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When Can You Take A Baby To The Beach: Tips, Hacks & What You Must Consider!

By Jennifer Ward

Many of us start planning beach outings as soon as summer kicks in. But when can you take a baby to the beach? There’s no hard and fast age rule for babies; you can take your child whenever you like. But for babies below 6 months, it’s imperative to avoid direct exposure to the sun as much as possible.  

When Can You Take A Baby To The Beach

I must add there is no fixed age range. I always took my babies (Lily, Layla, and Jason) to the beach since they were 8 weeks or older. Tips’ that I have included below made my beach holidays full of fun. Go through the post to know when can you take your baby to the beach, and all the essential tips and beach hacks so you can have a memorable beach outing with your baby every time. 

Is It Safe to Take A Newborn to The Beach?   

Yes, it is safe to take a newborn to the beach. But Babies who are under 6 months old can be affected by sun exposure. So, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants younger than six months should be kept away from direct sun to prevent sunburn and other health hazards related to overheating.   

Besides, the skin of a newborn baby usually lacks Melanin. What is Melanin? Melanin is a pigment in the body that protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. But due to the lack of Melanin, a baby’s skin burns more than the adults. So, it’s best to keep babies out of direct sunlight and try to keep babies cool at the beach.   

Safety Tips When You Are Near Water with Your Baby   

Taking a baby younger than six months into a water body like a beach or pool is not recommended. However, there are some tips and hacks to ensure the baby’s safety when you’re near the water with your baby:  

  • Hold the baby: Make sure to keep hold of the baby all the time when you are in the water and be in shallow water where you can easily keep hold of the baby firmly.   
  • Keep the baby’s head above the water: When your baby is in water, ensure you keep your baby’s head above the water so they will avoid swallowing salty water. Swallowing water could lead to diseases like vomiting, diarrhea, and so on.   
  • Practice touch supervision: Practicing touch means making sure that the baby stays within arm’s reach of adults when they are near water.  
  • Keep check of current: When any undertow and swift current is going on the sea, do not let the baby go near the water, and don’t even get in the water while holding them.    

What To Consider Before Taking Baby to The Beach?   

1. Age   

I pretty much loved to take all my babies to the beach since they were newborns. There’s no hard and fast age limit about when babies can be taken to the water. But a common rule that most of us follow is to wait until the baby is at least two months old. Waiting for the period allows the baby’s immune system to build up.    

2. Time of the Day    

Babies are way more vulnerable to the effects of UV rays than adults. So, avoiding being hit by direct sunlight is recommended until the baby is six months. If you are heading out with a baby under six months, avoid the peak hours between 10 am to 4 pm. It’s best to visit a beach with the baby in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is setting; UV rays are less harmful during that time.   

3. Temperature    

Temperature plays an important role while going to the beach with your baby. If you take your baby during the hottest part of the day, your baby might get stressed and sick. In the same way, the seawater temperature needs to be between 82°F–86°F (28°C–30°C) since infants cannot regulate their body temperature like toddlers.   

4. Length of the Time    

When I took Jason out to the beach this summer, I took him out for only 1 hour. So, I suggest making the beach trip shorter when a baby below six months is with you and not considering or planning a full day-long outing, especially when it’s the first time. Later, you can adjust your length of stay on the beach from time to time, depending on the baby’s growth.  

5. Find a Shelter    

Now, if you plan to spend the whole day on the beach, remember to bring shelter that can adequately shade the baby. Look for lounge chairs, umbrellas, or beach rent cabanas if you are on private beaches or resorts. Otherwise, bringing your baby’s beach stroller or a beach tent can be the savior.  

When Can You Take A Baby To The Beach

Can I Take My 1-month-old Baby to The Beach?   

Yes, you can take a 1-month-old baby to the beach, but it’s highly recommended not to take them to the beach. One-month-old baby’s body and skin are very sensitive, and immunity has not yet developed. So, you should be careful while planning a beach trip with your newborn. These essential beach hacks for the baby might help you prepare beforehand. I would suggest keeping the adventure as short as possible.  

When Can You Take A Baby to The Beach: Wrapping Up   

Babies are adorable and at the same time delicate too. So, when planning a beach outing, one common confusion is- when can you take a baby to the beach. To be honest, these beach hacks and tips I have included in this post are not only to make my beach vacations hassle-free but also to ensure your babies’ fun with proper guards throughout your beach trip. I hope this article helps you with all your queries. If you have any more confusion, leave your comment below.    

FAQ: When Can You Take A Baby to The Beach

Can you take a newborn swimming?   

It’s a good idea to avoid taking a newborn baby swimming for at least two months. Babies are more vulnerable to colds and fevers at that time.    

Can I put a 3-month-old in the pool?  

Yes, you can put a 3-month-old in the pool; but you have to be extra careful, making sure the water is at least lukewarm so that your baby does not catch a cold easily. Always keep the baby under adult supervision and keep the baby’s head above the water.   

Can I take my 2-week-old to the beach?   

Even though there is no rule on when can you take a baby to the beach, I would say a 2-week-old baby is very vulnerable to the sun. So, I would recommend avoiding the beach when the baby is only two weeks old. 

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