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UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Review [2024]

By Jennifer Ward

UPPAbaby is one of the most popular baby stroller brands that has evolved over time. In single or convertible VISTA V2 double stroller, we admire its undeniable appeal; if you are looking forward to buying a stylish, functional, and luxurious full-sized stroller this year, the brand-new Vista V2 2020 is the best thing you can look up even in 2022. Here is our detailed UPPAbaby Vista V2 review.

It’s trendier and available in various color statements. We complement this stroller for its smoother maneuvering, double stroller capability with various seat arrangements, an enlarged seat and better reclining, an upgraded harness, and a three-phase canopy. Every detail of this stroller is thoughtfully designed and crafted with simple engineering. Some parents may find it too bulky, but for a regular full-size stroller or double stroller, the UPPABaby Vista is the best thing you could have imagined. This UPPAbaby Vista V2 review will scrutinize the V2 2020, its every aspect, features, pros, and cons, comparison with its competitors, and Vista’s older models for you.

 UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Review: Evolution

UPPAbaby Vista V2 review feature

First things first, the Vista V2 falls into the category of a full-sized regular stroller that can expand to a double stroller with an additional purchase: a RumbleSeat. Vista strollers have been on the market for a long time and are loved by many for the features they pack, the functionalities they carry, and the versatility they boast.

With a history spanning 14 years, the UPPAbaby brand has become a household name for evolving baby strollers. As soon as we got our hands on it, we scrutinized Vista V2, all its features, pros, and cons, noted down what we loved about it and the things we did not like, and showcased to you everything you needed to know about this marvelous new Vista V2.  

With its improved design and fun colors, which are well-thought-out and well-crafted, the V2 is too good for us to overlook. We won’t hide; we loved it! Now, we are sharing all our insights on attractive V2 features with you. Excited? Be with us.

What’s In the Box  

  • Toddler Seat + Bumper Bar  
  • Bassinet  
  • Frame  
  • Wheels  
  • Toddler Seat Bug Shield  
  • Toddler Seat Rain Shield  
  • Bassinet Bug Shield  
  • Bassinet Storage Bag  

The Vista V2 comes with all the essentials, such as the frame, wheel, and toddler seat. The UPPAbaby Vista comes with goodies like a rain shield bumper bar, bug shield, bassinet storage bag, etc. These accessories are included in the box purchased. 

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Review: What’s New?

When we got our hands on the UPPAbaby Vista in 2019, there was not a fundamental difference from the 2018 model. But the brand new UPPAbaby Vista V2 2020 is what we can call a real upgrade! Let’s look at them: 

  • NEW-GEN CANOPY – Three-phase extendable, two-way air vent: Vista V2 Seats are engineered with an adjustable canopy with a zipped extender in place of pop-out sunshades on older Vista models. UPF 50+ sun protection doubled air ventilation is genuinely innovative and next-gen.   
  • EASE OF USE HARNESS – Non-rethread, Easier to adjust: The all-new Vista V2 introduces its five-point harness that we consider a handy upgrade. With a non-rethread harness, a gentle up or downslide on the straps is enough effort to adjust the shoulder height. Previous versions were user-friendly too, but it is manually adjustable and requires a few more steps.   
  • ENHANCED TODDLER SEAT – More real-estate, better recline: Vista V2 is equipped with a taller seat back and deeper footrest. The toddler seat is 20″ seater than the previous 19″. You can buy the rumble seat, a unique advantage of the latest Vista V2 if you have more than one baby.  
  • NEW-GEN CANOPY – Three-phase extendable, two-way air vent: Vista V2 Seats are engineered with an adjustable canopy with a zipped extender in place of pop-out sunshades on older Vista models. UPF 50+ sun protection doubled air ventilation is genuinely innovative and next-gen.   
  • EASE OF USE HARNESS – Non-rethread, Easier to adjust: The all-new Vista V2 introduces its five-point harness that we consider a handy upgrade. With a non-rethread harness, a gentle up or downslide on the straps is enough effort to adjust the shoulder height. Previous versions were user-friendly too, but it is manually adjustable and requires a few more steps.
  • ENHANCED TODDLER SEAT – More real-estate, better recline: Vista V2 is equipped with a taller seat back and deeper footrest. The toddler seat is 20″ seater than the previous 19″. You can buy the rumble seat, a unique advantage of the latest Vista V2 if you have more than one baby.  
  • UPGRADED SUSPENSION – Most terrain friendly: The brand-new Vista offers a smoother ride than the previous models, credit to its improved PU material wheels and upgraded suspension that promises to soak up more jolts while on the go. Its sturdy frame has a spring-action suspension system that absorbs mild to medium shock so that your child won’t feel anything.  
  • IMPROVED STORAGE BASKET – Easy accessible Updated basket: We like the big and spacious basket of Vista V2. It can contain up to 30 lbs. UPPAbaby claimed. We ran through it; it can accommodate all the groceries you may buy at a time. The older Vista has equal storage capacity, but the new one is more durable and accessible.  
  • ADVANCED WHEEL LOCKS – Front-wheel locks with indicators: The V2 model embodies a lock indicator at the front wheel. It’s a necessary feature to have for safety-conscious parents. The green light on/off gives parents the assurance that they need. The lock is easily accessible, and we like it.
  • TRENDY COLOURS – x4 new, a total of x9: The colors, newly added or the old ones, are not just colors. They are simply fashioned statements. UPPAbaby took it seriously and answered the fashion craving of contemporary parents. Be with us as we will break down each of the colors for you.

