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Uppababy G Luxe vs Maclaren Quest: What’s The Big Difference?

By Jennifer Ward

The Uppababy G Luxe and the Maclaren Quest are both lightweight, full-sized strollers. However, there are differences between them too. Whereas Maclaren Quest is suitable for newborns, the G Luxe is for babies 3 months and up. To find out more similarities and differences, which one is better, Uppababy G Luxe or the Maclaren Quest?

Here is an in-depth comparison. Check it out now! 

Uppababy G Luxe vs Maclaren Quest Key Comparisons:

Product Uppababy G LuxeMaclaren Quest
best lightweight stroller for 5 year oldMaclaren Quest Stroller
Dimension (Unfolded)28.8″ L x 18.8″ W x 43″ H32.3″L x 17.9″W x 42″H
Weight16.3 lbs.12.3 lbs.
Seat ReclineYesYes
Capacity55 lbs.55 lbs.
View on AmazonOut of Stock

Uppababy G Luxe vs Maclaren Quest Full Comparison:

Uppababy G Luxe vs Maclaren Quest – Price: 

The Uppababy G Luxe and Maclaren Quest have a vast difference in price tag. Whereas the G Luxe is affordable, Maclaren Quest costs a fortune. The G Luxe is priced at $199, whereas the Quest costs $418. 

Uppababy G Luxe vs Maclaren Quest – Weight & Capacity:

The Maclaren Quest and G Luxe are lightweight strollers. The Maclaren Quest Weighs 12.3 lbs. And the Uppababy G Luxe Weight: 16.3 lbs. The Quest is a slightly lighter option between the two strollers. 

In terms of carrying capacity – the Maclaren Quest and the Uppababy G Luxe can carry up to 55 lbs. Both of them are suitable for babies up to 6 years old toddlers. 

Uppababy G Luxe vs Maclaren Quest – Dimensions

G Luxe and Quest strollers are compact. The size dimensions are given below:

Dimensions (unfolded):

Uppababy G Luxe – 28.8″ L x 18.8″ W x 43″ H

Maclaren Quest – 32.3″L x 17.9″W x 42″H

Dimensions (folded):

Uppababy G Luxe – 19.2″ L x 12″ W x 41.8″ H

Maclaren Quest – 11.8″ L x 13.4″ W x 43.9″ H

Note: Both strollers offer self-standing fold option. The G Luxe folds slightly more compact than the Maclaren Quest.

uppababy g luxe vs maclaren quest

Uppababy G Luxe vs Maclaren Quest – Features:

Bassinet stroller: 

The Maclaren Quest is bassinet compatible with an attachment of a birth kit that adds to the stroller’s versatility. Note that the birth kit does not come with the box and must be purchased separately. The UppaBaby G Luxe is in no way compatible with a bassinet whatsoever. 

Newborn stroller:

Since Maclaren Quest can attach a birth kit, it is newborn compatible. It can be used for newborns to older toddlers up to 6 years old. To use it for newborns, you must replace the stroller seat with the birth kit or bassinet.

On the other hand, Uppababy G Luxe is not a newborn stroller since it is not compatible with a birth kit, bassinet, or car seat.

Seat recline & footrest: 

Maclaren Quest and Uppababy G-Luxe both have easy and multiple recline options. G Luxe is reclinable up to three positions, the Maclaren Quest is more flexible up to a flat recline. 

In Maclaren Quest, the baby can sit upright to flat recline and can take naps on the go.

Both the strollers have footrests attached to the seats for comfort and convenience for the baby while seated. 

5-Point harness:

A 5-point harness system is a standard in most strollers today for safety purposes. Both the strollers UppaBaby G Luxe and Maclaren Quest perform equally in the safety department. 


Both strollers fold quickly and easily. The Maclaren Quest folds more efficiently with one hand, whereas the Uppababy G Luxe requires both hands to fold. One-hand fold is more convenient and desired by frequently outgoing parents who need to carry their baby more often. 


Both Uppababy G Luxe and the Quest have outstanding wheels with an all-wheel suspension system to offer bump-free rides. Of course, your baby will experience smooth and comfortable rides on most terrains, but not rough ones.


The Maclaren Quest and G Luxe have baskets underneath that are spacious and accessible. You can carry all the on-the-go items – such as toys, snacks, diapers, bottles, etc. But if you want to hit the super malls for daily needs, the stroller basket may not be spacious for your shopping. 


Both Quest and G Luxe have canopies that protect against the sun’s harmful rays with UPF50 protection, which is standard for most strollers today. The canopy fabrics are decent and won’t wear out quickly.


Both the strollers come in a few color options to choose from. 

The Maclaren Quest – black, blue, light blue

Uppababy G Luxe – black, blue, gray

The options, I must say, do not offer too much variety. But both the strollers are trendy in terms of design.

Pros and Cons

Uppababy G Luxe

  • Reasonably priced and offers excellent value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Easy and self-stand folding mechanism
  • All-wheel suspension system
  • Not for newborns
  • Not car seat compatible

Maclaren Quest

  • Attachable to birth kit/bassinet
  • Lightweight 
  • All-wheel suspension system
  • Compact and self-stand folding mechanism
  • Higher price range

Uppababy G Luxe vs Maclaren Quest – Verdict

The biggest drawback of Uppababy G Luxe is that it’s only suitable for babies over 3 months old and not fit for newborns. But this lightweight stroller offers excellent value for money and exceptional perks and benefits. 

However, the G Luxe is a robust, lightweight stroller that is stylishly designed. 

Unlike the G Luxe from Uppababy, the Maclaren Quest attaches a birth kit to accommodate a newborn and an array of useful features. Another thing I should mention is that Maclaren offers a lifetime warranty, but it’s kind of hard to reclaim the offer. Since it’s priced a lot higher, it’s better than the G-Luxe in terms of quality and benefits. Yet, for parents looking for a lightweight stroller at an affordable price, the G Luxe is a great buy. Maclaren Quest has a lot to offer that is irresistible for parents who can invest more! 

Uppababy G Luxe vs Maclaren Quest – Conclusion

We are at the end of the Uppababy G Luxe vs Maclaren Quest review! Both the strollers are stylish with lots of features and quality to offer. We have scrutinized them all. I hope you find the comparison helpful and decide which one is better.

Still, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me and comment in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond.

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