncomfortable for babies even in summer, so think about what it feels like in winter. Wet clothes quickly become cold in winter. So, change the diapers frequently to prevent leakage on the baby’s bassinet. There are many heavy-absorbing diapers available in the market. Care to choose those. 

2. Wear Baby warm clothes 

To keep babies warm, dress them according to the weather (consider the temperature). During the first few months (0-6 months), the babies need to be wrapped in an extra layer than usual. The best fabrics to make the baby wear are wool or a layer of cotton under a layer of fleece. Don’t forget the hat because babies even feel cold in the head. 

warm clothes 

3. Preheat the room/tent before the baby sleeps.  

During winter, if you are on a trip or in a tent, preheat the room using a room heater to maintain temperatures between 65 to 70 Fahrenheit or 18 to 21 Celsius. That will keep both the bassinet and the room warm. Baby might shiver in a cold room. Consequently, their metabolism might increase and result in energy drainage.   

Alternatively, if the baby’s room is too hot baby will not be comfortable. So, keep an eye on the baby regularly and adjust the temperature accordingly. 

 4. Keep a hot water bottle in a bassinet  

To keep the bassinet warm, keep a hot water bottle in it. Make sure to use a bottle that’s made of rubber and just fill it with warm water. Make sure you wrap the bottle with a spare towel and keep it under a blanket or sheet at one end of the bassinet.  

 5. Buy a bassinet that has a canopy  

While choosing a bassinet, you should choose one with a canopy. I chose the UPPAbaby VISTA V2 bassinet for Jason that came with a canopy. I found that it served two purposes.  

  1. It would provide insulation to keep the baby warm during winter by blocking drafts from open doors and windows.  
  1. It would also block the light so that the baby could sleep well.  

How To Keep Baby Warm in Crib 

Baby can be kept warm in the crib in the same way as the bassinet, so you can follow the tips on how to keep bassinet warm. However, unlike the bassinets, cribs are installed indoors. Here are some essential tips on how to keep a baby warm in a crib:    

1. Cover Head, Hands, and Feet & Regulate Room Temperature 

Apart from adding layers of cloth to keep the baby warm in the crib, you must also remember to cover the baby’s head, hands, and feet.  A baby’s head, feet, and hands can lose a lot of the body’s heat, so ensure to cover them up adequately during winter.  

You can make the baby wear warm socks on the feet, a pair of mittens in hand, and a soft and comfortable cap. It is crucial to control room temperature, especially for newborns. 

Cover Head

2. Use Fitted Sheets & Warm Up  

A pair of well-fitted sheets can provide warmth and sound sleep for the baby. While buying fitted sheets, ensure they are not too soft, as this puts the little one at risk of smothering hazards. You can choose a firm baby mattress and cover it with a well-fitted waterproof mattress protector sheet. 

waterproof mattress protector sheet. 

3. Preheat the crib  

If the crib is too cool for your baby, you can use a heated crib pad before laying out the baby. But be careful before putting the baby in the crib. Remove the heating pad and ensure the temperature is suitable for your baby. You can also use a hot water bottle or bag at least 30 minutes beforehand if you do not have a crib pad. 

crib pad

Can You Put a Heating Pad in A Bassinet?  

No, you cannot put a heating pad in a bassinet while the baby is laying on it. But, you can preheat the bassinet.

There are many reasons not to install a heating pad in a bassinet, most of which relate to safety. 

A baby’s skin is susceptible, and heating pads can cause burns or other skin damage. A child’s skin is thinner than an adult, so if the heating pad gets too hot, it can lead to skin damage. Moreover, the materials of the heating pads are synthetic fibers and polyester, which might melt when exposed to hot temperatures and threaten your baby’s safety.

Heating Pad in A Bassinet

How do you heat a bassinet? 

No one should directly heat a bassinet. However, there are alternate safe ways to keep a bassinet warm, like storing the bassinet indoors at a comfortable room temperature or keep a hot water bottle under the bassinet sheet.  

Wrapping Up 

As parents, we want our babies to always be warm and cozy, even in a bassinet. Dressing them warmly or keeping the bassinet at a warm temperature are some of the few tips, to begin with. I hope you have learned how to keep bassinet warm by following any or all of the tips mentioned above, especially during the winter season. If you have more queries, then feel free to comment in the comment section.  

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