What Is A Travel Stroller?

By Jennifer Ward

Wondering a regular, full-sized stroller would fit in the airplane overhead bin or car trunk for a travel? Think about travel strollers. Travel strollers are designed to carry your baby while traveling. A cheap and ultra-lightweight umbrella stroller may not be the best option, since it does not pack with all the necessary features required for travel. If you are a frequent traveler, a travel stroller is a must-have baby gear to own. 

Best for travel: Umbrella Strollers Vs. Travel Strollers  

Umbrella strollers are lightweight, portable, and easy to use strollers. Many parents may lean towards umbrella strollers for travel. But these umbrella strollers are usually built for shopping, short trips, etc. It can annoy and bring awe during a long journey due to its lack of features such as a large storage basket, child tray, parent console, organizers or one hand drive . One hand drive is a practical feature that your baby stroller should have because you will be carrying your baggage all the time while traveling.  

On the other hand, travel strollers are a lite version of a full-sized stroller, including all necessary features. It has all the essential amenities must-have for travel purposes and all the cut-down features of an umbrella stroller to remain lightweight and convenient for travel.   

Why Do You Need a Travel Stroller?  

Many parents opt for a traditional stroller for everything, even traveling. But a lite, more agile travel stroller makes it more practical: for airports, airplane storage, narrow walkways, public transportation. It also serves as the perks of light, not being a hassle.    

Still not convinced whether you need a separate travel stroller? Let’s go through the pros and cons of three major types of strollers, assuming that you go for travel often:   

Full-sized stroller:   


  • Everyday strollers with lots of storage and great features 
  • It comes with large canopies 
  • Some may also have all-terrain wheels   
  • Some have room for an infant car seat or bassinet


  • Typically, it is heavy and bulky   
  • Not easy to fold  
  • It does not fit in narrow spaces, airplane overhead bins, or small car trunks  
Bugaboo Fox 2, A Full Size Stroller

Umbrella stroller:   


  • Ultra-lightweight   
  • Easy to fold and carry  
  • Fit in narrow spaces, easily fits on airplane overhead bins


  • Non adjustable seats and cup holders  
  • Comes with short canopy
  • Seat is less comfortable 
  • Not easy to drive with one-hand  
  • Most strollers lack adequate storage, hand brake, parent console etc.

Umbrella Stroller

Travel stroller:   


  • Lightweight stroller specially designed for travel purposes  
  • Easy to fold and compact in size while collapsed  
  • Travel strollers feature most of the full-size amenities like extended sun canopies, spacious storage, and cup holder for parents  


  • A bit expensive than umbrella strollers  

Think again, how frequently you travel? Will it be worthy to spend on a travel stroller?    

What to Look up in a Travel Stroller?  

Provided that, you need a travel stroller. What should you consider before buying? Is it light and convenient to take with you on long trips. At the same time, it must be comfortable for your baby since your child may require to sit for long hours while traveling. Here are some important things to consider before buying a travel stroller:  

  • Lightweight 

Lightweight strollers are most convenient for travel purposes. Typically travel stroller means lightweight regular strollers. While traveling, we consider light gears. A baby stroller is heavy gear to carry on. But among them, lighter travel strollers are specifically built for long distance travel and transportation.

  • Comfortable seat

Padded and reclinable seat is comfortable for babies. While on a travel, the baby might have to sit on the stroller for a long period. A comfortable seat with padded, comfortable harness is desirable from a stroller for travel. Most of the travel stroller seats are reclinable in 3-positions. If you have an infant, a fully reclinable seat, car seat support is what you need.

  • Compact and easy to fold  

During travel, you may need to change transportation frequently. More often than ever, you will be fold and unfold the stroller. A stroller that easily folds into a compact shape will make your life easier. There are plenty of compact fold and easily foldable strollers available in the market.

  • Extendable canopy  

Travelling means soaking up sunshine, traveling with baby can be challenging in normal to extreme heat. An extendable canopy that offers full coverage is what you should look for while buying a travel stroller. Its a must-have feature for traveling with a stroller. Check if there is enough ventilation and peek-a-boo window is there to interact with your baby while the canopy is on.

  • Spacious storage

We need to carry a lot of stuffs like baby essentials, tour amenities with us. A spacious basket underneath the stroller will spare you from carrying an extra baggage. Extra baggage means extra hassle, who wants that? Make sure your stroller has a basket with higher weight capacity like a regular stroller.

  • One-hand drive

Check the stroller, if you can push it with one hand, since your other hand might be busy carrying baggage. Its a very convenient feature to have on-the-go.

How to Fly with a Stroller  

Carrying a stroller on trips is challenging. How to bring it during a flight? Will it be added with your carry-on and luggage allocation? What if you have to use the stroller at the airport? The answer is you can do that! There are a few options:

  • Check stroller as baggage: Many parents use the stroller during check-in and move up for a baby carrier while at the airport. In case you have a large stroller, it may add to your baggage. A lightweight travel stroller will not add up to your baggage allocation.
  • Check the stroller at the gate: Some people use the stroller till they board the plane. In this case, you should check the stroller with the gate agent and get it tagged. Later catch it at the aircraft door. If you got a connecting flight on the way, hold back for your stroller on the jet bridge would spoil your time.
  • Load the stroller on the airplane: Most travel strollers are so compact-fold that they fit easily in the overhead bin. If you can carry the stroller with you will save waiting time to get it on the jet bridge.

Wrapping up  

Traveling with little ones can be a daunting task! You have a lot of things to carry with you while traveling. Travel strollers are lightweight and compact fold and feature-packed and bring convenience for travelling long distances.

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