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UPPAbaby Vista V2 Accessories That Make Life Easier!

By Jennifer Ward

There is a wide array of accessories available that you can add to your wonderful VISTA V2. Some of them are a must-have, and others are useful to protect your stroller. UPPAbaby also offers many accessories that can expand your stroller, or for the sake of convenience, comfortability for all-weather, or offers extra perks for the parents. Below you will find Uppababy Vista V2 accessories that are available and may be useful for you.  

Uppababy Vista V2 Accessories Review


A bassinet is already included in the VISTA V2 purchase, and if you have two babies, you need to buy another bassinet. There are nine available color statements to choose from. UPPAbaby bassinet is a value-for-money choice as it provides the comfort that newborns need. Simple design, ergonomically crafted to provide sheer comfort, adequate airflow, perforated pad for reclining, mesh textile on the canopy. You can feel relaxed with the baby’s overnight sleep, so the bassinet can be used as a crib if you prefer.   

Bassinet Rain Shield  

Sideways vents airflow this Uppababy bassinet rain shield is PVC, phthalate-free. Easy to use and clean comes with a handle for transportation. You can compact fold this bassinet rain shield to store it. If you live in places where rain comes often, this rain shield will be a handy accessory for you. 

Bassinet Stand

UPPAbaby bassinet is suitable for a good night’s sleep. To ensure a safe and cozy overnight sleep, you need a secure place or stand to keep the bassinet. The bassinet stand from Uppababy is there to solve the issue. The bassinet easily clings to the bassinet stand without much difficulty. Your baby will enjoy a night of deep and sound sleep. You can fold and unfold this stand in just one step. Purchase this stand available in three colors: white, brown, and gray.    

Rumble Seat 

The second seat, known as RumbleSeat, has features similar to the toddler seat, except for the maximum weight capacity. The seat is a bit smaller. Suitable for children two months and up to 35 pounds. Supports multi-position, facing the world, parent facing, and fully reclined. Comes with a removable canopy with UPF 50 stretch screen, zippered fabric, and mesh panels for extra airflow, 5-point non-rethread harness. The textile used in this seat is removable and machine washable.   

Rumble Seat / Cot Travel Bag   

Uniquely designed for all Rumble seats and bassinets this travel bag is durable and luggage grade. You can easily roll up this bag for no-hassle traveling. Comes with easily accessible interior pockets that are spacious for bumper bar and adapter storage. Comes with an easy carry handle with a removable shoulder strap.   

Rumble Seat Rain Cover  

This UPPAbaby RumbleSeat Rain Cover is customizable. There is a Velcro attachment there to keep the rain cover in the right place. The rain cover is easy to clean, durable, made out of phthalate-free plastic. It has mesh ventilation for airflow with a folding front flap. In case of rain, this accessory will turn out handy for you.  

Stroller Footmuff – CozyGanoosh  

The CozyGanoosh footmuff is there to cover your baby and deliver warmth that your little loved one deserves in cold weather. Usable for babies up to 3 months old or 33 inches tall. Plush and its inner fleece are so premium that your baby will be happy to stay within the CozyGanoosh in colder condition. It offers full-body coverage with a neck warmer and a hood. Removable, washable CozyGanoosh will not move much as the fabric tab, and stroller harness can secure it properly.  

Changing Bag

The UPPAbaby Vista V2 changing bag has adjustable straps and stroller attachment straps. It has multiple compartments to categorize baby amenities. Comes with an easily washable changing mat that you can keep in your pocket. You will find a water-resistant insulated bottle case inside that has a washable interior and premium leather exterior.  

Travel Bag 

Introducing durable travel bag for your Vista V2 made out of luggage quality fabric. You can use the bag to transport the VISTA V2 with ease. At the same time, it can protect the stroller from any damage or scratches that may occur on the go. The bag is attached to wheels so that you can move it quickly. An inner bag is provided herewith to protect the wheels. The travel bag, along with the Vista stroller, is part of the TravelSafe program by UPPAbaby that insured any damages done to them for two years from the purchase date. But you have to register the serial numbers to receive it.  

PiggyBack Ride-Along Board 

This stroller board is a solution for you if you have a much older baby who is often too tired or bored to walk. Just connect this PiggyBack Ride-Along Board on the back of the stroller and give the older child a break. Before you do so, acknowledge that the maximum weight limit is 55 pounds. Made of wood, has a non-slip surface so that your baby won’t slip while boarding.  