Structure & Durability

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 is a heavy-duty and ergonomically designed full-sized stroller. It’s a strong competitor as a travel accessory because it has features that make it good for traveling and is formidably built. It is undoubtedly durable and built to last. The aluminum and magnesium frame with an anodized finish, REACH-certified leather on the handlebar, and soft PU materials on the wheels made it a marathon contender for the roads. 


True Weight (includes canopy, wheels, and basket) + Frame + Seat: 27 lbs  

  • Frame: 20 lbs  
  • Seat: 7 lbs  
  • Bassinet: 8.8 lbs   


  • Unfolded (H x W x L): 100 x 65 x 91.5 cm  
  • Folded with seat attached (H x W x L): 84.5 x 65 x 44 cm
  • Folded without seat attached (H x W x L): 81 x 65 x 33 cm

Price: $969.99

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Review – Features  


  • Converts into a double stroller  
  • Reversible seats  
  • Adjustable backrest and footrest   
  • The toddler seat is 1″ larger with a deeper footrest  

The Vista V2 seats offer rare versatility. Attach two car seats, or one car seat and a bassinet, Rumble Seat, or carrycot, or any combination of these. with an additional UPPAbaby Piggyback Ride-Along Board to carry a third baby (if you have one)! The V2 offers a variety of seating arrangements to complement your changing needs. 

The toddler seat is suitable for babies as young as 3 months and can hold up to 50 lbs. It has two positions you can choose from: facing the parent or facing the world. The seat comes with six recline positions, which are also adjustable with one hand. Here is how: 

You can do it with one hand. You can change the recline position lying to 90 degrees. There are six positions you can choose from that fits your baby’s need. You can also adjust the footrest by clicking the sideways button. The Vista V2 seat grows with your family.  

The footrest is also complementary to the backrest, fully adjustable, and deeper than ever, and you can easily adjust it to the most comfortable position for your baby.   

The flex of both the seat and the footrest makes this Vista V2 the baby’s choice!  

You can buy a second seat/RumbleSeat (not included in the box)  

The second seat, or the Rumble Seat, is also suitable for babies from 3 months and takes up to 35 lbs, with all the same features as the toddler seat. The only difference between these two seats is their weight capacity; the second seat can hold 15 lbs less than the toddler seat. So, this V2 may not be good enough for grown-up twin toddlers. You can easily add or remove the Rumble Seat with the adapter included in the box. The Rumble Seat includes a bumper bar, a shield, and a canopy.  

Another thing to note: The toddler seat on the V2 is 20″ (1″ more than the 2019 version) and has a deeper footrest (0.5″ more than the 2019 version).   


  • Canopies for both seats  
  • Zippered extension  
  • Mesh peek-a-boo window with dual ventilation channel   

The Vista V2 has a canopy for both the toddler and the Rumble Seat. These new canopies are thoughtfully crafted, offering more sun protection without closures and ensuring proper airflow. consisting of three large panels for more sun coverage, with a zippered extension and a mesh peek-a-boo window. A dual air-vent channel is there to support adequate airflow if required. The Vista v2 canopy with the extension is the largest of them and offers coverage down to the baby’s knees. 

The handlebar 

  • Easy adjustable Telescopic Handlebar  
  • Leatherette handle  

The Vista V2 has an easily adjustable telescopic handlebar. You can quickly and smoothly adjust the handlebar with absolutely no hassle at all. This feature is designed for parents with varying height ranges. If several adults are pushing the Vista V2, the telescopic handlebar is so easily extendable that there is no need to worry about it. It can be extended up to 100–108 cm and covered with luxurious leather for more grip while pushing.  

