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Nuna Tavo vs Mixx: Which Is Better For Baby?

By Jennifer Ward

The Nuna Mixx Next and Nuna Tavo Next are highly popular among Nuna strollers. Here we are going to compare both the strollers as requested by our readers and find out which is best for you.

The Nuna Tavo and Nuna Mixx are travel systems. They are both car seat compatible strollers suitable for both newborns and toddlers. Whereas the Nuna Tavo is lightweight and compact, the Nuna Mixx is a full-sized convertible double stroller with added features.

Both are durable yet lightweight, easy to fold and unfold and fit the Nuna PIPA series at a reasonable price tag. We love the elegant design Nuna bestowed on both the strollers. 

Nuna Tavo vs Mixx: What are the differences?

The Nuna Mixx seat is reversible, whereas the Nuna Tavo seat is unremovable. The Tavo accepts an adapter-free car seat connection with a larger ventilation panel missing in Mixx. The Mixx seat is removable and can be replaced with a bassinet or a car seat.

Nuna Tavo vs Mixx Key Comparisons:

Product Nuna TavoNuna Mixx
nuna tavo strollernuna mixx stroller
Dimension (Unfolded) 28″L x 22″W x 43″H32″L x 23″W x 45″H
Weight 24.3 lbs.27 lbs.
Convertibility NoYes
Seat Recline Yes, Multi-positionYes, Multi-position
Capacity 50 lbs.50 lbs.
View on WebsiteView on Website

Nuna Tavo vs Mixx Full Comparison:

Nuna Tavo vs Mixx – Price: 

The lightweight and compact Nuna Tavo stroller is by far the winner here. The Nuna Tavo costs around $400; the Nuna Mixx costs around $750. The price tag is higher on MIxx, for its added features and perks.

Nuna Tavo vs Mixx – Weight & Dimension:

The Nuna Tavo is lighter than the Nuna Mixx. Nuna Tavo Weighs 24.3 lbs. The Nuna Mixx is 2.7 lbs higher than the Tavo and weighs 27 lbs.

The Nuna Mixx is undoubtedly quite heavy, even for a full-sized stroller. So, it’s going to be difficult for the parents to glide. If you are into lightweight strollers, the Nuna Tavo is the best option. As far as the seating capacity is concerned, the seating capacity is similar in both strollers. Both can carry up to 50 lbs baby, up to 6 years old!

Nuna Tavo vs Mixx – Dimensions

Regardless of the weight, the Nuna Tavo and Mixx are compact. 

Dimensions (unfolded):

Nuna Tavo: 28″L x 22″W x 43″H

Nuna Mixx: 32″L x 23″W x 45″H

Dimensions (folded):

Nuna Tavo: 28″L x 22″W x 20″H

Nuna Mixx: 27″L x 23″W x 19″H

Note: The Mixx and Tavo both fold up compactly, taking small space to store and easily transported in a car, Nuna Tavo is slightly more compact than the Nuna Mixx.

nuna tavo vs mixx

Nuna Tavo vs Mixx – Features:


The Nuna Mixx is a convertible double stroller. Attach a second seat to the frame and carry your two babies in a single full-sized stroller. It grows with your family if you are expecting another baby! Note that the second seat does not come with the box. You need to purchase separately. Apart from the second seat, a second car seat or a second bassinet also! Unfortunately, the Nuna Tavo is not a convertible stroller. You can only carry a single kid at a time.

Seat Recline:

Both the stroller seats recline into multiple positions effortlessly. From sitting upright to laying completely–all the options your baby might enjoy the variety. Both the strollers perform amazing naps. I have tested both the seats; they are comfortable, and in the full recline position, your baby might fall into a short nap when needed. 

5-Point Harness:

Both strollers have a 5-point harness system to keep your baby safe while on the go. The harnesses are easily accessible and click with less effort. They are comfortable for your baby too. 

Car Seat Compatibility:

Both the Nuna Tavo and Mixx strollers are car seat compatible. You can easily attach any of the Nuna infant car seats to the Nuna Tavo and Mixx strollers. But while the Nuna Tavo allows you to click in the car seat without any additional accessories, the Nuna Mixx requires an adapter that lets you attach the car seat to the stroller frame. The good news is that the car seat adapter is already included with the stroller. 

The car seat must be purchased separately for the Nuna Tavo and Mixx.

