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Can You Gate Check A Double Stroller: Rules You Need To Know

By Jennifer Ward

Most airlines recommend carrying a collapsible, small, lightweight stroller. It’s pretty easy to gate-check an umbrella stroller. But what about double strollers? Can you gate check a double stroller?  

The answer is, yes, you can gate check a double stroller. Generally, the rule is usually one stroller and one car seat for one baby. So, if you are traveling with two babies, you can gate check a double stroller. 

Back in 2021, I haven’t been traveling for more than a year then. Soon after vaccination, I had to fly to Houston with my two kids at their aunts. I was anxious about whether I had to send the stroller to baggage checking or be able to gate-check for hassle-free transportation. So, I have researched a lot, talked to parents with prior experience, and finally went through the airplane policies to get a heads-up before the trip. 

To make sure it’s an easy job for you, too, in this post, I have rounded up all you need to know about the gate-checking stroller, whether can you gate check a double stroller, and so on. Let’s find out what the rules have to say!  

Tips on how can you gate check a double stroller  

  1. Before even booking a ticket, check if the airline allows gate checking. If the airline allows, don’t forget to check if there are any size and weight limitations.  
  1. Remove any snack trays and other accessories to ensure that the stroller is folded properly.  
  1. Your stroller will need to go through airport security. It will be x-rayed and scanned like your luggage. 
  1. Now that you have entered the airport, go to the boarding pass and inform the gate check attendant that you want to gate-check the stroller. The attendant will give you a luggage tag you need to put on the stroller bag.  
  1. After tagging your stroller bag during a departure, you will leave your stroller at the jetway before you board the plane.  
  1. When you reach your destination, the flight attendant may prepare it for you to pick up.  

Pro Tips:  

  1. Some airlines have separate parent boarding sections, which make it pretty convenient to gate-check a stroller.  
  2. Make sure to come to the airport before the pre-boarding hassle-free onboarding. 

What Kind Of Stroller Can I Take On A Plane? 

There isn’t any hard and fast rule of which type of strollers is allowed. But every airline has different policies on onboarding a stroller. You can get on board with a stroller on a plane in two ways by gate-checking the stroller and by bringing the stroller on an airplane overhead bin.  

Even though all airplanes have rules for the stroller, a quick suggestion from me would be that the smaller the stroller, the better it is. So, you may hand carry the stroller and stack it in the overhead compartment, and it also gives you the benefit of traveling hassle-free.   

Stroller Size Allowed On Plane 

Different airlines have specific allowances for traveling with a stroller. To give you an idea, most airlines allow strollers to be gate checked or carried without cost if it’s below 20 lbs which is the same as recommended for a double stroller for Disney Below I have rounded up a few of the popular airline’s stroller policies.  

American Airlines – doesn’t allow any stroller in the cabin- in their stroller policy, every seat purchase is permitted to carry 1 stroller and 1 car seat free of charge. However, only strollers below 20 lbs or 9 kg can be gate-checked. Others need to be checked at the ticket counter along with oversized baggage.  

Air Canada – doesn’t allow in the cabin this airline strongly recommends an umbrella stroller. Any stroller that doesn’t is less than 36 inches can be checked free of charge at the boarding gate. Other oversized strollers will need to be checked at the baggage counter.  

British Airwaysallows stroller in the cabin If you have a fully collapsible stroller lightweight stroller, then you can take this stroller right to the aircraft door. The maximum dimensions should be (117cm x 38cm x 38cm/46in x 15in x 15in) when entirely collapsed. They do not recommend any large strollers, however; the airlines also state that if there’s enough space, they would still try to adjust your stroller even if it’s larger.  

Etihad – Doesn’t allow any stroller in the cabin- Along with the baby’s checked-in baggage, the airlines allow a car seat and stroller free of cost. For guests arriving in Abu Dhabi, the airlines offer a complementary orange stroller, which you can use when available in the terminal close to the gate.  

Can You Gate Check A Double Stroller

Do you need a double stroller bag for an airplane?  

Whether you carry a single stroller or a double stroller, a stroller bag is a savior while boarding a plane with a stroller, and at the same time, it allows you to carry the stroller easily. Some strollers come with their stroller bag out of the box. But if you don’t have a bag, consider investing in a decently padded stroller bag. It will also protect your stroller from any mishap during a flight. 

Can You Gate Check A Double Stroller: Wrapping Up 

Before wrapping, I must add that while traveling, don’t expect the stroller to be taken on board every time. Make sure to go through the stroller policies of the airline beforehand to avoid any unwanted drama at the airport. I guess I have answered all your queries on whether can you gate check a double stroller. If you have any more questions, do comment down below.  

Meta: Concerned whether “can you gate check a double stroller?” Well, every airline has its rules. If you want to know how to gate-check a double stroller, go through this article to find out! 

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