Child Car Seat Adapter for Chicco

The UPPAbaby car seat adapter for Chicco is compatible with any models (Chicco KeyFit 30, KeyFit 30 Zip, KeyFit 30 Zip Air, Fit2, Fit2 Air, Fit2 LE) and more. It’s safe to use, simple and made of plastic, so it is light but easily secures the car seat. This car seat adapter has an easy seat fixation indicator. Green means fixed while red indicates not fixed correctly. If you are going double with your Vista V2, you should use the version without the tab unless you won’t lock it to adapters.   

Car Seat Adapters (Maxi-COSI, Nuna, Cybex, Besafe)

This car seat adapter would be for you if you decided to buy select Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, Cybex, and Be safe models. This not applicable for US / California car seats. You can fold the stroller with this adapter attached to the frame. This adapter ensures that there is plenty of space between the seats.  

Leather Handlebar Cover

This leather handlebar is made of 100% premium leather. Designed perforated pattern for more grip and durability. This cover is compatible with Vista V2.    

Hamper Insert

This hamper is an easy pull-out laundry bag. You can classify items in separate bags and comes with easy carrying handles. A handy accessory to have. 

UPPAbaby Performance Rain Shield

This rain shield is for the toddler seat only, not for the second seat AKA RumbleSeat. Comes with a zippered opening for clearer visibility with air vents. You can fold the stroller while keeping this rain shield on.    

Reversible Seat Liner   

UPPAbaby Seat Protector is water-resistant and takes in any spills or dirt. One side of it is comfy knit to provide warmth on cold days that your baby deserves. This reversible seat liner is machine washable.  

Snack Tray  

Comes up with a holder for sipping cup and a recessed bowl made especially for little hands. The stroller folds with the Snack Tray attached. This tray is removable so that you can clean it easily. Dishwasher safe and BPA free, this snack tray is a superb stroller accessory to have for your toddler.   

Infant SnugSeat

This comfy and cozy infant snug seat provides adequate support to the baby’s neck and back. Made out of breathable mesh fabrics. Wedge insert and seat aligner are there to ensure optimum stability and support for your reclining baby. This child seat is mainly made for newborns and a weight capacity of up to 21 lbs.    

Parent Organizer  

Polyester and neoprene-made with heavy-duty Velcro. This organizer for parents has a cupholder, two pockets, and a spacious storage zipper, and a separate compartment for keys, mobile devices, and space for a few more essential tools. Easily attached to the handlebar, UPPAbaby Organizer for parents is easy to attach and handy accessories you should buy.   

Bumper Bar Cover  

UPPAbaby Leather Bumper Cover is made out of leather. Furnished with classic design. Embossed for added strength, and you can clean it easily. It covers the bumper bar from dirt and scratches on the go.   

Basket Cover  

This basket cover is uniquely formed to fit the storage Basket of Vista V2. Perfectly covers and protects the belongings. You can open and access it easily or opt for parent mode. You can fold the stroller with this V2 basket cover attached.  

Cup Holder  

You can easily set up the UPPAbaby Vista Cup Holder. The clip of the holder clings to the frame in just seconds. It grasps the cup tightly enough. The inside is kept flexible so that it can accommodate any size cup. This cup holder can be attached while the stroller folds.  

Mattress Cover   

UPPAbaby Mattress Cover is made out of premium fabric for comfort. The mattress cover is machine washable. Durable and valuable cover for your UPPAbaby bassinet mattress. You will get covers only. A bassinet or mattress is not included.   

Upper Adapters   

Easily attachable, this upper adapter for Vista V2 does not require any tool to connect with the stroller. There are visual indicators to ensure proper connection to the frame. You can fold the stroller while attaching the adapters.  

Lower Adapter  

Easily attachable, this bottom adapter for Vista V2 does not require any tool to connect with the stroller. There is a visual indicator to ensure proper connection to the frame. You can fold the stroller while attaching the adapters. Compatible with Vista V2 bassinet, MESA child car seat (not included). Note that: It is not compatible with the RumbleSeat or the child seat (included).  

Wheel Reflectors  

Uppababy Vista Wheel Reflectors Includes four adjustable reflectors for front and rear wheels. You can quickly assemble the reflectors without any tool. It’s a helpful accessory if you have to push it in the dark.  

Knitted Blanket  

Comes in one size, this UPPAbaby blanket is machine washable and weighs only 1 pound. Dimensions are as below: 40 x 30 x 0.02 inches. With its soft and comfy blanket, your baby will love the warmth it shares.   


UPPAbaby Vista V2, like its previous versions, comes with a flux of accessories. Most accessories are compatible with the Vista lineup. UPPAbaby has the greatest number of accessories than its competitors which is a very unique feature that amazes us. All the accessories are well-thought and carefully engineered and bear the reputation of the brand. Since we had hands-on these wonderful and user-friendly accessories, these will make your life easier. So, what’s stopping? Pick the ones that are illustrated for you.  

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