Bassinet Stroller:

While both strollers are car seat compatible, only the Nuna Mixx is bassinet compatible. Nuna infant bassinet clicks easily to the Nuna Mixx, making it more versatile and a lucrative stroller to choose from. The bassinet needs to be purchased separately.

On the other hand, the lightweight and compact Nuna Tavo stroller are not bassinet-compatible.

Newborn Stroller:

Both the strollers are newborn compatible since they are compatible with car seats, but The Nuna Mixx is more versatile as its seat can be replaced with an infant car seat or a bassinet. The Nuna Tavo attaches only the car seat.


As far as the footrest is concerned, it’s attached to both the strollers. The Nuna Mixx footrest is affixed to the seat and does not adjust, whereas the Nuna Tavo footrest can be adjusted into multiple positions.

Reversible Seat:

The Nuna Mixx stroller seat is reversible, whereas the Tavo seat is affixed to the stroller frame. The Mixx seat is versatile and offers a lot of freedom in different seat configurations. 


Both strollers are bestowed with a quick and easy folding mechanism; with just one hand; you are supposed to fold or unfold them. Functionally the Nuna Tavo is one-hand folding is more realistic and does not require the other hand. But Nuna Mixx will require a bit of assistance. 

Adjustable Handlebar:

The handlebars attached to both strollers are height adjustable. Whether you are tall or short, the handlebar is easily adjusted to your height.


The Nuna Tavo and Mixx are spacious and easily accessible. You can carry on-the-go items such as snacks, toys, diapers, bottles, etc. You won’t need to bring any additional bags you have to carry.


The canopy found in both the strollers is just superb. Both have UPF50, enough to protect against the sun rays. The fabrics are premium and gracefully designed. I can guarantee that they won’t wear out in day-to-day use. 


In the Wheel department, the Nuna Mixx and Tavo have smooth, all-terrain wheels that run on both plain and rough. They both have a superior shock-absorbing suspension to ensure a comfortable and no-bump joyride!

Lockable swiveling front wheels are present in both the strollers, making them easy to maneuver and work around corners. In comparison to the Nuna Mixx and Tavo, MIxx wheels are better in quality and experience than the Tavo.


Nuna Tavo and Mixx have two color options in common – Caviar Black and Granite Grey. The Nuna MIXX introduces Birch (off-white and a gray combination). The MIXX Next introduces Timber (brown-and-black combination).


Nuna Mixx is the clear winner in this battle! Unlike the Nuna TAVO, the Mixx can be paired with a bassinet, and it also pairs with a cup holder for parents. The compact Nuna Tavo is not compatible with these.

Nuna MIXX compatible accessories: Rain cover, cup holder, snack tray, bassinet, bassinet stand.

Nuna TAVO compatible accessories: Rain cover, snack tray.

Pros and Cons

Nuna Tavo

  • Reasonably priced
  • Nuna car seats don’t require adapters to connect
  • Canopy offers more ventilation than the Nuna Mixx
  • Wheels are not made to maneuver over rougher terrains
  • The seat is not removable and not reversible
  • Not compatible with accessories such as a bassinet or cup holder 

Nuna Mixx

  • Reversible seat
  • A lot of configurations
  • Bassinet approved for overnight sleep
  • Larger back wheels that maneuver over rough terrains
  • The seat is removable, replaceable with a car seat or bassinet
  • Compatible with accessories like a cup holder and bassinet 
  • Highly-priced
  • It weighs more than the Tavo Next

Nuna Tavo vs Mixx – Final Verdict

We are at the end of the Nuna Tavo vs Mixx review! The Nuna Tavo is a compact and lightweight everyday stroller, whereas the Nuna Mixx is a full-sized convertible double stroller. Nuna did not compromise much on the quality of these two high-quality strollers. However, compared to features and add-ons, the Nuna Mixx is ahead of the Nuna Tavo. 

Yet, Nuna Tavo has its charm and may be the best choice for many parents. Above all is the lucrative price tag attached to it. Modern on-the-go parents might choose the Tavo only because it’s more lightweight and compact than the Mixx.

Conclusion – Nuna Tavo vs Mixx

I have tried to bring you all the ins and out of both the Nuna Tavo and Mixx stroller. I hope you got all the differences between the Nuna Tavo and Mixx stroller. Feel free to comment in the comment section below if you need more insight on these two unique strollers from Nuna. Ciao!

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