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Mockingbird Stroller vs City Select: All You Need To Know

By Jennifer Ward

Mockingbird and the City Select 2 share many similar features and rank among the popular convertible strollers. Both these strollers are known for a variety of possible configurations. In this post, we will give an in-depth analysis and comparison and share my verdict.  

Mockingbird and City Select 2 are both travel system strollers. They both are car seats compatible for newborns and toddlers. However, there are differences between the strollers too. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the Mockingbird Stroller Vs City Select 2 review and find out what makes them different from each other. 

Mockingbird Stroller vs City Select: Key Features

Product MockingbirdCity Select
mockingbirdcity select
Dimension (folded) 33″L x 26″W x 40″H35” Lx 23.8” W x 41.1”H
Weight (Single)26.5 lbs.26.4 lbs
Weight (Double)35 lbs.34 lbs
Seat Recline Yes, Multi-positionYes, Multi-position
Capacity 50 lbs.50 lbs.
View on WebsiteOut of Stock

Mockingbird Stroller Vs City Select Features In detail:  

Weight & Capacity  

One of the most significant differences between Mockingbird and City Select 2 is the stroller’s weight. Thanks to the lighter frame, Both City Select 2 and Mockingbird weigh less than 27 pounds, making them 3 to 5 pounds lighter than the previous versions of City Select.   

While talking about carrying capacity, both Mockingbird and City Select 2 can carry up to 45lbs. In addition, both strollers are suitable for babies up to 6 years old toddlers.

Mockingbird Stroller Vs City Select – Dimensions   

Stroller Dimensions (Unfolded)   

  • Mockingbird: 33″L x 26″W x 40″H  
  • City Select 2: 35” Lx 23.8”W x 41.1”H 

Stroller Dimensions (Folded)   

  • Mockingbird: 16″L x 25.5″W x 33.5″H  
  • City Select 2: 12″L x24 “W x 38″H 

Car seat compatibility  

Create your travel system by pairing a City Select 2 or Mockingbird with an infant car seat from several leading brands. 

You can attach the car seat to City Select 2. It’s easy click-in feature allows car seat attachment without any adapters.   

However, Mockingbird does not have its own brand of car seat. But with an adapter, the stroller is compatible with car seats of several top brands, which gives parents the flexibility of popping the car seat on and off a stroller.   

Plus, for parents who aren’t planning on using a car seat or who want more than one option, both strollers have a Carriage option or an infant seat insert.  

The Mockingbird and City Select 2 strollers are also compatible with car seats from reputed brands such as Britax, Nuna, Chicco, and Maxi Cosi with the help of a car seat adapter. Keep in mind that the car seats and adapters do not come with the box, and they need to be bought separately.  

Seat recline and adjustable footrest  

Both the stroller seats are reclinable into multiple positions. From sitting upright to almost lying flat position, and can be adjusted according to your baby’s preference. In full recline mode, your baby can enjoy short naps on the go.   

Mockingbird and the City Select 2 footrest has an adjustable footrest, offering comfort for your baby. Plus, the footrest of City Select 2 can be manually shortened for small babies. The mockingbird stroller’s footrest zip opens for easy cleanup.   

5 Point Harness Safety  

Both strollers come with a 5-point harness for safety purposes. The harnesses are of standard quality, offering both safety and comfort. So, there’s nothing to complain about it.   


The handlebars of both strollers are height adjustable, making them convenient for both short and tall parents. In both Mockingbird and City Select 2, the handlebars are ergonomic and comfortable. But the handlebars of mockingbirds have leather in them which gives a supreme feel. Now in the case of the City Select 2 Eco version, you will get the leather handlebar, but the base version has sturdy plastic bars. However, the handlebar of City Select 2 is a telescopic handlebar and can also be manually operated. 


The basket underneath both the stroller is spacious. The City Select 2 storage basket can carry up to 15 lbs. of goodies! That means no on-the-go items are left behind when you decide to go out.  The basket is more accessible – from the front and back. The Mockingbird basket is spacious and highly accessible too. In fact, the Mockingbird stroller has a higher basket capacity (25 lbs.) than the City Select 2 stroller.  

Bumper Bar  

The bumper bar is an extra additional feature that comes included with the City Select 2 Eco version. It gives that extra sense of security and comfort. However, with the base version of City Select 2 or for Mockingbird, you can always buy one.        


