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How To Ship a Stroller Hassle-free, At A Lower Shipping Rate! 

By Jennifer Ward

Strollers may seem bulky and fragile to ship. As long as you are familiar with packing and how to ship a stroller, you are good to go! I had to ship a stroller once. It was the old Thule Sleek, and I decided to donate the stroller instead of leaving it to rust in the basement. 

I wanted the stroller to be intact and properly shipped, so I made sure to securely package the stroller and shipped it. Still, I was anxious, but finally, I was overwhelmed when the stroller reached the destination safely. In this article, I am going through the easy steps in detail, including the average cost of shipping a stroller so that you know how to ship a stroller without any trouble and at the lowest price. 

How To Ship a Stroller?  

Step 1: Fold the stroller  

At first, fold down the stroller to the smallest size possible. Remove all detachable components, including the wheels, if they are removable. If there is any locking mechanism, ensure it’s properly locked in. Wrap every component in separate parts. Bubble wraps the stroller completely. Use at least 2 to 3 layers of wrapping and packaging tape to hold the stroller in place. 

How To Ship a Stroller Fold

Step 2: Get a big enough shipping box 

To ship the stroller, make sure you get a big enough box. Usually, when buying a stroller, a shipping box comes with it, but if you don’t have that, you can get a big shipping box. Make sure the box has at least 3 inches of space on all sides. 

 Step 3: Layer the stroller box with packing peanuts 

To prevent any damage, insert packing peanuts into the base of the stroller box. Then lay the stroller on top of them. Next, fill additional removable components in the box (if there are any). Finally, pour more packing peanuts to fill the box on the sides and up to the top. Shake the box a little to ensure that the package is appropriately stuffed (nothing moves) 

Step 4: Close the box, weigh and ship it  

For the final shipping process step, close the box with several layers of packaging tape and seal it. Make sure to weigh the box to get an idea of the shipping cost. Then label the package and bring it to a shipment service.  

How To Ship a Stroller
How to Ship a Stroller

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Stroller?  

The stroller shipping varies on the size and weight of the stroller and how you are shipping the stroller. There are typically two ways to ship a stroller:  

  • By ground  
  • By air  

Ground shipping is cheaper than air shipping. For instance, ground shipping in the United States may start from $30, while air shipping costs around $100. If you are shipping internationally, prices may increase; for example, shipping costs to Canada through FedEx may start from $72, and to Uk starts from $47.74. 

What is the maximum weight for a stroller?  

The maximum weight for shipping a stroller varies, depending on the courier and the shipping method. 

 For example, the maximum weight for shipping packages with the United States Postal Service (USPS) is 70 pounds for Priority Mail and almost 130 pounds for Priority Mail Express. For shipping with FedEx, the maximum weight for FedEx Ground is 150 pounds and up to 550 pounds for FedEx Freight. Since the average weight of a standard stroller weighs between 15-30 pounds, you won’t have to worry about the weight limit while shipping. Although the price will vary depending on the stroller’s weight.

Ways To Save Money on Shipping a Stroller 

Shipping a stroller can be expensive, but by considering some facts, you can save money while shipping the stroller:  

  1. Choose economy shipping options: If you are looking for the lowest cost, ensure the shipping company is reliable. 
  2. Pack the stroller properly: Proper packing can help reduce shipping costs and prevent damage during transit. 
  3. Compare shipping rates: Many online tools can help you calculate the cost of shipping a stroller and compare rates from different carriers. 
  4. For a lower cost, go for a shipping consolidator: Shipping consolidators can help reduce shipping costs by combining multiple packages into one shipment. 
  5. Use a shipping discount program: Many shipping carriers offer discounts for frequent shippers. Enrolling in a shipping discount program can help you save money. 
  6. Find a company that offers free shipping: Some stroller manufacturers offer free shipping for strollers. Check if your stroller applies to that. 

How To Ship a Stroller: Final Words  

Shipping your stroller shouldn’t bother you much. It doesn’t need to be costly, either. Rather you should be worried about protection. Just like other parcels, a little preparation can help. I hope in this article, you have found all the tips and answers you are looking for shipping your stroller. If you have further queries, let us know in the comment section.

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