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How To Protect Baby From Sun In Stroller – 7 Useful Tips

By Jennifer Ward

How to prepare your baby for a hot day outing? Taking kids outside in a stroller during hot summer days is challenging. Kids are not meant to be indoors all the time, are they? Besides, experts recommend that the outdoors are crucial for babies’ growth and development. Outgoing parents like us cannot afford to keep the baby indoors all the time, however hot the summer season is. 

Let’s find out how to protect the baby from the sun in the stroller with the following tips and hacks: 

Tips of How To Protect Baby From Sun In Stroller

Sun exposure is bound to happen, but we should be careful to keep the baby safe in a stroller under the scorching sun. This post aims to help parents with essential sun-protection tips that help the parents enjoy the summertime while keeping the baby safe in a stroller. A stroller offers its benefits with the canopy by providing essential shade. What else can we do to protect the baby? Let’s find out.

Buy a seat liner

Sweat-absorbing seat liner can add comfort to your baby during hot summer days. Most seat liners are made to soak away moisture and make the stroller a comfortable place to stay during the summertime. Seat liners are usually made from breathable fabrics and absorbing cushioning. When buying a seat liner, choose the one that is a universal fit and very easy to install. There are premium seat liners like this gel-filled cooling seat mat specially designed to prevent and dissipate baby sweat. Or, for a quick and handy solution, refrigerate the non-gel filling liners for an hour to offer a cooling effect to your baby.

Provide Maximum Shade

A stroller with an extended canopy is a blessing during the summer. A 3-panel canopy outright protects your baby from the sun’s UV rays. You can get a stroller sunshade or a canopy extender to offer maximum protection.

Remaining in the shade as much as possible is a great way to keep your baby cool. With the added shade from a stroller sunshade or extender, you can beat the heat while walking on streets or beach areas, and keep the baby cool and come.

Sensible Clothing

We often forget this one; fancy or extravagant clothing can make your baby’s life difficult on hot summer days. Try opting for lightweight, breathable fabric or cotton. We cannot afford to underdress the baby because it might cause sunburn. Moderate clothing can keep the heat away and, at the same time, offer comfort for your baby.

How To Protect Baby From Sun In Stroller

Get an Umbrella Stroller

Umbrella strollers are light and easy to maneuver. The seat of an umbrella stroller is usually made of fabrics that offer comfort on hot summer days and has a canopy that provides more coverage from the sun’s harmful rays. Umbrella strollers are made to carry your baby in such a condition. When parents ask how to protect baby from sun in the stroller, I strongly advise them to get a lightweight umbrella stroller for a starter.

Keep the Fluids Flowing.

The sun’s heat may cause dehydration, especially for a baby. The baby must get enough fluids to cause extra sweating, which may reduce fluid from the baby’s body. Although while in a stroller, babies don’t need to stretch, yet long outings on a hot summer day may dry down the body fluids. Monitor your baby on the go, and check if they feel any uneasiness, more or less wet diapers, or unusual urine color to find out if the baby got dehydration.

Install a Stroller Fan.

Yes, a stroller fan can be your lifesaver under the hot sun. Battery-operated stroller fans are available and can be installed quickly on any stroller model. A stroller fan can be used outside and indoors as a baby’s oscillating fan.

Get Homemade Cooling Solutions.

Couldn’t manage gel-filled stroller liner? Think of DIY cooling solutions with used water bottles, cooling packs, and wet towels. Fill two water bottles with cold water. Wrap the bottles in a towel and place them on the sides of the stroller. Or simply place cooling pads in the stroller.

More Tips:

  • Wipe the baby’s body on the go with a wet towel as it soothes the skin and keeps the baby cool.
  • Many strollers feature removable back panels. To increase the airflow around the baby, remove it to let your baby feel relaxed


Whatever the necessity, it’s highly advised not to take the baby outside during the midday sun. At other times, be cautious and always watch your baby while on an outing. Stop in as much shade as possible to keep your baby’s body temperature neutral. I recommend following the advice mentioned in this post to avoid unexpected situations. I hope this post answers all your queries on how to protect your baby from the sun in the stroller.


How hot is too hot for a baby in a stroller?  

According to experts, usually over 80 degrees, the baby’s body fails to keep cool. For infants, especially newborns, it’s difficult for them to sweat, and it may lead to dehydration and heat stroke. It’s highly recommended not to let your baby be exposed to direct sunlight on such a hot day. 

Can I put sunscreen on my baby?  

Although an infant’s skin is sensitive and vulnerable to severe burns, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends not using adult sunscreen since it might bring rashes as a side effect.  
According to the FDA and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), babies younger than 6 months should be kept away from direct sunlight. If you opt for sunscreen, note that some babies are highly allergic to adult cosmetics.

How can I tell if my baby is too hot?   

If your baby is overheated, the first sign you will get is from fewer wet diapers. Besides, the skin may turn dry, and the baby might refuse to drink milk or water if the situation worsens. In such a situation, it’s highly recommended to take medical advice from a certified professional. 

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