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What Is A Tandem Stroller? The Ultimate Guide

By Jennifer Ward

Tandem strollers are for those who have two babies, expecting a single or twin. These strollers are equipped with two seats, with one seat in front of another. These regular strollers usually come with ample storage capacity for all your baby essentials.  

Tandem strollers are best for malls or city streets. In many tandem models, both seats are modular. So, you can have both children face each other, or face you or the world. This stroller offers plenty of seat configurations that allows customization according to your need.

Difference between Tandem and Side-by-Side Strollers  

Tandem and side-by-side both fall into the double stroller category. They also offer two seats and similar functions. So, here’s a simple rundown of their difference.  

As the name suggests, side-by-side strollers have both seats placed right beside each other. In many models both the seats can be reclined separately. Side by side strollers typically have similar weight capacity and great for twin toddlers.

Both the stroller seats are not removable. 

Side-by-side strollers are much broader in width than Tandems, may not easily move through narrow doorways and corridors.

Regarding the tandem stroller, one seat is placed right in front of the another. Most models has removable seats, supports bassinet, and car seats with the aid of the adapter. Tandem strollers take as little space as a single stroller.

In many models back sitting may cramp for leg space.

The baby sitting in the back seat may find very little leg space in specific configuration.

  The choice between side-by-side strollers and tandem strollers solely depends on your requirement.

9 Things to Consider Before Buying A Tandem Stroller  

A wide range of tandem strollers is available. To assist you to find the most suitable, here are things you should consider before buying a Tandem stroller: 

Tandem Stroller
  1. Robust frame: Most tandem strollers feature a durable aluminum frame. If your toddlers are grown up, the best durable stroller will let the stroller with your family for a long.
  2. Storage Capacity: Having two babies in a single stroller means you may have to carry double kid products. You need to see if the stroller basket is big enough to hold all the necessary items that you will need for both of your children, especially when you are traveling.  
  3. Independent reclining seats: Since babies are different from one another, they might have preferences in different reclining. One might choose to take a nap, while the other explores the world. So it’s essential that both seats must recline separately and independently.
  4. Weight Capacity: Check both the baby’s weight and the weight capacity of the seats. Note that toddlers grow quickly, make sure baby weight and stroller seat weight capacity matches for now and for a certain period. So that the stroller stays with your family for long.
  5. Folding Mechanism: You might consider traveling with both the kids, for the stroller must be easy to fold and unfold. The easier the better, unless the travel might become troublesome for you.
  6. Easily Portable: If you are going out frequently with your child, then having a lightweight double stroller and easy to carry will be necessary. It’s essential that the stroller must fit in the car trunk easily.   
  7. Easy to Store: The bulkier tandem strollers take up more space than the single strollers. Make sure it fits in your storage area. Check if there is a compact fold option, and removable wheel option so that the stroller can be stored easily without any hassle.
  8. Adequate leg space: In most strollers, the back sitter baby will usually have less footrest and it may cause inconvenience and discomfort. So keep in mind enough seating space for both of your babies.  
  9. Travel Compatible: Traveling with the stroller is made easy with car seats, especially if you have an infant. It will allow you to easily baby in and out of the car and make travel flawless.

Final Verdict  

Tandem strollers are a bit bulkier and more expensive than their single counterparts. But for parents with two children, it is the easiest way to get around. Many models these days come with an adapter option to make room for a second stroller. Some models come with an adapter out of the box. Tandem strollers, unlike side-by-side stroller, are easy to maneuver and can fit into almost any door you can imagine, and comes with varying configurations. So, while making your choice on a particular stroller, you will need to consider your lifestyle and what’s most suitable for your children.

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