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How To Grocery Shop With A Baby At Ease And Earn The Badge

By Jennifer Ward

Going to the grocery store with a baby may feel like an adventure for new parents. Even though you might be hesitant to embark on such an adventure with your baby, you might think of skipping it sometimes, but can you afford to miss groceries? Initially, first-timers may struggle even thinking about how to grocery shop with a baby, but I suggest not to panic; it’s not rocket science! To help parents ace groceries with a baby, I have included all the essential tips and tricks on how to grocery shop with a baby easily. Scroll below to enlighten yourself and be the champion you are!

How To Grocery Shop With A Baby: Tips for You  

The Timing is Crucial   

Babies can get fussy, especially when they are hungry. So, the best time to get out is soon after feeding. If it’s after a nap, you may be lucky enough to do the grocery shopping with ease without any tense moments. If you are doing groceries with a newborn, try not to hit the stores during peak hours since newborns may not feel comfortable in crowded stores.   

Gear Up    

Babies are needy, so we moms should be prepared all the time. Grocery shopping with a baby requires more preparation from our side. Carry a bag with all the baby essentials, such as a diaper bag, pacifier, and a set of clothes and favorite toys, to keep them engaged throughout the grocery time. 

gear up

Parking Spot Can Ease Up Things   

With a baby, the best parking spot isn’t the closest one to where you can go out; it’s the one next to the shopping cart return stall! It’s the best because you can instantly load and unload your items in the car without much movement with the baby (that’s the hassle we would much like to avoid!).   

Organize, Before You Begin  

Organizing beforehand is a crucial way to shop with a baby stress-free. Before heading to the store, make a list, arrange it by aisle, pack all the essentials (forgetting might dissuade you from doing it ever!), and fix the priority before you move on. In this way, you will soon become an expert and worry less about how to grocery with a baby.     

Shop The Priority First   

If you can fix your priority, shop for the essential products first; you never know if the baby will turn cranky, and you may need to return home abruptly. So, you don’t miss out on anything of priority and need to go and hit the shop again.   

Bring Someone with You    

It doesn’t have to be you only; it’s best if you can bring someone alongside if you are stressed out going alone. Ask someone who can go with you. Let someone help you manage things. In between, learn more about the baby, and observe if the baby enjoys doing groceries or not. Maybe shopping is your baby’s forte!  

One store only    

Most of us like to hit 2-3 stores together while shopping, but it can be difficult to roam around with the baby for a long time. So, if possible, choose the best store where you can find most of the things you want.    

Take it easy    

Don’t stress yourself. Everything may seem like chaos, and things might not go as planned. Babies turn fussy at times, especially in unfamiliar places. Don’t feel embarrassed; that’s what babies do, and it’s completely normal. Don’t get frustrated if the baby doesn’t let you do the entire grocery run. If you are successful, pat yourself. Otherwise, learn from your mistakes, and you will do better next time! 

How To Take Newborn to Grocery Store?   

Using A Baby Carrier    

Thinking about how to grocery shop with a baby? A baby carrier can be a great solution. A baby carrier will allow you to keep your hands free as well as the space in the cart. So, you can do more groceries with more freedom and finish them easily, almost like when you go shopping alone.  

Moreover, the baby would always feel safe and secure in the baby carrier. Kids love being snuggled up to mom and remain calm this way. A baby carrier can also allow the baby to have a quick nap while shopping. Another benefit is that you can switch positions, front or back, so you don’t have to get much strain while carrying a baby. 

How To Grocery Shop With A Baby in baby carrier

Invest in a Shopping Cart Hammock   

A shopping cart hammock is the next best option while shopping. It keeps the baby relaxed and happy. Its hammock-like clothing attaches to the grocery cart allowing the baby to hang out. This option is way safer than placing a car seat on the cart, but now and then, keep a close eye on the baby, and you should never walk away from the cart while the baby is on the hammock. 