Frame, wheels & suspension   

  • Upgraded magnesium/aluminum frame  
  • Softer wheels    
  • Improved suspension to provide improved push-experience  
  • Visible brake indicator  

The frame of UPPAbaby Vista is upgraded for V2 2020 to provide an improved driving experience for parents and comfort for the baby. We adore the Vista V2 for its quality and luxury prevalent in its chassis.  

The wheels are upgraded, too, this time made from a softer PU material to deliver a comfortable experience for the baby. The green indicators on the front wheels are suitable for many parents who are safety conscious.  

We like how the shock-absorbing suspension responded while we took it to the ground. It absorbs even the smallest of bruises and bumps. 

The Vista V2 brake pedal is positioned next to the back right wheel. It engages when pressed and disengages with another press at the pedal. The pedal is of significant size that even in any kind of double sitting arrangement, one can use the pedal easily without any fumble.  

Storage basket   

  • Easily accessible  
  • Maximum capacity: 30 lbs.  

The V2 storage basket is big and spacious and easily accessible because of its bigger (one of the biggest of its kind) size. The storage has a maximum capacity of 30 lbs and will take in daylong groceries and other necessities. The storage bin comes with handy pockets inside so that you can keep things neat and organized.  


  • Comes with a canopy
  • Premium and stylish

A bassinet is included in the box. It comes with the purchase, which is a great feature to have. Let’s dive in for details – 

We scrutinized the bassinet included in the UPPAbaby Vista V2 box and found it safe, comfy, and impressive; you can use it at home or on trips. Designed for newborns up to 3 to 5 months, you can hook or unhook it from your stroller or a separately sold stand, and it’s easy to carry while on the road.

Made of premium cotton and polyester fabrics, the bassinet cares for and comforts your loved one up to 20 lbs. and 63 cm. The Vista V2 bassinet is approved for overnight sleeping; since newborns wake up every 2-3 hours, let your baby sleep for longer stretches. The Vista V2 bassinet is cozy enough to let your baby sleep throughout the night.

It also includes an extended UPF 50 canopy that unzips to allow for more airflow, a longer removable cover, and breathable mattresses with a zip-out liner. The only downside this bassinet has is its fixed height.   

Ease of use

The Vista v2 functionalities made it simple to use, with easy maneuverability and improved suspensions. We fall in love with it. Though it is a full-sized stroller, its simple fold and stand-fold options are great considering its category. Each of the components was thoughtfully crafted and carefully engineered so that your baby will love it too.     

The all-new Vista 2020 setup takes 5 minutes without setting up the bassinet. All you need to do is connect a few parts in the right place (check out the instruction manual for detail). The bassinet may take another 5 minutes to set up.  


We took the Vista V2 over different terrains: grassy fields and golf park paths, walkways, and malls. The wheels did not disappoint us. The front wheels swivel easily. We enjoyed the new Vista 2020 is very easy to push. You won’t feel it even with a double seat arrangement or with a stroller Board attached. The Vista 2019 was clumsier to push if you turn it into a tandem stroller. The latest Vista front wheel lock option is there to help you to drive over uneven surfaces.   

This stroller moves over turf with ease. We admit that it is larger than that of its competitors. As a 4-wheeler, it manages to slip through narrower spaces. It can evade even slight jolts on the road and change surfaces without any difficulty. In difficult turf conditions, the Vista V2 performs better than strollers with plastic wheels. It is not an off-road stroller. We recommend not using this stroller for hiking or any adventurous staff.  


How To Fold UPPABaby Vista

Folding the VISTA V2  

The Vista V2 folds easily. It may be bulky in size but not hard to fold. How to fold UPPAbaby Vista V1 & V2?  

Here is how:

Make sure the toddler seat aligns with the handlebar. Just pull on the button on either side of the handlebar

Then the frame breaks in and flips towards the floor, falling into a stand-fold position to its chassis locking automatically.

Tuck the footrest for convenience.  

Stand-fold is a convenient option in the sense that you can put it into a corner without balancing. If you keep the seat facing the world, you don’t need to remove the seat. Although without the seat, the stroller is easy and lighter to carry.  

