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3 Wheel vs 4 Wheel Stroller

By Jennifer Ward

3-wheeled strollers are popular for better maneuverability, whereas 4-wheeled strollers have more features and better stability. In terms of use, three-wheeled strollers are recommended for jogging, hiking or trailing with the baby, whereas 4-wheeled strollers are best for everyday use. That’s not all. There are other things to consider, such as manueverablity, safety, and comfort. Let me take you through an in-depth comparison between 3-wheel vs 4-wheel strollers so that you can decide for yourself. 

3 Wheel vs 4 Wheel Stroller

3 Wheeled Stroller Review

3 Wheel Stroller

3-wheeled strollers are very popular among active parents. They typically have two larger wheels at the back, increased stability and a smaller front wheel designed to offer easy steering along the road. 3 wheeled strollers are easy to push with one hand and usually have improved handles. There is a variety of 3-wheeled strollers available in the market, from lightweight models for everyday use to heavy-duty rugged strollers designed for jogging.

  • One hand push   
  • Outstanding maneuverability  
  • Various terrain capacity   
  • Sporty modern design    
  • Great for jogging and walking with the baby  
  • Not safe for babies under 6 months    

4 Wheeled Stroller Review    

4 Wheel Stroller

The 4-wheel stroller can be a regular or a traditional full-sized stroller with two same-sized wheels, both back and front. 4-wheeled strollers are typically designed for parents. 4-wheeled strollers are mostly compatible with bassinet and car seats and a wide range of accessories like cup holders, child’s trays and so on. Moreover, typically 4-wheeled strollers come with larger storage space underneath the stroller.

  • Compatible with bassinets and car seats  
  • Newborn-friendly   
  • More stable   
  • Added features  
  • More storage  
  • Not suitable for rough terrains    

3 wheel vs 4 wheel stroller: Comparison   


Both 3-wheel and 4-wheel strollers are safe, but 4-wheel strollers offer more stability and balance. The wider base of 4-wheel strollers has better stability that prevents the risk of tipping over. However, high-quality 3-wheel strollers with features like lockable front wheels, better suspension, and sturdy construction also provide adequate safety for your baby’s needs.  

If you want a stroller that provides adequate safety, you can rely on both 3-wheeled and 4-wheeled strollers. However, 4-wheeled strollers are safer than the 3-wheeled stroller by design. 


Both types of strollers provide comfort for your baby. Either 3-wheel or 4-wheel stroller baby’s comfort depends on the well-padded seat and canopy. There can be a full-sized canopy in both 3-wheel and 4-wheel strollers to keep your baby cool and protected from the sun’s harmful rays. On the top, you will find seat reclining in both stroller types.   

So, whether you consider a 3-wheel or 4-wheel, both types of strollers are equally comfortable for babies.   

3 Wheel Stroller Seat
3 Wheeled Stroller: Seat
4 Wheeled Stroller_ Seat
4 Wheeled Stroller: Seat


4-wheel strollers require two hands to manuever and may be a bit difficult to glide through tight spaces. Whereas with the single front wheel, 3-wheel strollers are more agile, easier to navigate around corners, and easier to manuever with one hand.   

If you want better manueverablility, and easier to push the stroller, 3-wheeled strollers are the better choice. However, parents who prioritise stability over manueverablility, prefer 4-wheel strollers.   


3-wheel strollers come with one small front wheel and 2 large rear wheels. The small front wheel ensures the stroller’s stability, while the rear wheels allow better maneuvering. Usually, the front wheel of a 3-wheeled stroller is 12″, while the rear wheels are 16 inches.    

3 Wheeled Stroller Wheel
3 Wheeled Stroller: Wheel

On the other hand, a 4-wheeled stroller comes with 4 similar-sized wheels, 2 at the front and 2 at the back. Typically wheel size of a 4-wheeled stroller is between 9 to 12 inches.   

4 Wheel Stroller Wheel
4 Wheeled Stroller: Wheel

On uneven and bumpy terrains, you can rely on a 3-wheeled stroller, but 4-wheeled strollers are more suitable for day-to-day errands.   

Age Limits:     

Considering age limits, most 3-wheeled strollers are not recommended for infants as most of them do not come with a fully flat reclined seat. So, it’s best to use it for babies from 6 months when the neck and back muscles have properly developed.    

On the other hand, most 4-wheeled strollers you can use right after the baby’s birth. Some of these strollers come with fully reclining seats to accommodate a newborn.     

Who should use 3 Wheel Stroller?   

If you are a parent who likes to jog with your baby, then without a doubt, 3 wheeled stroller is the best choice for you. It is also a better choice for parents who live in narrow alleys, as the front wheel swivel mechanism helps make turns easier. Moreover, the wheels would even handle all terrain.     

Who should use 4 Wheel Stroller?   

If you are looking for a stroller with many features and benefits for day-to-day use, a 4-wheel stroller is perfect for everyday use. Moreover, if your 4-wheeled stroller is compact, that’s even easy to carry and store.    

3 Wheel Vs 4 Wheel Stroller: Wrapping Up    

Whatever you pick for your little one—3-wheel or 4 wheels stroller. I recommend choosing based on your usage. If you are more into an active lifestyle or can travel or hike to uneven terrain, a 3-wheeled stroller is for you; otherwise, a traditional, 4-wheel stroller has more to offer. I hope this article, 3 wheels vs 4 wheel stroller, helps you take the right decision. 


Can you jog with a 4-wheel stroller?   

No, you cannot or should not jog with a 4-wheel stroller. The main difference is jogging strollers are designed, tested and engineered, keeping jogging purposes in mind. Everything from 3 wheels to an advanced suspension system in jogging strollers offers safety and comfort to your baby while you are trying to achieve new milestones.    

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