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Can You Feed Baby In Car Seat: Happy Tummy, Happy Trip!   

By Jennifer Ward

Feeding the baby in a car seat may cut down your hassle, but is it safe? Can you feed baby in car seat? It is one of the common queries that pop up in parents’ minds who are about to enter into the enormous joyful journey of parenthood.   

If your little bundle of joy is pre-toddler, there is a list of dos and don’ts you should care about. Maintaining your baby’s feeding schedule is at the top of the list! If you want to know whether can you can feed the baby in the car seat or not, you are in the right place. Here I am, a mother of three wilds, who will go all around to see if feeding a baby in a car seat is safe.   

Can You Feed Baby in Car Seat: Is It Safe?   

Yes, you can feed the baby in a car seat, provided that the car is parked in an appropriate place. Then, you should unstrap the baby before feeding it. Otherwise, it might suffocate the baby remaining tangled with straps while eating.    

You should not feed the baby in a moving car. If there is no alternative option to avoid feeding a baby in a moving car, then check out the following section to learn how you can feed the baby in a moving car.   

Can You Feed a Baby in a Moving Car   

Feeding a baby in a moving car is quite risky and is not recommended as it increases the possibility of the baby’s choking hazards, motion sickness, spilling over the seat, and making a messy environment inside the car.   

However, if you must feed your baby in a moving car, you have to be extra careful while feeding the baby. Use a prop so it doesn’t fall and create any mess. In case you are thinking of feeding while driving, it’s highly recommended not to drive and feed your baby in a car seat whatsoever.   

Can You Feed a Baby in a Moving Car   

Can You Bottle Feed a Baby in a Car Seat   

Bottle feeding is more convenient, especially when it’s time for a family outing. So, when you’re in a car, can you feed baby in car seat using a bottle? You can bottle feed a baby in a car seat; it’s safer and more convenient to stop the car before you start bottle feeding the child.     

You can extract breast milk or prepare infant formula milk in your baby’s sippy cup before going outside. While feeding your baby in a car seat, you must hold the bottle properly; many parents find props convenient.   

Can I Feed My Baby Milk in the Car Seat?

Whether breastfeeding or using infant formula milk to feed your baby in the car seat, a parked car is a more convenient and safer option for the baby.   

In the US, breastfeeding in a moving car is not allowed as it requires removing the baby from the car seat, which violates the car seat rules. Hence you must stop the car to breastfeed your child; then find any convenient place to feed your baby.   

Can You Feed a Baby in a Stroller   

Parents who ask, ‘can you feed baby in car seat also want to know if they can feed a baby in a stroller. Yes, you can feed a baby in a stroller too.   

If your child is hungry while wandering in the stroller, you can pause somewhere and feed the baby, whether it’s a newborn or toddler. Most newborn-ready strollers support a snack tray as an accessory helpful for feeding a baby. 

Can You Feed a Baby in a Stroller 

Tips & Hacks on How to Feed Baby in Car Seat   

Safety First: As you may need to unstrap the baby while feeding, make sure that the seat belt is looped around the car seat instead the baby. Besides, the car seat must be installed correctly; you can check twice before you start baby feeding.  

Use Sippy Cups: Bottle feeding is more convenient for parents. Regarding bottle feeding, experts recommend using soft spout sippy cups for babies less than six months.  

Feed your baby under supervision: When you park the car at a place or use a prop to feed the baby, never leave him/her unattended. Accidents know no law, so as a parent, you must remain careful while carrying your baby along with you.  

Let the Baby Burp: Once the baby finishes, keep the baby in an upright position for up to 30 minutes for proper digestion. At least wait until the baby burps.  

Solid Food: If the baby starts taking solid foods, carry them for serving your child on the way. As a precaution, you can avoid food items that are suggested by the Department of Health, New York, to decrease choking hazards.  

Things that You Should Consider While Feeding Baby in a Car Seat   

If you’re in the car and carrying your baby in a car seat, keep in mind the following things:   

  • Unstrap the baby when you’re done feeding   
  • Use a car seat that features a padded and comfy harness   
  • Secure the car seat installation with/without the base, maintaining the instructions properly   

If the infant car seat is attached to a stroller, then be careful about the pointed safety issues:   

  • If you’re strolling your baby and it’s time to feed, then stop in a convenient place and bottle-feed the baby.   
  • Give a few moments after the baby finishes eating or drinking   
  • Insert the car seat in the rear-facing position so you can be face-to-face with the baby, so if the baby vomits, you can take care of it immediately.   

Can You Feed Baby in Car Seat: Final Words   

When anyone asks me can you feed baby in car seat, I always recommend feeding the baby at home before starting the journey so that you can avoid feeding outdoors or in a car seat. Since newborns tend to be fussy, be careful to follow the tips mentioned above for safe feeding in a car seat.   

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