Unfolding the VISTA V2

Guessing how to unfold UPPAbaby VISTA V2? Or how to open UPPAbaby Vista? It is easy as you fold it. Here is how:  

First, Untuck the footrest if it is tucked. Reach out for the safety hatch that is locked. Look into the stroller sideways if you don’t find it. Press it inward. It will release the chassis. Move it upward. Here you are, good to go!    

When used as a double stroller, it can be folded with the RumbleSeat attached, facing the world. To do it: fold the toddler seat’s footrest, then go for the handlebar button to fold. Follow the steps to fold. You can store it in the hallway since folding it as a double stroller also supports the stand-fold option. Since Vista V2 is on the bigger side, but easily manageable when folded and stored with little space occupied.  

Car seat compatibility  

UPPAbaby Mesa car seats, one of the most popular car seats, are compatible with Vista V2. The car seat is trendy and recommended by parents as very easy to use. The Vista V2 2020 can attach two infant car seats at the same time. We have tested it; they connect without any difficulty and sit on the frame smoothly. You can attach any other car seats available in the market by purchasing the Car Seat Adapter. UPPAbaby Mesa is the only infant car seat compatible with the UPPAbaby Vista V2 without any adapters. But using the adapters, you can attach the following car seats to Vista V2:  

  • Chico: Chicco KeyFit, Chicco KeyFit 30, Chicco KeyFit 30 Magic, Chicco KeyFit 30 Zip, ChiccoKeyFit 30 Zip Air, Chicco Fit2, Chicco Fit2 LE, Clek Liing,   
  • Cybex: Cybex Aton, Cybex Aton 2, Cybex Aton Q, Cybex Cloud Q,   
  • Maxi-Cosi: Maxi-Cosi Micro, Maxi-Cosi Micro AP, Maxi-Cosi Micro NX, T Maxi-Cosi Micro Max 30, Maxi-Cosi Citi, Maxi-Cosi Cabrio, Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix,   
  • Nuna Pipa: Nuna Pipa, Nuna Pipa Lite, Nuna Pipa Lite LX,   
  • Peg Perego: Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35, Peg Pereg Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido


UPPAbaby started with four new colors: Maya Yellow, Pascal Grey, and Denny Red. But they did not stop. Brand new Vista V2 is not only an upgrade in functionalities, but a fabulous job is also done for trendy and fashionable parents. They introduced four new colors on top of it. They are known as ALICE, FINN, HAZEL, and SIERRA. Now you have a total of 9 colors to choose from that meet your style.  

Each color is added with leather details in 1 of 3 hues.  

  • Chestnut   
  • Saddle   
  • Black   

Now let’s go deep, saving some research time for you. Below is our peek at each of the color statements:  

  • ALICE: Dusty Pink | Silver Frame | Saddle Leather. We are stunned by this color statement, an eye-turner, Dusty pink (pink with light shades of grey/brown). It’s more neutral in color tone. It is trendy and elegant.   
  • BRYCE: White Marl | Silver Frame | Chestnut Leather. Some may find it pale, considering its tone. Bryce appeared to us as subtle. Many parents tend to avoid whiteish colors, considering they might get dirty sooner! Don’t worry much! UPPAbaby textiles are removable and machine washable, and the strollers are meant to be taken out.  
  • EMMETT: Green Mélange | Silver Frame | Saddle Leather. With EMMETT, we now have two green colors in different shades. This particular shade is bright and majestic green mélange. It is visually stunning and eye-catching.
  • FINN: Deep Sea | Silver Frame | Chestnut Leather. Deep-sea blue is prevalent throughout the interior and exterior, even on the FINN’s bassinet. It’s a beautiful variety of colors to look into, contemporary and unique.   
  • GREGORY: Blue Mélange | Silver Frame | Saddle Leather. It’s the blue opposite of the EMMETT we have. Retro and urban vibe. Imagine regular denim jeans. It is less trendy but evokes elegance and a classic vibe.
  • HAZEL: Olive | Silver Frame | Saddle Leather. The UPPAbaby designers did an outstanding job when it came to shades. HAZEL is an exception, another green but entirely different from what it appears. The dark green shade poses a contrast to the silver frame is indeed spectacular.  
  • JAKE: Charcoal | Carbon Frame | Black Leather. All-black JAKE is for parents who love black wherever they pick. The only stroller in the Vista V2 has a carbon frame, making it one of the most glamorous choices.   
  • JORDAN: Charcoal Melange | Silver Frame | Black Leather. JORDAN gives us a neutral tone of charcoal. We liked it because it is one of the Vista colors that is classic. It is for those who like the regular vibe.   
  • SIERRA: Dune Knit | Silver Frame | Black Leather. The UPPAbaby chose unique colorways. Dessert dunes may sound a bit harsh as a stroller color, but trust me, if you see it, you may like to give it a second thought. Who knows?  

