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What Is A Stroller Blanket: Why Stroller Blankets Are Must-Have Accessories!

By Jennifer Ward

We often go to places where brisk changes in the weather are likely to happen. In harsh weather conditions (snow or rain), a blanket can help us protect ourselves. For protecting the baby in strollers, cozy and warm stroller blankets can be a great solution. So, what is a stroller blanket? A stroller blanket is a cover specially designed to wrap your baby in a stroller or a car seat blanket. Stroller blankets can also be used to protect them from the sun’s rays. This post scrutinizes “what is a stroller blanket,” the ins and outs of these blankets, and why you need one.

What is a stroller blanket?

First things first, stroller blankets are essential accessories for parents who are on the move with their babies. These blankets are small, like throw blankets, to protect babies from wind, rain, and snow and offer the warmth your baby deserves.

How to Find the Best Stroller Blanket?

Made of Comfortable Materials.

stroller blanket

The material of a stroller blanket should be comfortable. Breathable fabrics are preferred. The best quality stroller blankets come in cotton fabric with plush to offer maximum warmth in a harsh environment. Premium stroller blankets use organic materials.

Pick the Right Size.

Not too small that it fails to cover the baby. Babies tend to move a lot in a stroller. A big blanket is OK. It should not be too big for your baby to move around. Make sure to buy the one that fits inside the stroller. There is no specific size I can recommend; the right size for a stroller blanket also depends on your baby’s size.

Safety is Your Concern.

In terms of material, make sure your baby is not allergic to the fabric and that it is suitable for your baby’s sensitive skin. I recommend choosing a blanket that protects your baby in a harsh environment. Otherwise, what’s the point of buying one?

Types of Stroller Blankets

There are two categories of strollers available in the market—lightweight and heavyweight.

Lightweight Blankets

Lightweight blankets are made of cotton or other breathable fabrics. They are typically large so that you can customize them according to your needs. So, you can give more padding around the legs or other sensitive body parts.

  • Large in size
  • Allow adding more layers if needed.  
  • All season uses     
  • Not too warm for extreme cold weather     

Heavyweight Blankets

Heavyweight blankets use cotton materials like knits, thermals, polyesters, etc. These stroller blankets are great for extreme cold weather. Easy to use and manageable, these stroller blankets are bulkier than lightweight blankets and are unsuitable for typically warm weather due to overheating.

  • Warm and comfortable.
  • Great for extreme cold weather.  
  • All season uses     
  • Bulky in weight.

When to Use a Stroller Blanket:

Stroller blankets protect your baby while in a stroller in difficult weather conditions. These stroller blankets can be used while your baby is on a ride. Many of these blankets are used for car seats; if you are creative enough, they can substitute the regular baby blankets when needed.

Many stroller blankets, especially lightweight ones, are all-season blankets, which you can use to protect the baby in both the summer and cold weather. So, they are convenient accessories that make life easy during travel.

If your baby needs a car seat, it’s highly recommended not to wear heavy coats even in colder environments; a stroller blanket can keep your baby cozy while on a ride.

Why Should You Use a Stroller Blanket?

What Is a Stroller Blanket

I hope you get what is a stroller blanket and when to use it. Still, if you need some more reasons, here is what you need to know.

A baby’s skin is susceptible to weather conditions and changes. The sun’s rays can damage baby skin, i.e., cause rashes, dehydration, etc., while the colder environment may be equally dangerous.

While you are traveling with your baby, drastic changes in the environment might occur. Babies do not respond too well as adults. Owning a stroller blanket can be a lifesaver in such situations. A stroller blanket protects your baby, keeps them comfortable, and helps avoid sickness.

So, parents who travel with their baby a lot should consider a stroller blanket an essential baby accessory; I strongly advise that it’s convenient to have on the go! While buying one, keep in mind the purchase of a weather-appropriate stroller blanket.


Stroller blankets are specially made to cover your baby in a stroller. I hope this post answers all your queries on what is a stroller blanket. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

What Is a Stroller Blanket: FAQ

Is the stroller blanket worth it?

Stroller blankets are made to keep your little one comfortable in harsh weather conditions. Whether in cool or warm weather, with a stroller blanket, you can offer the warmth your baby needs. If you are traveling with a stroller, a stroller blanket is an essential accessory to carry along with you. So, a stroller blanket is worth your dime if you often go out with your baby.

Are fleece blankets safe for babies?

Any blankets made of fleece are not recommended in warm weather. In a cold environment, fleece blankets offer more comfort. Check if the fleece blanket is BPA-free to ensure the product is safe and harmless for your baby.

Do stroller blankets work as car seat covers?

Stroller blankets can function as car seat covers. A seat cover is a car seat accessory made of soft and comfortable materials to protect your baby from direct sunrays, wind, etc. and keep your baby cozy and warm, just like a stroller blanket.

How to keep your baby warm in a stroller?

During winter, follow the tips to keep your baby warm in the winter:

1) Wear cotton onesie
It’s always better to start with the base, and footed onesies are best for infants so they cannot kick off the socks. Care to choose organic, soft, and breathable fabric.

2) Use a stroller blanket or stroller cover
In winter, stroller blankets can be your lifesaver. Caution: avoid a baby pulling a blanket up over their face.

3) Go for a short walk
Don’t assume that the chilly season is bad for babies. They thrive in the winter months. A short walk is great for a baby’s development; it can raise the baby’s spirit and spice up the post-partum life.

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