The City Select 2 boasts foam-filled rear wheels and offers bump-free rides over all terrains. On the front wheels, it has an additional swivel mechanism. The mechanism gives the stroller a smoother ride on gravel or rough roads.  

On the other hand, the Mockingbird wheels can be used on different types of terrain, such as pavement, gravel, grass, and sand, as a non-jogger stroller; but City Select 2h as large back wheels that allow it to go more off the road than a Mockingbird.   


So there comes a saying that the bigger, the better! That’s right, in the case of a canopy of the stroller. Both stroller City Select 2 and Mockingbirds’ canopies are big enough and cover all the essential parts of the body to give maximum protection. The City Select 2 and Mockingbird both canopies have UPF50 protection. The canopy of City Select 2 is height adjustable, whereas the Mockingbird stroller cannot be adjusted whatsoever.     


Both strollers are stylish and fashionable. They are made to impress trendy urban parents.  

City Select 2:  

  •  The base version comes in 3 colors Radiant Slate, Peacoat Blue, Flint Sage
  •  Eco Version comes in – 4 colors: Pure Mulberry, Lunar black, Frosted Ivory, and Harbored Grey 

Mockingbird Stroller:   

  • 5 colors – Black, Sea, Sky, Bloom, Sage  

However, for the Mockingbird stroller, you can choose from 2 patterns of windowpane and watercolor drops for the inside of the canopy. Plus, you can choose leather colors from penny or black.  

Pros and Cons of The Mockingbird Stroller 

  • Easy Folding mechanism  
  • While in double stroller mode, both seats hold 45 pounds each 
  • Canopy material is water-resistant  
  • Spacious storage basket   
  • Full recline feature that is great for naps 
  • Four-wheel suspension system   
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • No all-terrain capacity  
  • The canopy is not height-adjustable.  
  • Additional accessories are costly.  

Pros and Cons of City Select 2 Stroller 

  • Convertible double stroller  
  • Car seat and bassinet compatible  
  • Adjustable handlebar   
  • Newborns and toddler stroller   
  • Accessible stroller basket  
  • Front-wheel suspension system  
  • Foam-filled rear tires for rough terrain   
  • Heavy  
  • Bulky when folded   

Mockingbird Stroller vs City Select – Verdict  

One of the biggest differences between Mockingbird and City Select 2 is its price point. City Select 2 is sold for around $699 for the eco version and $599 for the base version, whereas comparatively, the Mockingbird is available at a cheap price of only $450.   

So, the Mockingbird is an affordable option as a convertible double stroller. It has a lot of perks and plenty of features to impress. It is best for those looking for a convertible double stroller at a reasonable price but doesn’t want to miss out on features a genuine convertible stroller offers.   

On the other hand, City Select 2 is a high-end convertible stroller that can be easily converted. It comes with a sturdy yet lighter frame. With all its features City Select 2 also comes with an upgrade of premium leather covers, handlebars, and bumper bar.  Its one-step easy fold with automatic makes it very comfortable and user-friendly for both your baby and you. The only major issue that I felt is that it comes with a higher price tag. And some may find the storage capacity not sufficient, especially for those who need to carry a lot of stuff and do groceries with the stroller.   

Finally, the decider is your budget and lifestyle. If you are looking for a cheap stroller that packs a punch, choose Mockingbird; otherwise, if there is no budget constraint, City Select 2 stroller is by far the superior stroller among them.    


We have come to the end of the Mockingbird Stroller vs City Select review! The City Select 2 is the best among the strollers in terms of features. Mockingbird is an affordable stroller with handy features.   

I have included all the information you may need to know on City Select 2 and Mockingbird. Still, if you have any queries, feel free to comment in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!  

Can you use a Mockingbird stroller with an infant?

Yes, the Mockingbird stroller can be used with infants easily by attaching a car seat adapter.   

Is the Mockingbird stroller too big?

No, the Mockingbird stroller is not too big. The unfolded dimensions for the Mockingbird stroller are 33″L x 26″W x 40″H.  

Is the City Select 2 a jogging stroller?  

No, City Select 2 is a regular convertible double stroller.

Is City Select 2 All Terrain?  

Yes, City Select 2 is an all-terrain stroller.   

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