Four brand-new colors of VISTA V2:  

  • Finn – Deep Sea chestnut leather handlebar  
  • Sierra – Dune Knit black leather handlebar  
  • Hazel – Olive-Green saddle leather handlebar  
  • Alice – Dusty Pink saddle leather handlebar  

2019 colors continuing to 2020:  

  • Bryce – White Marl chestnut leather handlebar  
  • Emmett – Green Melange saddle leather handlebar  
  • Gregory – Blue Melange saddle leather handlebar  
  • Jordan – Charcoal Melange black leather handlebar  
  • Jake – Black black leather handlebar  

Colors left out in VISTA V2 2020:   

  • William Oxford Chambray  
  • Henry Blue Marl  
  • Spenser Tartan Plaid  

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 2020 vs VISTA 2019 – Comparison Table

Let’s take a quick peek at the differences between the latest Vista V2 and Vista 2019:

FeaturesVISTA V2 VISTA 2019 (Discontinued)
Imageuppababy vista v2uppababy vista 2019
Seat & Harness Larger seat with 20″ tall seatback, 2.5” deeper footrest, and non-rethread harness.19″ tall seatback, 2” deep footrest, manually adjustable harness.
Wheels & suspension Same size and design as the older Vista, but there is a visual wheel lock indicator at the front wheel. Comes with re-engineered and improved all-wheel suspension.Polyurethane wheels roll in multiple terrains except for off-road or hilly tracks. Equipped with all-wheel suspension.
Canopy  The canopy has 3-phase panels made out of premium fabrics which gives more sun coverage. Comes with two mesh air vents for more airflow, if required.The canopy has a silver pop-out visor and a single air vent.
Storage BasketThis space remains the same but the basket comes with a much sleeker and more accessible design.The Vista 2019 is spacious, with 30 lbs. worth of jackets, groceries, toys, wet wipes, diaper bags, etc.
Colors  Available in colors:  Alice, Jordan, Sierra, Finn, Hazel, Bryce, Emmet, Gregory, and Jake (9 colors).Available in colors: William, Henry, Emmet, Bryce, Spenser, Jordan, Jake, Jakie, Gregory, Sabrina (10 colors).
View on AmazonDiscontinued

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 vs. Others – Comparison Table

Vista V2 has competitors from other brands, the following table illustrates a detailed comparison between these strollers. Let’s figure out where Vista V2 stands in competition:

FeaturesUPPAbaby VISTA V2UPPAbaby Cruz V2Bugaboo Fox 3Nuna Demi Grow
Imageuppababy vista v2Uppababy cruz v2Bugaboo Fox 3Nuna Demi Grow
Price$929.99-$999.99$649.99-$699.99 $1,011$849.99-$899.99
Weight27 lbs25.5 lbs21.8 lbs 27.40 lbs
Unfolded SizeH: 100 x W: 65 x L: 91.5 cmH: 101.6 x W: 57.9 x L: 95.2 cmH:108 x W:60 x L:104H: 110.5 x W: 61 x L: 100 cm
Folded SizeH: 84.5 x W: 65 x L: 44 cmH: 83.8 x W: 57.9 x L: 41.9 cmH: 34 x W: 52 x L: 86 cmH: 89 x W: 61 x L: 60 cm
Weight capacityToddler seat: up to 50 lbs; Rumbleseat: up to 35 lbsup to to 50 lbsUp to 48.5 lbsToddler seat: up to 50 lbs; Sibling seat (sold separately): 50 lbs
Bassinet Yes Yes (sold separately) Yes Yes (sold separately)
Basket capacity30 lbs30 lbs22 lbs9.9 lbs
Seat recline3 Positions5 Positions3 Positions3 Positions
All-wheel suspensionYes Yes Yes Yes
Fold1 hand, self-standing1 hand, self-standingself-standing 1 hand, self-standing
Sun-canopy2-Panel, extendable, peek-a-boo windowHeight-adjustable, peek-a-boo windowsun canopy with breezy and peekaboo panelExtendable canopy with flip out eyeshade
Adjustable handlebarYes Yes Yes Yes
Convert to double Yes No NoYes
View on AmazonView on AmazonView on AmazonView on Website

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Review – Accessories   

There is a wide array of accessories available that you can add to your Vista V2. Some of them are must-haves, and the rest are useful to protect your stroller. UPPAbaby also offers many accessories that can expand your stroller, or there to be added for the sake of convenience and comfort in all weather or offer extra perks for the parents. The accessories available include a rumble seat, bassinet stand, a stroller footmuff, CozyGanoosh, Piggyback ride-along board, car-seat adapters, an organizer for parents, a cup holder, a mattress cover, etc.


