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Jogging Stroller vs Regular Stroller: Which Category You Should Pick? 

By Jennifer Ward

Typically, strollers are not cheap at all; on average standard strollers range from $100 to $1000! So, investing in the wrong type of stroller could be an expensive mistake. Now, if you have an active lifestyle, you may consider buying a jogging stroller. But should you use your jogging stroller for everyday shopping trips too? Can we take regular strollers into jogging sessions?    

In this post, I have rounded up all you need to know about Jogging stroller vs Regular stroller. Also includes all ins and outs, highlights advantages and disadvantages, and, finally, a clear understanding of jogging stroller vs regular stroller, so you can decide which stroller you should buy.     

What Is a Regular Stroller? 

Regular strollers, AKA Full-sized strollers, come with all the bells and whistles like reclining seats, footrests, storage baskets, and even cup holders. These strollers generally have four wheels, and the good news is that some strollers even come with a bassinet for your infants. Regular strollers are great options for growing families as most can easily be converted to double strollers to carry your toddlers and infants.    

Uppababy Vista V2
Regular Stroller

What Is a Jogging Stroller? 

Jogging strollers are designed to give your child a smooth and cushioned ride over most terrains. These strollers are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and have improved suspension than other regular strollers. Jogging strollers are built for active parents who love to jog even though now many parents use them regularly for daily usage.   

joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Strollert
Jogging Stroller

Jogging Stroller vs Regular Stroller    

FeaturesJogging Stroller Regular Stroller
Wheels3 wheelsMostly 4 Wheels
Brakes TypesFoot brake, a wrist strap, hand brakeFoot brake
Tire SystemAir-filled tiresFoam-filled, plastic, or solid rubber tires
CanopyYes (Extendable)Yes
AgeAfter 6 MonthFrom birth


Jogging stroller vs Regular stroller

Jogging strollers typically have three wheels. These wheels allow better maneuverability over uneven terrain. Furthermore, the front wheel is lockable, allowing you to jog without sacrificing control or speed. A jogging stroller’s wheels are also typically large, air-filled tires, which provide better traction and a smoother ride. Some wheels even have shock absorbers in them so that your little passenger doesn’t feel the terrain much.    

In the meantime, the four wheels of a standard stroller provide more stability. Regular strollers also have smaller wheels, typically made of hard foam-filled plastic, which does not work well on rough surfaces.  

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Suspension System:  

The jogging stroller comes equipped with shocks and suspension systems in complement to the larger and cushioned wheels. The suspension system of a high-end brand of jogging strollers is kind of similar to that of a mountain bike. The suspension keeps the jarring to a minimum and offers an excellent ride for the little passenger.    

Regular strollers also have suspension systems to offer a smooth ride, especially on plain surfaces. So that when you are strolling with your baby to the market, your baby can relax or have a nap.    


Jogging strollers come with three air-filled wheels with a lockable swiveling front wheel. This results in an easy push, excellent maneuverability, and a comfortable, smooth ride for your baby.    

A jogging stroller has a lockable front wheel that improves the vehicle’s stability and maneuverability instead of swiveling around like a shopping cart. In addition, the air-filled jogger tires offer comfort for your baby on uneven terrains.    

Age Limits:    

Most jogging strollers do not come with reclining seats or car seat attachments, so infants cannot use them. After the baby is around 6 months can be taken for a jogging session in a jogging stroller. But in the case of regular strollers, they do not have such age limitations, and a baby, even from day 1, can use standard strollers with the attachment of a bassinet or car seat.   


Safety is prioritized in the case of jogging strollers since you and your kiddo will join in a jogging session in it. Nearly all jogging strollers have handbrakes that could reduce the velocity of your jogging when you’re strolling down the hills, so these strollers can be taken on hiking too. In addition, there’s a locking front wheel to maintain balance. For your information, both the Jogging strollers and regular strollers come with a five-point harness system to ensure better safety.     

Popular Brands  

Regular Stroller Brands:   

Regular strollers, AKA full-sized strollers, are highly popular; most brands have one or more strollers in this category. Famous brands, for example, Uppababy, Bugaboo, Mockingbird, etc., are among the top-of-the-line brands in this category. Bugaboo’s Fox 3, UPPAbaby’s Vista V2, and Mockingbird’s single to double stroller are some of the best regular strollers you can check.  

Jogging Strollers Brands:  

Jogging strollers are made explicitly for specific needs; these are made for jogging, walking, or running around parks or sideways. Some recognized brands include Thule, Baby Jogger, Bob Gear, Thule, etc. Some leading products are Thule’s Urban Glide 2, Bob Gear’s Allterrain Pro, and Baby Jogger’s Summit X3 you can consider.  

Advantages & Disadvantages of Jogging Stroller    

Advantages of Jogging Stroller    

  • Comes with multiple-terrain wheels    
  • All-wheel suspension system for a smoother ride    
  • Jogging strollers are sturdy and durable    

Disadvantages of Jogging Stroller    

  • Expensive    
  • Heavier and bulkier      

Advantages & Disadvantages of Regular Stroller    

Advantages of a Regular Stroller    

  • Full-featured stroller   
  • Durable and built to last long  
  • Compatible car seat, bassinet, or cot    
  • Compatible with lots of accessories   

Disadvantages of a Regular Stroller    

  • Does not fold compact  
  • Doesn’t have any all-terrain wheels    

Who Should Choose the Regular Stroller?    

Any regular stroller is compatible with a bassinet and can be used for newborns. Moreover, a regular stroller comes with a range of features and possibilities with a huge storage basket. Regular strollers are great for day-to-day use for running errands, shopping, doing groceries, etc. On top of it, traditional strollers can accommodate two or even three babies at a time (including a stroller board).   

Who Should Choose the Jogging Stroller?    

Deciding who should choose the jogging stroller depends mainly on your lifestyle. A jogging stroller is good for you if you have an active lifestyle like running, hiking, or jogging a lot, and can’t afford to leave the baby behind.   

Jogging Stroller vs Regular Stroller: Final Words    

Jogging strollers or regular strollers, whatever you are picking for your little one, should be based on usage. Jogging stroller vs Regular stroller, both stroller types are built for specific purposes. So, better choose the right stroller, unless you may regret it. I hope this article about jogging strollers vs regular strollers has helped make your decision easier. You can ask in the comment section below if you have any queries.    

Can You Jog With a Regular Stroller?    

No, it would be best if you didn’t jog with a regular stroller. Regular strollers are not built to take on the rigors of jogging since they don’t have an all-wheel suspension system, robust frame, larger back wheels, and puncture-proof tires.  

Are Jogging Strollers Worth It?    

It totally depends on your needs and lifestyle. If you are an active person who jogs regularly, then, of course, it’s worth it for you. Plus, some jogging strollers accept infant car attachment, so you can use them from day 1 of your baby. These strollers can be used for day-to-day purposes too. So, yes, they are definitely built for specific purposes.   

When Can You Jog with Baby?    

It’s best, and most experts recommend running with your baby in a jogging stroller at least after they are 6 months old, as most jogging strollers don’t come with a reclining seat. And usually, after 6 to 8 months, the babies will have the necessary neck and head control in the sitting position allowing them to withstand fast and sharp movements.    

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