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Best Stroller Rain Cover To Safeguard Your Baby From Rain, Snow & Wind  

By Jennifer Ward

The best way to protect your baby in a stroller from harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, cold, or wind is to purchase a stroller rain cover. Since most stroller manufacturers do not include a rain cover in the box, we need to buy them separately.  While buying a stroller rain cover, we care whether it would fit it. 

Although it’s just a cover, I scrutinized the rain covers to find the best ones based on how well they can protect, their durability, and proper ventilation. After hours of research, I found the Manito Elegance Weather Sheild is the overall best stroller rain cover for its 100% waterproof, storage pouch, proper ventilation, UV shield, and see-through window. For a tandem stroller, I recommend the Aligle Weather Shield. If you need something else, check on the detailed review of my recommended 7 best stroller rain covers that money can buy now!   

List of the 7 Best Stroller Rain Cover 

Manito Elegance Plus Stroller Weather Shield (Best Overall)  

The Manito Weather shield rain cover fits almost every jogging and regular stroller. It’s made from high-quality water-repellent fabric and has a waterproof see-through window. It comes with a 99% UV-resistant sun protection shield to protect your baby’s skin. Apart from sun protection, this stroller rain cover ensures proper air flow with ventilation holes on either side. On top of it, this Manito stroller cover has a storage pouch to protect your essentials. To sum up, it’s highly protective from rain and sun, provides adequate ventilation, and is highly durable plus, it comes with a storage pouch, making it at the top of our best overall stroller rain cover list.  

  • High-quality water-repellent fabric  
  • Waterproof see-through window 
  • Side holes allow proper ventilation 
  • It comes with a sun protection shield   
  • Fits an array of strollers 
  • Comes with a storage pouch  
  • It may not fit ultra-compact or umbrella strollers. 

Bemece Stroller Rain Cover (Runner-Up) 

For your ultra compact or umbrella strollers, Bemece Stroller Rain Cover is the best choice as it is available in three different sizes to fit all types the strollers. This rain cover is made from durable vinyl construction and protects baby from rain, snow, or other weather havoc. While there is a waterproof zipper to prevent water from creeping in, there are Velcro straps on the sides to prevent flapping in the wind. On top of it, the cover has air holes on each side for proper airflow. However, the rain cover has no storage compartment, as found in the Manito Elegance Plus Weather Sheild. But this rain cover is worth considering with the mosquito net as an added perk. 

  • Waterproof window zippers  
  • Adequate ventilation 
  • Available in three different sizes 
  • Made from durable vinyl  
  • Comes with an insect net 
  • No storage compartment is available.  

BAOHUA Stroller Rain Cover (Most Durable) 

This stroller rain cover is made from highly durable polyester and, at the same time, offers decent protection from wind, snow, and dust. There is a UV protective window in the front of the rain cover for your baby to look around, and a mesh panel on either side of the stroller that allows proper airflow. The Baohua stroller rain cover fits almost every stroller. On top of it, it has a large storage pocket at the back, which is very handy for storing personal items and keeps them dry even during rain. 

  • All weather protection 
  • Window zippers are waterproof 
  • Adequate ventilation  
  • Fits every stroller  
  • Made from durable polyester 
  • See-through window for the baby  
  • Storage pouch
  • No mosquito nets  

Emoly Upgraded Universal Stroller Rain Cover (Best Universal Rain Cover) 

Emoly’s stroller rain cover is made from non-toxic, odorless, 100% durable, and protective EVA material and has Mesh panels on both sides of the rain cover for proper ventilation. The rain cover has a waterproof zipper and an easily accessible window. Even though Emoly has no storage pouch or UV shield, it is a universal fit rain cover compatible with every stroller. This high-quality rain cover comes in two colors to choose from black and white trim. 

  • Waterproof EVA material 
  • Waterproof Zipper and see-through window 
  • Mesh panel for ventilation  
  • All-weather cover 
  • Compatible with all strollers
  • No storage pouch  

Jeep Travel System Weather Shield (Best for Travel System)  

The Jeep weather shield is the best fit for any travel system. This stroller rain cover is made of durable, water-resistant Vinyl material that protects babies from all types of weather wind, snow, rain, and even cold temperatures. And to ensure your baby can breathe easily, the weather shield has adequate ventilation holes. Yes, this Jeep Weather Shield has a storage pocket on the back to keep your phones and wallets dry.  

  • All weather protection  
  • Plenty of ventilation   
  • Best fits travel system  
  • Highly durable with Vinyl material  
  • Comes with a storage pouch 
  • No UV sun protection shield 

Aligle Weather Shield Double Stroller Rain Cover (Best for Tandem Stroller)  

Aligle Double stroller rain cover is a universal fit stroller rain cover for any tandem stroller. It’s made from durable, water-resistant PVC material, offering protection in harsh weather conditions. There are ample air vents so that both the babies can breathe easily and a see-through window to keep eyes on both the babies. However, one thing that was a bummer for me was that it didn’t reach far down to the bottom, so it won’t offer through-and-through protection in a heavy rain storm. 