Vista V2 is a full-sized regular stroller that can be used as a travel stroller. It can easily convert into a double stroller with the addition of the second seat, AKA RumbleSeat (not included in the box). Let us show you how to add a second seat to UPPAbaby Vista V2:  

First, you have to attach the adapter to the frame. Thanks to the yellow and blue marked indicators that show you which side both adapters are supposed to sit on. You must use some force to attach the adapter, but the good news is that the RumbleSeat will not slip or fall. then wrap the safety hatch. If done correctly, the adapters will be securely fastened to the frame.  

The easiest part is to attach the second seat, aka the RumbleSeat. Just rest the seat properly on the adapter, and you are good to go!  

The Vista v2 can make room for three kids by attaching a stroller board, and the PiggyBack riding board. There are toddler seats, RumbleSeats, bassinets, car seats, and carrycots. You are provided with the freedom to assemble any two kinds of seats that serve your purpose. This V2 is a happy, customizable stroller. Seats are reversible, and you can face them to the world or face them to you, one facing the world and the other one to you. This stroller lets you choose from a wide range of seating arrangements. Here are some versatile seating positions that may work for you: 

  • Front-facing Toddler Seat and RumbleSeat: In this seating arrangement, the toddler seat is pushed as higher as possible over the RumbleSeat so that both kids can have a road view! This position is suitable if the two kids are similar in age. No one complains!  
  • Parent-facing Toddler Seat & Frontfacing RumbleSeat: We adore this versatile seating position. Since every child has different needs, UPPAbaby recognizes that. You can chat with the younger one to keep her busy while the older one can enjoy the sights in the second seat AKA RumbleSeat. The upper adaptors can be positioned higher so that you can easily chit-chat with your baby.   
  • Parent-facing Toddler Seat and RumbleSeat: Both children can face their parents with the use of an upper adapter. Both seats recline at the same time. Seeing plenty of space between the seats to move both kids up and down from the stroller, we truly admire it.  
  • Parent-facing Toddler Seat and Carrycot: This seating arrangement is excellent for a toddler and a newborn. While the newborn sleeps inside the carrycot in the second seat, the toddler can easily interact with you.   
  • Two Carrycots: Only newborn twins can be in two carrycots attached to the Vista V2, and it is incredible! The only thing that we did not like is that the bottom carrycot brushes the higher carrycot. Don’t worry! You can opt for it unhesitantly. There is enough space to get both babies in and out of the carrycots.  
  • Toddler Seat, RumbleSeat, and PiggyBack Board: A bit of a fancy feature of Vista V2 is that it can hook up to three kiddos at the same time! But it can work for some parents. The PiggyBack Board is hanging to the rear frame, and your grown-up toddler can get a ride for himself.   
  • Parent-facing RumbleSeat, and Car Seat: Your nappy baby can have her sleep in the car seat attached to the upper adapter, so you can keep an eye out often while having chit-chat with your toddler in the lower seat.   
  • Front-facing RumbleSeat, and Car Seat: Another excellent option for when you want to keep a close eye on your newborn in their car seat but your toddler is wide awake and wants to have a look outside. The UPPAbaby MESA car seat fits straight onto the frame without an adapter, but you will need car seat adapters for other brands.  
  • Two Car Seats: The Vista V2 can carry your twins together while you are out. If you have them, then this unique solution is two car seats. Consider taking twins for short car trips or hitting stores for groceries.   

Terrain Capacity

The Vista V2 is durable, designed, and formed with premium material to last for a long time. It can handle multiple terrains such as grassy fields, marble ground, bumpy roads, and a plain surface. 

But the Vista V2 is not a jogging stroller. You should not take it to run or jog. The best Jogging strollers have large, air-filled tubes and suspensions capable of dealing with all sorts of shocks from rough terrain. Although the brand-new Vista V2 boasts all-terrain sustainable tires, with the front wheel lock option, the Vista also has removable and reversible seats and tires made of soft PU material. We do not recommend UPPAbaby Vista for jogging, running, or hiking. If you need an upgraded terrain capacity, check out this upgraded stroller – UPPAbaby Ridge with foam-filled tire to go smoother on any surface.

