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How To Travel With A Baby Without A Car Seat: All You Need To Know   

By Jennifer Ward

Car seats are made to move and transport babies safely. A car seat is a best and safest option to move from one place to another with babies. However, carrying a car seat everywhere may not be possible all the time. So, you must know how to travel with a baby without a car seat.

I remember one trip I had with Layla when she was just 5 months old. Her neck wasn’t grown then; I had to take a bus to their aunts in Connecticut. At first, I was terrified (since I had little experience with it) and did not have any clue how I should manage. During that time, my sister gave me some tips and hacks to keep a hold of my nerves and helped me through the trip.    

In this post, I am sharing insights on how to travel with a baby without a car seat. I’ll put you at ease; so, you do not face any trouble without the car seats while traveling and can keep your baby safe.  

How to Travel with a Baby without a Car Seat  

A car seat is the safest option for your children while traveling. However, you may not have the privilege of carrying a car seat every time. In such a scenario, the following options you can consider when you’re traveling with a baby without a car seat:  

1. Public Transportation- Safest alternative  

When you’re planning for a trip without your car, then you wouldn’t need a baby car seat. To put your baby’s safety in such situations, choose public transportation like monorails, subways, and buses as the best alternative to travel with a baby without a car seat.

Public Transportation
Public Transportation

2. Taxi- Common in most places  

If you don’t like public transit, then you can travel with your baby via taxi in most places. In the US, taxis are exempt from car seat laws while transporting your baby without a car seat. However, a car seat ensures better safety in the event of a crash.  

How to Travel with a Baby without a Car Seat (1)

3. Waist Belt & Front Pack Carrier  

Whether sitting on a plane or in a taxi, a waist belt designed to hold your baby with you or a front-pack baby carrier is convenient for you while traveling with a baby without a car seat.  

What are the Govt. Rules about Car Seat  

Those among us planning to travel without a car seat should be familiar with the govt. rules about car seats applicable for a particular state; otherwise, it may cost you up to a $500 penalty. For example, let’s see the New York state rules about car seats:  

  • Rear Facing Position: Infants up to 22 lbs should be placed in an infant car seat. The car seat must be installed in the back in a rear-facing position.   
  • Forward-Facing Position: As the baby outgrows from the infant seat, you can use a convertible seat which can be installed in both forward-facing and rear-facing positions. Babies at least 40 lbs can remain in a forward-facing position while traveling in a car seat.  
  • Booster seat: The booster seat is used for older kids (8 to 12 years). The seat can come up with/without back support. Kids sitting on a booster seat must be secured with a seat belt.  
  • All-in-one: All-in-one car seat has a rear-facing mode for infants, forward-facing, and booster mode for older kids. So, you can use it according to the baby’s age and weight, maintaining the sitting position rules.  
  • Charge for Violating Car Seat Laws in New York: The penalty will be up to $100, whereas, in New Jersey, it’s up to $75.  

Final Words  

A car seat ensures safety; so, if possible, don’t compromise using a car seat for your baby while traveling. In case you are totally unable to carry your baby’s car seat, care to choose alternatives such as public transport or taxis, or go for a baby carrier in front or a waist belt to hold your baby safely. Hope you got all the information you need to know about how to travel with a baby without a car seat. If you have further queries, leave a note in the comment section.

FAQ: How to Travel with a Baby without a Car Seat  

Can a 2-Year-Old Travel Without Car Seat?  

You can travel with your 2-year-old baby in public transportation or taxis where a car seat is not required/mandatory to use; the baby must be kept in the rear seat of the car.  

Can You Take a Baby on a Bus without a Car Seat?  

Bus seats are not compatible with car seats. That’s why you have to travel with a baby without the car seat on a bus.  

Can My Child Ride in Uber without Car Seat?  

In many states, uber requires children to ride in car seats (passengers must provide), whereas, in some states, uber may fall under the taxi cab rules. So, car seat requirements vary from place to place. However, if you’re permitted to travel with your child in Uber without a car seat, keeping your child (less than 13) in the rear seat is strongly recommended.  

Can Toddler Fly without Car Seat?  

Toddlers are allowed to fly without a car seat. However, parents are highly encouraged to use car seats wherever they are traveling. 

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