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5 Stroller Accessories You Must Have This Winter

By Jennifer Ward

The air is getting chillier by the day, and winter is just around the corner. With less than a month left for the cold weather to kick in with its full fury, you should start thinking about your baby’s comfort when you go outdoors together.  

You may have considered the winter months while picking up the perfect pushchair for your little one. But even some of the best strollers need the right accessories to keep your baby comfortable outdoors. Mount Washington has already faced a few bouts of snowfall, and the observatory said this winter will be unpredictable.  

So you must think of ways to winterproof your stroller and make arrangements to carry all that extra stuff you’ll need while you and your baby face the cold weather. Let’s talk about some of the must-have stroller accessories you should consider for yourself and your baby this winter. 

5 Stroller Accessories 


A footmuff can be useful when you’re out with your baby in a pushchair, especially during long walks or when the weather is too cold. Footmuffs are padded and insulated covers with soft fleece-like material and are designed to fit over the stroller’s footrest so your kid’s feet stay warm in cold weather.  

I would recommend finding one that you can strap securely with the pushchair so it doesn’t fall into a dirty puddle. You can go for a water-repellent footmuff if you aren’t carrying a rain cover and want to be prepared for snow or rain. If the winters are extremely cold where you live, opt for a thicker footmuff, or you can get a standard one and layer it up with a blanket or two.  

Rain Cover 

In February this year, Molly-Mae Hague was spotted pushing her daughter in an iCandy stroller that costs around $1500. The stroller features a built-in carrycot and a rain cover. But regular mothers cannot afford such fancy pushchairs and should always be prepared for a sudden downpour when they are out with their baby in a stroller.  

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that a rain cover will keep your baby warm and dry if it starts to snow. They are also effective in protecting your baby from chilly winds and can shield the stroller and your baby from dirt or debris. You can find inexpensive options in the market, but I recommend you buy one that fits your stroller perfectly and can be folded down for easy storage.  

High-performance rain covers are strong yet compact, and some of them also come with a zip, so you don’t have to remove the entire thing if you want to reach your baby. If you’re worried that your child might feel scared covered up in a plastic sheet, don’t worry. All rain covers have a covered see-through window so your child can watch the surroundings while you stroll. 

Best Stroller Rain Cover

Newborn Inlays 

I’m sure you’re aware that newborn babies and infants cannot regulate their body temperature as well as us adults. That’s why you must make the right arrangements to keep them warm. Newborn inlays are designed to keep babies up to 6 months of age warm and cozy in a stroller, making them the perfect stroller accessories for winter. Look for inlays with an inner strap to keep your baby secure in the stroller. 


An organizer is necessary not just for the baby’s stuff but for yours as well. You can keep diapers, wipes, food, and toys for your baby along with your phone, makeup, or other essentials. Most organizers have velcros, so you can hook them with the stroller’s handlebar. That way, things are easily reachable as and when you need them.  

Organizers for strollers come in various shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that fits your needs perfectly. You can also find one with insulated compartments if you want to carry hot coffee for yourself or warm milk for your baby. According to Lil & Mil, an organizer can significantly ease your and your baby’s life on a stroller.  

You will also find the best stroller organizers that can double up as a crossbody diaper bag. They have velcro straps to attach to your stroller and a long belt with a clip to turn it into a cross-body bag or fanny pack. These organizers can come in handy if you need to stow the stroller somewhere and carry your baby and belongings along with you, like on a train or a bus. They are also very useful when traveling with your baby and a stroller. 

best stroller organizer

Stroller Leash 

Professional surfer Bethany Hamilton was spotted rollerblading while pushing her stroller in June this year when she was due in three weeks. The shark attack survivor already had three kids and had her first baby girl in July. But unless you’re a professional athlete like her, I’m sure you occasionally feel scared of losing your grip on your stroller, just as most new mothers do.  

If you are scared of your stroller getting away from you while walking on snow or ice, a stroller leash is the perfect solution. There are many types of stroller leashes available in the market. Some are just straps you can attach to your stroller, while others are more sophisticated, with clips or hooks for better safety. You can choose one that fits your needs, but a stroller leash is a must to keep your child safe during winter walks. 

Final Words 

The right gear can make all the difference between a shivering, grumpy baby and a happy, content explorer. But remember, even the best gear is only part of the equation. I urge you to prioritize your kid’s safety by ensuring all stroller accessories are properly installed and used according to manufacturer instructions. With a little preparation and the essential accessories, you can create countless memories that will last a lifetime.

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