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Why Are Strollers So Expensive? 7 Top Reasons Explained!

By Jennifer Ward

The prices of baby items, including cribs, strollers, diapers, and clothing, have been rising over the years. Strollers are the most expensive, but what makes strollers so expensive? This post answers all the queries on why strollers are so expensive and scrutinize why it is so?  

Why Are Strollers So Expensive? 7 Top Reasons

1. Complex Manufacturing:

Manufacturing a stroller involves complex processes. Different parts, including the frame, canopy, handlebar, wheels, and basket, are produced separately and assembled into a stroller. Assembling requires expertise and precision, and many other things are considered, including adjustments, details, and ergonomics.

Post-manufacturing involves comprehensive testing and quality control measures etc. In the end, the manufacturer works to present the best-finished and rounded product possible for the customers. Still, nothing is flawless when we review and find at least minor glitches in those products.

2. High Demand

First, quality control adds up on top of the manufacturing cost. Manufacturing costs are high enough; since it’s a baby item, companies invest heavily in quality control that involves faulty product recalls, which add up to the cost.

Top companies involve third-party quality control bodies to assess, verify, and confirm the highest quality as promised by the manufacturer.

Baby In Expensive Stroller

3. Lots of Features

Apart from the basic strollers, all other types of strollers include many features to attract customers. Parents prefer strollers that should be lightweight and easy to transport. Top-of-the-line stroller frames are made of metal frames for robust built, longevity, yet easy to carry.

Most of the strollers include 360-degree-swivelling wheels made from rubber and made puncture-proof. The canopy has a mesh pick-a-boo window with additional ventilation; the handlebar is adjustable for shorter or taller parents, leatherette handle for a nice and easy grip.

Even the basket underneath the stroller has a lot of space to carry baby essentials on the go and was made carefully to offer better accessibility from the back and front. Many of these features are mixed and added to a stroller to tempt the parents to choose one. All those features come at a cost that adds to the price.

4. Superior Materials

Not all strollers are cheap, like umbrella strollers. These lightweight strollers are made of plastic or cheap aluminum. Unlike umbrella strollers, most are made of premium aluminum to ensure robust build quality and are lightweight. Puncture-proof rubber-made or foam-filled wheels are expensive and add to the cost. Strollers are built with premium fabric and leather, making those beyond cheap to offer a premium feel and quality.

On the other hand, premium strollers are meant to be costly. Some cost over a thousand dollars, like the prestigious and classic Kensington Pram. These strollers are more than functional; they are sophisticated and made with the most refined artistry and materials. These are more like fashion statements and prestige symbols than regular luxury strollers.

5. Brand Value

Most of us rely more on the brand tag for better quality and offerings. Those brand tags come at a hefty price tag too. Premium stroller brands such as UPPAbaby, Thule, Chicco, Bugaboo, etc., have top-of-the-line strollers that are insanely expensive and beyond affordable. However, we all acknowledge that they are just strollers to carry babies.

6. Higher Retail Mark-up

Baby products have the highest margin of retail markup than any other goods. For many reputed international brands, the retailers are free to offer their own prices. They put a high price tag due to the recovery of domestic marketing costs that make those strollers pricier than they should be.

Besides, shipping costs are increasing yearly, and the pandemic is causing an upsurge in international shipping rates. Many premium strollers are made in Europe. While shipping it to the US, prices are likely way up. The retailers take the burden of hassles, including the availability of containers, port backlogs, and other challenges to deliver to the customer finally; in return, additional costs are passed on to the customer as the higher price tag.

7. Safety

Today’s strollers are designed to be stylish and have ergonomic seats, canopy, bumper bar, leg rest, etc., to offer maximum safety. Modern stroller seats are designed to take care of a baby’s spine. Even their tiny legs are taken care of with adjustable leg rest. On top of it, strollers are designed for different purposes, such as jogging, travel, etc., and offer comfort. These designs require expertise, skills, and materials. All these efforts to make a stroller safe for the baby drive up prices.

Parents are willing to pay for high-quality strollers. On top of it, cheap strollers may cause harm. Aware parents want to avoid risk and are willing to pay extra for their baby’s comfort. Stylish parents look for baby gear that matches their style statement too.

Is It Worth Buying Expensive Strollers?

Stroller brands concentrate more on features, upgrades, and style. They introduce a wide array of accessories compatible with the stroller to make those more functional. Take UPPAbaby Vista V2 or Stokke Xplory, for example; these are versatile, highly functional, and stylish at the same time, pricey. Fancy Kensington Prams are more expensive than these luxury strollers, priced at around $1000.

Yet, some strollers are expensive, and however expensive they are, they are worth buying for their comfort and convenience. Inexpensive strollers are made of cheap materials and build quality that may be harmful and uncomfortable for your baby. The expensive strollers are carefully built with ergonomics, keeping comfort in mind.


Although the cost varies from stroller to stroller, the common perception is that strollers are expensive no matter how feature-packed or the complex process involved, from manufacture to delivery, may include. Most strollers are expensive; some are worth the price tag, and others are not.

That is why we, Stroller Insider, exist. We research and test a wide range of products every day and compare the products to help you make a worthy and value-for-money purchase decision that satisfies you. I hope you get our answer on Why Are Strollers So Expensive.


Are strollers useful?  

Strollers are there to carry your baby comfortably and make life easy for you. It lets your routine flow and keeps your baby closer when you are on the go. A stroller also makes a great time for your baby outdoors. A carefully chosen stroller offers a wonderful experience that your baby will fall in love with. So, the stroller is a convenient must-have gear for outgoing parents and babies and offers a great deal.  

Are strollers safe?  

If a stroller is used for a newborn, be careful that the stroller reclines to lay flat position. The newborn’s spine is not fully grown, and the newborn needs to be cared for. Some strollers lay flat, or a bassinet or car seat can be attached to carry the newborn safely. For toddlers (6 months and over), strollers with a safety harness, preferably a 5-point harness system, can be considered safe.   


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