On rougher terrains, the Vista V2 will get you through, but can it replace an all-terrain stroller? The answer is, No. Although the demanding Vista V2 can handle multiple terrains, all-terrain strollers have the off-road capacity that the Vista V2 lacks. The brand-new Vista V2 has softer wheels with removable seats. These are not perfect off-road features. It is more than happy in grassy or gravel turfs or maneuvering on park surfaces. If you plan to take your baby into woods, hiking, or rural area very often, we suggest you buy a specialist off-road stroller as a secondary stroller.   

What adapters do you need for UPPAbaby VISTA V2?  

The UPPAbaby Vista V2 can accommodate two kids and different infant car seats. It may be confusing to you whether it is upper or lower adapters for the stroller. What adapters do you need for UPPAbaby Vista V2? The answer is, if you want to use an infant car seat except for the UPPAbaby MESA, you have to buy a car seat adapter. UPPAbaby MESA car seats on the UPPAbaby Vista do not require any adapters. If you are going with your Vista as a double stroller, you may need an upper adapter or lower adapter, depending on how you need to place both of your kids on the stroller.  

The upper adapter is required for the below configurations:  

  • Infant car seat in upper position + Second seat/RumbleSeat in the lower position   
  • Toddler seat in upper position + Second seat/RumbleSeat in the lower position (you will get more legroom if you use an upper adapter)  
  • Toddler seat in upper position + bassinet in the lower position   
  • Two infant car seats   
  • Two bassinets   

The lower adapter is required for the below configurations:  

  • Toddler seat in upper position + bassinet in the lower position  
  • Toddler seat in upper position + infant car seat in the lower position  
  • Two bassinets  
  • Two infant car seats  

Pro Tips: If you opt for a different car seat other than the MESA Infant Car seat by UPPAbaby, ask for adapters compatible with that car seat. Most car seat brand also sells adapters. 

Is UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Worth It? 

The brand-new Vista V2 can be single or double and can hold car seats, bassinets, carrycots facing forward or rear, and even a stroller board. It is by far the most functional and versatile stroller on the market. It has a maximum storage option that is enough for most parents and a lot of cool features. Every part of this great Vista V2 and its accessories has been carefully thought out, so you won’t miss anything.

The most important thing is that the stroller gives you a user experience that you will never forget. It is very smooth, luxurious, and elegant. This stroller comes in a lot of color options. Vista V2 boasts fashionable colors, trendy colors to choose from. Its downsides are that it is heavier, bigger, and slightly pricier than its competitors, but our experience with this stroller is fantastic. We are mesmerized by its brand value, overall experience, and we are satisfied and insistently recommend that it is worth every cent spent on it. 

This Vista V2 is not the right stroller for you if you need a stroller that folds compactly. Vista V2 is on the bulkier side. It is more extensive than the ultra-lightweight umbrella, or you will not use the stroller often. In that case, it would be a pricier investment. Or, You will travel a lot. It weighs about 27 lbs. It may not fit all the transport you take on your way.  

If you are not among the parents listed above, the UPPAbaby Vista is a must-consider option for the rest of you. It’s not just that the UPPAbaby brand ranks among the top baby strollers. Vista V2 is what we call a “significant upgrade” in this premium lineup. It is well worth the price. Its competitors are indeed priced lower. Considering the UPPAbaby Vista V2 is a premium and luxurious, all-around stroller, it is well worth the price and the brand value you will receive.  

The UPPAbaby Vista V2 was released in February 2020. Onwards, this fashionable and versatile stroller is on sale in 9 trendy and fashionable colors. Choose one that suits you most.   

Carrying Vista V2  

Vista V2 comes with a bag to carry it. The impressive thing is that you can gate-check your bag, and it’s easy to roll around in the airport.   

Let us show you how to put UPPAbaby VISTA in a travel bag.   

It is time to fold it down, and the stroller will automatically lock into place. Now remove the wheels.   

Now unroll the bag, undo the velcro strap. Open the bag. Now open the wheel with the grey button provided; just press it, and then pull the wheels out. Get the wheels closely attached and put them in the separate bag provided in the travel bag. Then remove the bumper bar. Then put your stroller, as shown in the picture, at the inner bottom of the bag. Put the bumper bar in the particular pocket provided in the bag. Remember, if you don’t put things accordingly, it will be tough to zip the bag. Then put the wheel bag within the stroller. And zip it. Put on the Velcro strap and make the fabric loop with the strap. The bag rolls super easily with wheels on it. Now you can get going for a travel.  