  • All weather protection 
  • Enough ventilation holes for two kids  
  • Best fits tandem strollers  
  • Affordable  
  • Made with durable PVC 
  • Cover doesn’t reach down to storage basket  
  • No storage pouch  

FASOTY Stroller Rain Cover (Best Affordable) 

Fasoty’s Universal fit stroller rain cover is made from waterproof plastic and equipped with Velcro fasteners that seal the edges to keep the baby safe from rain, snow, wind, and dust. There’re ventilation holes for the baby to breathe easily. Unlike other stroller rain covers on my list, this cover doesn’t have extra perky features like a storage compartment, mosquito net, or even UV protection shield still, it is a highly protective stroller rain cover at an affordable price.   

  • Waterproof rain cover  
  • Adequate ventilation  
  • Universal fit 
  • Made from plastic 
  • Affordable price  
  • No storage pouch 

Benefits of Stroller Rain Cover 

A stroller rain cover has many more benefits other than protecting babies from rain: 

  • Best stroller rain cover protects babies from every weather condition, like snow, wind, rain, and even cold temperatures.  
  • Stroller rain cover also protects strollers from rain, so you will not have to worry about drying them before usage. 
  • Some stroller rain cover has UV shields to protect babies from the sun’s harsh rays.  
  • During sudden splashes and downpours, you can protect important essentials like your phone and wallet in the storage compartment.  
  • Some stroller rain cover has nets to protect babies from mosquitoes and other insects.  

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How to choose the Best Stroller Rain Cover  


A rain cover should protect both the baby and stroller from rain, harsh weather, and sudden splashes. So, while buying a stroller rain cover, ensure it is made of water-resistant material and has waterproof zippers and UV protection. 

Why is protection important?  

A weather-resistant rain cover protects the baby and stroller during harsh weather. Moreover, the rain cover should have proper Velcro straps or water-resistant zippers to prevent the rain cover from flapping in the wind. Some rain covers even come with a UV protection sun shield to keep the baby protected from harmful UV rays.   


Stroller rain cover should have proper ventilation holes to prevent the baby from getting hot and stuffy. Look for a cover with ventilation holes and mesh panels to allow the air to circulate properly.  

Why is ventilation important for stroller rain cover?  

Without proper ventilation, the baby might struggle to breathe or suffocate. So, choosing a rain cover with ventilation is very important to keep the baby calm and comfy.  

Stroller Fit

Stroller rain cover should cover your stroller. It’s essential to ensure that your stroller rain cover fits your stroller entirely, allowing no rain or wind in the seat portion.  

Why is it important to look for a properly fitted rain cover when choosing the best stroller rain cover?  

Universal-fit rain covers can be tricky to adjust with your stroller. There’s always a chance that your stroller might not work with it. And it’s essential to look for rain covers that completely cover your stroller to keep your baby and the belongings in the storage basket dry.  


Stroller covers made from either Vinyl, EVA, or PVC are durable. While choosing the best stroller rain cover, make sure it is made of any of the three materials mentioned above. 

Why should you look for a durable stroller rain cover? 

Durable stroller rain cover will last through more than one rain storm. You don’t want to be in the middle of a rain storm and have your stroller’s rain cover tear down. So, your stroller’s rain cover must be durable enough to withstand rain, storm, and snow.   

Storage Compartment  

The storage compartment can be a handy feature in a stroller rain cover. Not all rain covers come with storage compartments, and if you find one, it can be a deal breaker!  

Why should you look for a storage compartment?  

If you get stuck in a downpour, the storage compartment of a stroller rain cover can be a savior! You can store valuables such as phones or wallets in them to keep those dry. 

Types of Stroller Rain Covers 

Different types of stroller rain covers are available and intended for various needs and sizes. 

1. Universal stroller rain cover: These are designed to fit most types of single standard strollers, joggers, buggies, and pushchairs. They keep the baby completely dry and have ventilation holes for air circulation. The front opening allows easy access to the baby. 

2. Umbrella stroller rain cover: Compatible with umbrella-type strollers, they provide the same protection as universal strollers but are smaller. 

3. Double stroller rain cover: These are ideal for side-by-side strollers or full large-sized strollers. These are typically bigger than the umbrella or universal stroller rain cover and only fit a double stroller.   

Best Stroller Rain Cover: Winding Up  

A stroller rain cover will keep your stroller and the little one protected in harsh weather. So, before choosing a rain cover, ensure the shield is large enough to cover the baby and the stroller and has all the essential perks, such as durable materials, waterproof zippers, ventilation, etc. Hope you found the best stroller rain cover you were looking for. If you have more queries, do comment in the comment section. Thank you.  

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