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Are Expensive Strollers Worth It?

By Jennifer Ward

Many people hesitate before buying an expensive stroller. To meet up their query, we will go in-depth in this article.

Let’s ask the question simply: are Expensive Strollers Worth It?

The answer is: yes, expensive strollers do offer value for the price. These strollers provide top-quality features, better safety, more comfort, and premium build quality than inexpensive strollers. They are compatible with a wide range of handy accessories too. Along with the luxury tag, these strollers combine elegance in style and functionality that is worth every buck spent!    

Strollers, like any other baby accessories and toys, are expensive!! A stroller might cost $100 (basic) to $1500 (Luxury). The question is, what makes strollers so expensive? and are expensive strollers worth it?    

In this post, I have gone through all the details about why expensive strollers are worth it.  

Are Expensive Strollers Worth It?  7 Reasons Explained  

Generally, luxury stroller manufacturers focus more on features, styles, and upgrades. However, to make strollers more functional, expensive strollers come with innovative ideas and a wide range of accessories compatible with strollers. And so, I have pointed out the features that make expensive strollers worth every buck.    

High-Quality Material    

Cheap strollers are made from plastic frames and cheap fabric. On the other hand, premium strollers use lightweight yet sturdy materials like aluminum for the frame. This ensures the frame is sturdy. The wheels of luxury strollers are made with puncture-proof air-filled or foam-filled tires that give the stroller extra protection on uneven terrain. Premium materials like merino wheel, Tencel lyocell, and leather are used in premium strollers. All these features make strollers expensive and functional and give them a sophisticated feel.    


Expensive strollers not only use premium and luxury materials but also focus primarily on ensuring your baby’s safety. Expensive strollers come with ultra-comfy seats, a top-quality canopy, a leather bumper and handlebar, and ergonomic leg rest for maximum security. Plus, these strollers come with advanced suspension on the wheels so that your baby doesn’t feel the bump on rough roads.    

Moreover, many strollers have different kinds of seat inserts to take care of the baby’s back and spine. Specialized luxury strollers like jogging or travel strollers let you jog or travel with greater ease and comfort. Though all these things make the price high, the expensive stroller is worth the bucks. 

Are Expensive Strollers Worth It :Stroller safety

Offer Better Comfort    

One main difference that separates cheap and expensive strollers is that luxury strollers focus more on the baby’s comfort. Rather than using inexpensive materials in the stroller, luxury strollers use ethically sourced Tencel fabrics, which are gentle on the baby’s skin. Suspension and air-filled wheels are used in luxury strollers so that while you are hitting the road, your baby can have a peaceful and sound nap. Instead of cheap rubber, leather handle covers on the bumper bar give that premium feel and comfort to your baby; these stroller care for parents’ convenience too.    

Last For Years    

Pricy strollers have a sturdy and robust frame that stays usable for years. Even though the maximum age for using a stroller is 3 to 4 years, many parents properly store the stroller and plan to use it for the next kids too. So, investing in an expensive and durable stroller is worth the penny as it would take them through the time.    

Brand Quality    

Premium stroller brands like Baby Jogger, Nuna, Thule, UPPAbaby, and Bugaboo have some top-notch strollers on their lines. These brands not only make sure that the strollers have all the features that you want, but they also continuously keep upgrading the strollers. Plus, the customer service of these brands is prompt and active. So, technically you are paying for the brand quality, which ensures that you have a premium stroller that’s worth your bucks.   


Expensive strollers are compatible with a lot of handy accessories depending on brands making them worth buying. Such as bassinet, car seat adaptors, rain cover, bug cover, snack tray, cup holder etc. Some of the strollers are compatible with a stroller board to carry an older toddler as a third passenger. Compared to the less expensive ones, luxury strollers attach more functional accessories making them more worthy of buying.   

Extended Warranty    

Every modern-day stroller comes with a warranty, but a premium stroller would have an extended warranty compared to a cheap one. A cheap stroller usually comes with a 1-year warranty for parts, while luxury strollers offer 3+/-years of warranty. Moreover, some premium strollers also provide a lifetime warranty for the frame.    

Wrapping Up:  

Every stroller has its price, more or less. The price depends on the features of the strollers and the process involved from manufacture to delivery. Expensive strollers that perform par excellence on the criteria mentioned above are definitely worth your money.    

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