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Mockingbird Stroller vs Nuna Mixx Next: Which One Is Better for You?   

By Jennifer Ward

Both the Mockingbird and the Nuna Mixx Next are travel system strollers that are compatible with both newborns and toddlers. But Nuna Mixx Next is a full-sized, lightweight, and compact stroller; on the other hand, Mockingbird is a full-sized double stroller with more handy features. 

So, for a more detailed comparison, let’s dive into the review: Mockingbird stroller vs Nuna Mixx.

Mockingbird Stroller Review  


After following the lead of companies like Harrys and Warby Parker, Mockingbird is one of the first to bring out a direct-to-consumer approach to a stroller. Earlier, the company had only single strollers, which couldn’t be converted. But today, the company has a single-to-double version.    

This single-to-double stroller grows with your family; as an infant, you can use a car seat or bassinet, and then when you have a second child, you can purchase the second seat kit. 

  • It can be converted into a double stroller  
  • Has an All-wheel suspension system    
  • One hand easy fold  
  • Large and easily accessible storage    
  • Full recline feature is great for naps   
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty    
  • No all-terrain capacity   
  • Additional accessories are expensive  

Nuna Mixx Next Review  

nuna mix next

The Nuna Mix Next is one of the popular strollers from the Nuna Brand. You can use this stroller for infants by removing the stroller seat and adjusting the car seat or bassinet. In 2021, Nuna Mixx Next was upgraded, and the suspension system was enhanced so that your baby can have a smooth ride while on the bumpy road. Plus, there’s a magnetic harness buckle that allows you to buckle your child in a faster and easier way.

  • Rubber wheels with an all-wheel suspension system    
  • No thread 5-point harness system    
  • Compact fold than the original Mixx    
  • Front swivel wheels can be locked    
  • One-hand reclining system    
  • Adjustable handlebar    
  •  Water-resistant large canopy       
  • Cannot be converted into a double stroller    
  •  No all-terrain wheels  
  • Less storage space than in Mockingbird    

Mockingbird Stroller vs Nuna Mixx Next Key Comparisons:  

Features Mockingbird stroller Nuna Mixx Next
Images Mockingbird-Double-Strollernuna mix next
Weight26.5 lbs28.3 lbs
Dimensions 33″L x 26″W x 40″H32.7″L x 23.6″W x 45.3″H
Weight Capacity 45 lbs50 lbs
Car Seat CompatibleYesYes
Seat ReclineYesYes
Basket Capacity    25 lbs10 lbs
Price $450 $799.95   
View on WebsiteView on Website

Mockingbird stroller vs Nuna Mixx Next Detailed Comparisons:   

Seat Capacity   

While talking about weight capacity, the Nuna Mixx Next can carry a baby up to 50 pounds, whereas the Mockingbird carries a baby up to 45 pounds.   

Car Seat Compatibility   

Both the Nuna Mixx and the Mockingbird strollers are car seat compatible. You can attach a car seat to Nuna Mixx and Mockingbird with adapters.    

But the Nuna Mixx is compatible with only the Nuna brand car seats, and the stroller comes with car seat adapters out of the box.    

However, Mockingbird does not have its own brand’s car seat. But with an adapter, the stroller is compatible with car seats of several top brands, which gives parents the flexibility of popping the car seat on and off a stroller.    

The Mockingbird strollers are compatible with car seats from reputed brands such as Britax, Nuna, Chicco, and Maxi-Cosi with the help of a car seat adapter. The car seat adapters for Mockingbird need to be bought separately.      


The Mockingbird is a full-sized, convertible double stroller. You can easily carry the second child by attaching a second seat to the frame. So, if you are expecting another child, the Mockingbird stroller grows with your family. But the second seat doesn’t come with the stroller and needs to be bought separately. As both the seats have the same capacity, a car seat or bassinet can also be attached.   

In contrast, Nuna Mix Next cannot be converted to a double stroller, so you can carry only one child at a time.    


There’s nothing much to differentiate between the wheels, as both the Nuna Mixx Next and the Mockingbirds have an all-wheel suspension system. Plus, both strollers have front swivel wheels that can be locked while rolling through bumpy and uneven terrain.    


In the canopy department, both canopies can be rated 10 out of 10. Both models come with an extendable canopy that has UPF50+ protection. The Nuna Mixx Next has an added ventilation panel for ventilation, whereas the Mockingbird has a peek-a-boo window.   


Both the Nuna Mixx Next and the Mockingbird come with no threaded 5-point harness system. But the Nuna Mixx Next uses its new Magnetech Secure Snap Technology, which makes buckling your child easier and faster by simplifying your life.   

Seat Recline:   

The Mockingbird and Nuna Mixx. Next, both strollers can recline into multiple positions. The positions can be changed according to your baby’s needs. The flat recline mode offers super comfort and convenience for your baby.    


Both Mockingbird and Nuna Mixx Next come with a quick and easy folding mechanism. The stroller can be folded and unfolded with just one hand. However, folding and unfolding the Mockingbird stroller is more accessible than the Nuna Mixx Next, which requires a bit more assistance. Plus, both strollers can be folded compactly, but Nuna Mixx Next gives a more compact fold.    


The basket size of the Mockingbird stroller is enormous (25 lbs.). It can hold most of your belongings along with your grocery shopping. Plus, the stroller comes with a detachable front cover for easier access to the storage basket. Now, even though the storage capacity of Nuna Mixx Next is enough (10 lbs.) to only store the babies’ essentials. Its storage capacity is 15 lbs. less than the Mockingbird stroller.    

Why should you buy a Nuna Stroller?   

If you have one child and want a compact and lightweight stroller, then the Nuna Mixx Next is the best option. With a seat weight capacity of around 50 pounds and a convertible travel system, it can be your newborn to toddler stroller. It’s a premium stroller with great features and add-ons.  

Why should you buy a Mockingbird Stroller?    

If you have twins or two babies at a similar age range, Mockingbird would be a good choice. It has a large storage capacity, allowing you to carry the belongings of both children. Plus, both seats can accommodate up to 45 pounds. Compared to Nuna, Mockingbird is affordable, but that price tag doesn’t compromise the bells and whistles, making it a stroller that is worth your bucks.   

Wrapping Up   

We have come to the end of the Mockingbird stroller vs Nuna Mixx Next review! The Nuna Mixx Next is the best of the strollers in terms of features. The Mockingbird is an affordable stroller with handy features. But if you have two children and need more storage capacity, then you can choose Mockingbird! Even if the stroller is affordable, it boasts many high-end features.   

I have included all the information you may need to know on the Mockingbird stroller vs Nuna. Still, if you have any queries, feel free to comment in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!  

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