How to Clean UPPAbaby VISTA V2?  

A tune-up once in a while is a better option since whenever something spills, like coffee, or juice, it is not practical to remove the fabrics and machine wash or hand wash. A simple tune-up can do the trick. Let me show you how:   

Wipe down your frame with a mild household spray cleaner.

You can use a leather cleaner and conditioner on your handlebar and also on your bumper bar to keep those two looking nice and new.

For your fabrics, a mild household spray cleaner is an excellent, easy way to do an at-home tune-up; it’s strongly recommended not to use bleach.

Spray the fabric and scrub it. Leave it on your VISTA to dry. DO NOT USE DRY CLEANING OR IRONING. Do store the stroller wet.

Once you do any spot cleaning, make sure it dries thoroughly before folding it up and storing it.   

But you can also spot clean. Spray the fabric, leave it to dry, and voila! 

The same goes for your canopy. It’s easy to spot and clean the canopy while it’s on the frame. You can spray the whole top, scrub it and leave it out to dry. Leave it open, and it’ll clean up quite nicely.  

Cleaning bassinet fabrics  

Little ones can make a big mess on the bassinet! The good part is that you can take all of its inner fabrics out of the bassinet and go for a machine wash. Here is how:  

  • The mattress pad cover zips off.  
  • The inside wall liner zips off.  
  • Machine wash with cold water, on a gentle cycle, and with mild detergent.
  • Air dry, flat, away from direct sunlight.
  • Once dry, zip them back on.

Note that all the Vista fabrics, including those in the bassinet, seats, and accessories are machine washable. For any big mess, remove the canopy and seat fabric from the frame. Fill your sink or tub with water and 3-4 capfuls of mild detergent and hand wash, or go for a machine wash with cold water on a gentle cycle.  

Saltwater cleaning tips:

  • If the stroller frame gets in contact with salt water, we strongly advise that it be rinsed with fresh water to avoid corrosion.  
  • For the longevity of VISTA’s fabric, do not leave it in direct sunlight for more than needed.

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Review: Final Words

We are at the end of our UPPAbaby Vista V2 review. In fact, there are few left to include about this remarkable stroller. Even in 2022, where the flux of stroller models is flooding the market every year. This gem of a stroller is still relevant, and worth every buck spent. That’s why it is yet so popular and rated highly. Thanks for your time. Hope this UPPAbaby Vista V2 review helps you make your purchase decision.


1. How do I adjust the harness straps on the VISTA V2? 

The 5-point harness system in Vista V2 is a handy upgrade that allows hassle-free harness adjustment. It is non-rethread, so you don’t have to detach anything to adjust the shoulder height according to your baby’s. Just pull up and down the harness strap accordingly. Reattach the clip to the desired harness loop that fits best for your child.

2. How to adjust the UPPAbaby VISTA V2 seat?    

First time setting up the UPPAbaby VISTA V2? It’s effortless to attach the seat /primary seat/ toddler seat to the stroller’s frame as soon as you open up the frame. Look for the adapter placed in the middle of the frame. Cling the seat into the adapter. You are done here! Ow, it would help if you took note: you can reverse the seat, front-facing or rear-facing. Interesting, isn’t it? For the second seat AKA RumbleSeat, you will need a separate adapter. 

3. Is the UPPAbaby VISTA bassinet safe for sleeping? 

The premium materials in the construction made the bassinet safe for newborn sleep. Yes, this UPPAbaby bassinet is approved and safe for sleeping. Your newborn can have sound overnight sleep in this bassinet.

4. How to remove the bassinet from UPPAbaby VISTA?  

It is super easy and more accessible than removing the car seats or toddler seats. Find the button on the top of the canopy. Click it and take out the bassinet. As simple as that. No looking up for side buttons, no hassle at all, and you are good to go! It takes out with one click as you attach it.  

5. Does chicco keyfit 30, Nuna Pipa fit in UPPAbaby VISTA V2?

Yes, they are on the list of car seats compatible with Vista V2. You can easily adjust them to the frame with adapters.

6. Can you use the Graco car seat with UPPAbaby VISTA V2?

No. Graco Car Seat models are not compatible with Vista V2 strollers. In other words, there are no adapters available to set Graco Car Seats to the UPPAbaby VISTA V2 stroller.

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