Consider a stroller   

Finally, if all the other options haven’t clicked, you can always go for a compact stroller. Strollers come with additional storage baskets that can be used for groceries. A stroller with bigger storage underneath can replace the shopping cart itself! However, you always have the option of a shopping cart if the storage basket space is insufficient.   

Grocery shopping with a stroller, what’s the prize? A stroller offers much more comfortable for your baby than a shopping cart hammock or baby carrier.  

How To Put A Baby In A Shopping Cart?   

Most people think putting the baby car seat on the cart is a safe option. It’s not safe. You should never try balancing the baby’s car seat on top of the toddler seat. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, trying to do so would increase the chance of both the cart and car seats tipping over. Even though, at first, it might seem very secure while balancing the baby’s car seat.   

Instead, you can put the baby on the cart with a shopping cart hammock. This piece of fabric attaches to the cart, keeping the baby safe and secure. This option is said to be safer than other options. But to keep the baby safe, you can try options to avoid the shopping cart. 

How To Grocery Shop With A Baby in shopping cart

How To Grocery Shop with a Baby Sitting in the Shopping Cart?    

The lap belt found on shopping carts doesn’t offer the support an early baby needs. So, it is recommended to put a baby in the shopping cart once they are able to sit up well by themselves. Here are some tips you can follow while sitting in the shopping cart.   

  • Shopping carts are not highly stable; keep an eye on your baby while in the cart now and then.   
  • Do not put the harmful product around your baby or any put product that comes with weak packaging.   
  • Choose the grocery carts that come with built-in infant seats if available  
  • Buy a seat cover to keep the babies more secure and comfortable in the cart.    

How To Grocery Shop With A Car Seat?   

To grocery shop with a car seat, you need to either carry the car seat in a grocery cart or a stroller. So, your hands will be free, and you can shop easily. Infant car seats are large in size and typically heavier. Putting a car seat may take up most of the space. There is a bottom shelf in a cart, and you can make use of it for groceries. A grocery cart hammock will be the safer alternative to a car seat.  

There is a grocery cart that is compatible with a car seat. Check with the staff if the store has those. These carts have an easy click-in feature and are car seat friendly.    

If you are unable to find those, alternatively, attach the shopping cart hammock to the sides of the cart and secure it with a Velcro strap. It’s easier and safer than putting a car seat on a shopping cart.  

How To Put A Baby In A Shopping Cart_   

How To Put A Car Seat In A Grocery Cart?   

Grocery carts are meant for groceries and not for car seats. However, some grocery carts allow you to securely set your car seat on top. If you do not notice any car seat-compatible carts, you can always ask the staff if they are available.  

Or if you can’t find a car seat-compatible grocery cart, then put the seat in the main basket of the cart. This way, the seat can’t fall off the cart and won’t lead to the cart being heavy. Obviously, the seat would take up quite a lot of the shopping space, so to fit more things into carts, some parents take two or more shopping baskets and place them on the bottom shelf.   

If you had to put the car seat on top of the cart, there is still plenty of space for keeping some groceries around the baby. If you keep groceries there, make sure no harmful products are around the baby.   

How To Grocery Shop with a Baby: Wrapping Up    

Grocery shopping with a baby needs some extra planning. But once you have figured out how to grocery shop with a baby, it’s not that tough a nut to crack. I hope my article helps you figure out the solution that you are looking for. Thanks for reading.  


When Can You Take Your Newborn to the Grocery Store?

You can take the baby out whenever you feel okay, but it’s best to wait for at least 4–6 months to take the newborn grocery shopping.

When can babies sit in a shopping cart? 

Babies can sit in the shopping cart when they are 6 to 7 months old. At this time, the baby can sit for some time. However, it’s recommended to make babies sit in the cart when they can sit for an extended time.

Can you put a car seat in the shopping cart?   

Yes, you can put a car seat on a shopping cart. However, that’s not recommended if you can’t find a car seat-compatible cart. If you can’t figure out how to do it for more detailed information, go through our article above on how to grocery shop with a baby.

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