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Umbrella Stroller vs Regular Stroller: Which One Will Best Serve Your Purpose?   

By Jennifer Ward

Strollers are important to keep your baby safe and comfortable while shopping or running errands. However, the stroller is a pricey baby accessory, so investing in the wrong one would seem like an expensive mistake. Now, how would you figure out which one is best for your needs when it comes to an umbrella stroller vs regular stroller?   

For instance, if you need to run daily errands, you should consider buying an umbrella stroller. Most parents prefer an umbrella stroller because it is lightweight and easy to use for frequent outings, but can an umbrella stroller tolerate the wear and tear of everyday use? Besides, what about a regular stroller? With a regular stroller, can you comfortably do all your daily stuff, like grocery shopping?   

In this post, I have rounded up all you need to know about an umbrella stroller vs Regular stroller. Also, it includes all the ins and outs, highlights of advantages and disadvantages, and, finally, a clear understanding of umbrella stroller vs regular stroller so you can decide which stroller you should buy.  

What is an Umbrella Stroller?   

An umbrella stroller is a small, lightweight stroller that folds compactly. These strollers are popular among parents due to their convenience and affordability. An umbrella stroller can be easily folded like an umbrella, most of which can be slung over the shoulders.  

Umbrella strollers come in many different styles, colors, prices, and brands, so there are many options to choose from.

  • Lightweight stroller    
  • Easy and compact fold    
  • Cheaply priced   
  • Air travel friendly     
  • Cannot handle uneven terrain   
  • Will not sustain for longer periods  
  • Less storage space than regular strollers   

What Is a Regular Stroller?   

Regular or full-sized strollers come with all the frills, like footrests, large storage baskets, and reclining or reversible seats. These strollers usually come with four wheels with a suspension system on the wheels for smoother rides. Some regular strollers are compatible with bassinets and car seats, which is why many modern parents choose regular strollers instead of heavy prams. Moreover, some regular strollers can be easily converted to double strollers, making them excellent options for your growing family. 

  • Full-featured stroller    
  • Built to last long    
  • Compatible with car seat and bassinet    
  • Compatible with many accessories   
  • Heavy  
  • Doesn’t fold compactly    
  • Expensive than umbrella strollers  

Umbrella Stroller Vs Regular Stroller: Key Features

FeaturesUmbrella Stroller Regular Stroller
Umbrella StrollerRegular Stroller
Safety5-point Harness5-point Harness
Storage10 lbs25 lbs
Stroller Weight10–15 lbs20-30 lbs
Price$50- $200 $100-$1000
View on AmazonView on Amazon

Umbrella Stroller Vs Regular Stroller: Features  


Umbrella strollers come with smaller wheels than the regular stroller. The wheel size is sacrificed to ensure that the stroller remains lightweight and easily foldable. This smaller wheel picks up more vibration and can get stuck in the nooks, but they work great over plain surfaces.   

On the other hand, regular strollers come with comparatively bigger wheels. Generally, the diameter is between 9 to 12 inches. And for a smoother ride, the wheels come with a shock-absorption suspension system. Some regular strollers even have front wheels that swivel and lock, so you can customize it while shopping or walking on uneven terrain.   


The price of a regular stroller and an umbrella stroller is one of the significant differences between both strollers. An umbrella stroller is the pared-down version of a regular stroller, so the price point is comparably affordable to that of a regular stroller. The price of an umbrella stroller lies between $50 to $200.   

Whereas a regular stroller comes with all the bells and whistles like a reclining seat, a reversible seat, a footrest, an adjustable handlebar, and so on. So, the price is a bit more expensive than an umbrella stroller. The price of a regular stroller usually lies between $100 to $1000.   

Umbrella stroller: $50- $200   

Regular stroller: $100-$1000   

Age Limits:   

The age limit and weight capacity of the stroller go hand in hand. The weight capacity of both regular and umbrella strollers is around 55 lbs.  

Regarding age limits, most umbrella strollers are not recommended for infants as most of them do not come with a fully flat reclined seat. So, it’s best to use it for babies from 6 months when the neck and back muscles have properly developed.  

On the other hand, there are many regular strollers that you can use right after the baby’s birth. Most of these strollers come with full flat seat reclining features so they can be used when the baby is born. On top of that, most regular strollers are car seat compatible, so they can be converted into travel systems.   

Stroller Weight    

Umbrella strollers are the lightest and most compact strollers. Make sure that the stroller weighs less since a lightweight aluminum frame is used. This unique specification makes them perfect as on-the-go strollers for everyday errands, and some of them are airplane-friendly. Umbrella strollers weigh 10–15 lbs., making them easier to transport anywhere within a short distance just by carrying them on the shoulder.   

Alternatively, regular strollers are on the heavier side, most of them weighing around 20 to 30 lbs. So, these strollers are usually not as compact as umbrella strollers. In fact, some strollers have a hard time being stored in the car trunk.   

Suspension System:    

The suspension system of the wheels makes sure that your baby feels less jarring while traveling on an uneven road. Umbrella strollers are meant to be used for day-to-day, short errands or tips, so they do not come with a suspension system.   

On the other hand, regular strollers come with a shock-absorbing front wheel suspension system to ensure the baby’s smooth ride. So, when you hit the roads or uneven terrain, your baby will be more comfortable than in an umbrella stroller.   


Umbrella strollers require a bit more effort than regular strollers while gliding through uneven roads. But while going through plain surfaces, umbrella strollers maneuver well enough.    

A regular stroller requires less effort to glide thanks to smooth suspension and swivel-lock wheels. A regular stroller is meant to give your baby a better riding experience than an umbrella stroller. Moreover, the adjustable handlebars in the strollers help to maneuver quickly while shopping in the stores.   


The safety of both umbrella strollers and regular strollers is pretty similar. Both come with 5-point harness systems, which can be adjusted as your baby grows. However, the regular stroller gives more protection than the umbrella stroller with the bumper bar, adjustable handlebar, and so on.    


In most umbrella strollers, the storage space is reduced to keep the stroller compact and lightweight. Since it is the pared-down version of a full-sized stroller, most umbrella strollers’ storage capacity is around 10 lbs. Even though the storage space is not huge, it allows you to carry the daily groceries and the babies’ belongings.  

On the contrary, the storage space of regular strollers is vast. Some even come with a storage capacity of 25 lbs., allowing you to carry many of your baby’s essentials and belongings. 

Who needs an umbrella stroller?  

Umbrella strollers are known for being compact and lightweight. These strollers are the lightest strollers available on the market. If you have to run a lot of errands, or short trips, then umbrella strollers will give you ease and portability like no other stroller.   

Who needs a regular stroller?  

Regular strollers are full-featured strollers. You can use them as your day-to-day strollers. Moreover, these strollers have all the bells and whistles like seat recline, seat reverse, an extended canopy, and so on. But these strollers are not as lightweight as umbrella strollers as they come with a sturdier frame. So, if you don’t have to regularly go through public transport or run quick errands every day, then a full-sized regular stroller would be the best option.    

Umbrella Stroller Vs Regular Stroller: Conclusion    

Whatever you pick for your little one—umbrella strollers or regular strollers, should be based on preference: features over convenience or vis a vi. If you are more into flexibility and convenience of lightweight and compact fold, go for an Umbrella stroller; otherwise, a full-featured, regular stroller can offer you the useful perks you desire from a stroller.   

Choose wisely unless you may regret it. I hope this article about umbrella stroller vs regular stroller has helped make your decision easier. You can ask in the comment section below if you have any questions. 

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